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September 2002

PowerMag Magazine is for the lifters, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them. We cover the world's strongest sports. On the cover is Joe Ladnier.

September 2002 - Table of Contents

Power Articles

  • Judo-A-Saurus
    An interview with Richard Abalos. Judo, the subtle art of ripping your opponent off of their feet and then smashing them to the ground.

  • Life: The Choice of Two Pains
    Choose not to endure the pain of discipline, but rather chose the path of lease resistance.

  • The Monster Muscle ALL NFL Team
    Players were not only selected for their prowess on the field but for each player's dedication to strength training.

  • Damage Control
    Means taking control over your reactions to a tough situation.

  • How much do you bench?
    Joe Ladnier's Power Bench Routine.

  • Setting up your squat
    The squat is considered by man to be the king of exercises, and then to some, the bane of the gym room floor.

  • Just a soccer player
    Ryan Kennelly chat's with House of Pain's Rick Brewer.

  • Eliminating Nutritional Deficiencies
    Bring up the word 'supplements' in a gym atmosphere and you will most likely have everyone thinking along the lines of creatine, protein, ribose, etc. But these are not classified as the vitamin / mineral supplements that will be discussed here.

Power Profiles

  • Iron Maiden
    Julie Havelka, born in Portland, Oregon, and compete in 181 pound class in powerlifting.

  • Walt Gogola
    The Water Boy heads up steam.

  • Rob Capazzolo
    Ron sits down for an interview, after his amazing bench press of 715 pounds at a body weight of 232 pounds.

Power Columns

  • In the Hole
    To jump or not to jump. Two benchers who both max 405 have the same strength. The bencher who benches 405 faster has more power.

  • Bob's Underground
    A mindset for power. It never ceases to amaze me how so many weight trainers come up clueless if asked to describe the basic training differences between bodybuilding and the pursuit of 'one rep strength' as applied to the 3 lifts involved in powerlifting.

  • Ask the Trainer
    Questions include Lifters going on a low carb, high protein diet; Will eating sugary stuff before a meet help my lifts; and how much protein does a competitive lifter need?

  • Strongman Corner
    Strongman and powerlifting strategies renegade style. The one constant thing I have learned is Recovery is the number one priority after intense training for the genetically average and drug free trainees.

Power Regulars

  • Publisher's Letter
    An 800 pounds bench press! Can you believe it? Congrats to Ryan Kennelly.

  • Caught in the Web
    Various postings from the web.

  • Classifieds
    Various ads from around the country.

  • Product Review

  • Upcoming Events
    Upcoming meets from various federations, including the NASA, USAPL, WABDL, Son Light Power, and WNPF

  • M. Soong's All Time Total
    In all weight classes. All time powerlifting is Garry Frank, hitting 2,640 total. Going home with a 1,014 squat, 722 bench, and 904 pounds deadlift.

  • Monster Muscle North American Championships
    What a weekend. Aug 3-4, 2002 - Portland, Oregon. Ryan Kennelly, weight in at 295 pounds, and benching an amazing 800 pounds, as a guest lifter.

  • House of Pain World Cup
    Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships, April 27-28, 2002, in Irving, Texas.