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Annual 2000

High Performance Muscle Magazine, sponsored by AST Sports Nutrition, has various articles and Q&A features. This is AST's catalog magazine. On the cover is Carrie Fickle.

Annual 2002 - Table of Contents


  • 16 Pounds of Muscle in 8 months
    Skip LaCour shows you how he packed on an incredible 16 ripped pounds of muscle in just 8 months.

  • Pain and Injuries
    Advanced high tech nutrition to ease the pain and speed the recuperation.

  • Creatine and Glutamine
    How they really work - pure science.


  • Strengthening Our Commitment
    The year 2000 is here and AST Sports Science is ready and committed to making this your most successful year ever.

  • Hard Core Q&A
    Paul Delia answers your most pressing training, nutrition and supplementation questions.

  • Skip LaCour Cuts to the Bone
    Natural bodybuilding phenomenon Skip LaCour becomes your training partner.

  • Research Reviews
    Bringing the world of science to your finger tips.

  • Advanced Supplementation Techniques
    Timing to build muscle - make your supplements work 300% better.

  • Performance Physiology
    NAC - the missing link to enhancing fat loss and accelerating muscle growth.