Muscle Elegance Magazine
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January 2003

This female bodybuilding magazine is geared for adults only, as it contains full frontal nudity, and you must be 18 to purchase it. While this magazine is not for everyone, it does show the 'women of muscles' point of view. And yes, the editor in chief of the magazine is a female bodybuilder. On the cover is Denise Masino, Lynn McCrossin and Rhonda Lee Quaresma.

January 2003 - Table of Contents
Issue #20


  • Between the Reps
    Living the Fantasy. What I discovered his the alternate universe of female sensuality and sexual fantasy, women who look at erotica without disgust, but with a desire to see themselves on these glossy pages.

  • Letters from the Readers
    Various letters from fans.

  • Posedown
    The 2002 Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding Championships

  • Hot Shots!
    From the 2002 Ms. Olympia Fitness Expo

  • Dana Capobianco
    Bodybuilder / Artist peels off her posing suit. Dana once painted a massive, 30 by 55 foot mural of famous bodybuilders along the wall of a gym.

  • Hot Shots!
    Wild After Party, Where were you?

  • Lauren Powers
    Kick start your lust! A perpetual ball of energy and enthusiasm, she's adopted 'American Women' as her theme song and roars around on her red, white and blue Harley Davidson 1340 emblazoned Wonder Woman.

  • Denise Masino
    The most famous erotic star that's ever flexed a bicep.

  • Out There
    Session II, the new video. A behind the scenes look at the making of our blockbuster hit video.

  • Kat Meyers
    Kat is a gorgeous sight to behold. And fitness and bodybuilding is her fetish.

  • An interview with Bill Dobbins
    Bill talks about his new book 'Modern Amazons' and why taking pictures of naked women isn't a turn on.

  • Mimi Bowmam
    Smart sex. Mimi throws really good parties. Virtually every good girl wants to be a bad girl.