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July 2002

This female bodybuilding magazine is geared for adults only, as it contains full frontal nudity, and you must be 18 to purchase it. While this magazine is not for everyone, it does show the 'women of muscles' point of view. And yes, the editor in chief of the magazine is a female bodybuilder. On the cover is Audra Pollard.

July 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #18


  • Between the Reps
    Talk to me, baby! We would like to know what's on your mind?

  • Letters
    This is what you think!

  • Posedown
    The 2002 IFBB Southwest USA Pro Cup. Through the looking glass, reflections from Texas.

  • Audra Pollard
    The Black Jessica Rabbit, and Lone Star Stunner. Audra has two passions, singing and fitness. They have helped her overcome the self doubt that used to make her worry about fulfilling everyone else's expectations. Audra was born on October 11 , and lives in Dallas, Texas. Her favorite sex toy is the standard reliable vibrator.

  • Annie Rivieccio
    Amazing Annie, 5'4" with 155 pounds of competitive weight on her. Though Annie will turn 40 this year, she has been known in the past to don black leather and head for one of Atlanta's S& clubs. She has a dominatrix streak in here, and she likes her men young and a tab submissive.

  • Guest Editorial: Rich Limacher
    The very best fashion you women can wear.

  • Kathy Connors
    A woman of independent means. Kathy is a true Renaissance woman, who speaks passable French and Spanish and travels the globe regularly, not only giving sessions but also exploring new lands and meeting new challenges. Kathy was born on April 3rd in Buffalo, New York.

  • Backstage
    At the 2002 IFBB Southwest USA Pro Cup.

  • Kim Martin
    Southern Comfort. It was my first professional shoot and I was so anxious. Kim was born on November 1st in Decatur, Georgia. She currently lives in Bethlahem, Georgia.

  • Out There
    At the 2002 IFBB Southwest USA Pro Cup Expo.

  • Sondra Faas
    A walk on the sensual side. Sondra's innate eroticism makes her a natural for the sensual side of the muscle sports and entertainment. Sondra is a women who speaks her mind and doesn't take any crap off anybody.