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Summer 2001

Robert Kennedy's Musclemag International prides itself in the principle of building health, fitness and physique, and considers themselves the 'What's New' Magazine of Bodybuilders. This magazine covers all bodybuilding events and techniques, and has excellent pictures. It's motto is building health, fitness and physique. The Star Profile in this month's issue features 'Stacey Lynn'. On the cover is Angela Mason.

Summer 2001 - Table of Contents
Special Issue


  • Swimsuits
    Ready for some fun in the sun MuscleMag style? Our girls cut loose under the hot, hot sun.

  • Glutes Galore
    Arguably the best section women have to offer. Who'd argue that, it is - no butts. Well, actually, plenty of them!

  • Splash
    How could we eclipse the others? How could we do anything more more? Easy - get them really wet!

  • Lingerie
    Who cares if you can't pronounce it, you know what it is, and you like it! Whou wouldn't?

  • Private Pleasures
    We're naughty, naughty folks here at MMI, and we'd like to share some private moments with you, our loyal readers.

  • Bountiful Boobs
    No matter what your preference. we've got them. A lovely bunch of coconuts, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!

  • Models
    Models for this issue includes Chae An, Ronique Banks, Tamika Bond, Diane Brown, Sharon Brunaeu, Angie Chittendon, Linda Colleran, Mellissa Coates, Brandy Dahl, Svetlana Dokovpilova, Dena Doster, Danielle Edwards, Tonya Elliot, Jennifer Elrod, Amy Fadhli, Carmen Garcia, Julie Ann Gerhard, Sherri Goggin-Giardina, Stephanie Gold, Grace Grimes, Debbie Halo, Renita Harris, Amho Height, Lisa Jackson, Devon Jones, Sandy Jones, Min Yung Kim, Themis Klarides, Shelly Kniep, Anja Langer, Tonya Leclaire, Kawni Libray, Lori Ann Lloyd, Debra Lynn, Stacey Lynn, Sarah lyons, Timea Majorova, Mason Marconi, Christina Martin, Anna Merchan, Sharon Metteraud, Devon Michaels, Rachel Moore, Crissy Mountjoy, Cori Nadine, Amy Jo Nazerenus, Erica Nemeth, Emilia New York, Sarah Orbanic, Deidre Pagnaneli, Tara Philips, Vicky Pratt, Tiffany Remley, Tina Rigdon, Grace Rivera, Leigh Anna Ross, Sterlyn Roy, Leya Schrrer, Carrie Sisco, Trish Stratus, Angel Teves, Dina Marie Vannoni, Torrie Wilson,