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July 2002

PowerMag Magazine is for the lifters, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them. We cover the world's strongest sports. On the cover is Ryan Kennelly, in the inset is Glen Chabot.

July 2002 - Table of Contents

Power Articles

  • Acheiving Balance of Power
    Strangely enough, powerlifting mimics life. In life, everyone seems to be attempting to achieve the proper ration of mental, physical and spiritual devotion in our lives is difficult. By Brian Schwab.

  • The Power of the Team
    Lifting with a team is potentially the most positive external stimuli a powerlifter could ever have. By Eric C. Maroscher

  • In the Zone
    I am referring to the mind set a majority of us get when we are training or competing, under a heavy strain. If you have ever been in the zone, you would know it, because you can feel it By Joe Ladnier.

  • Massage: giving powerlifters an edge
    Most powerlifters know about the importance of training and nutrition when it comes to maximizing their potential. What many of these athletes don't know is the role that massage can play to enhance their performance

  • Fire Your Guns
    The top ten powerlifting arm blasters, including tricep blasters, decline close grip bench press, j.m. presses, seated overhead rack lockouts, flared out tricep extensions, close grip lack lockouts, bicep blastes, barbell curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, and zottman curls..

  • The Big Picture
    Moving powerlifting forward. How to increase your involvement in powerlifting.

  • To band or not to band
    Bands are the real deal. If you want the most effective results, you use the most effective methods. However, band use must be tempered with wisdom.

  • Metal Militia Pilgrimage
    Story by Jake Roberts.

  • Power Building
    Two distinct struggles. Two distinct methods of training. How do you proceed? You want a balanced physique, lean muscle mass and the power. You want the best of both worlds.

  • Hey Sgt. Rock. Watch this
    By Rick Brewer. What are the most common final worlds of rednecks? Watch this! And the second most common last words? I can do that! It all looks easy.

  • Pre Contest Bench Workout
    Bill Carpenter's Routine. Bill is an elite bench presser in th220 and 242 pound classes. This is the routine I use about 8 weeks out from a contest.

Power Profiles

  • Iron Maiden
    Featuring Kara Bohigian. Born 4/12/1975 in New York City, and the USAPL American Record Holder Bench Press and Total.

  • J.R. Hunt
    Who John Richard Hunt, including his profile, his training cycles, his big lifts, and his family life.

  • Heini Koivuniemi
    Aka, the Flying Fin. Interview with Heini, a competitor at the World's Strongest Woman qualifier in Scotland.

  • Glen Chabot
    The story behind the monster.

  • Svend 'The Viking' Karlsen
    Interview with the reigning 2001 World's Strongest Man, and former IFBB pro bodybuilder.

  • Jerri Lynn Lippert
    Jerri is a world class powerlifter. Benching 348 pounds at only 139 pounds body weight this year at the most recent Arnold Classic , she had proven herself to be one of the strongest pound for pound benchers out there.

Power Columns

  • In the Hole
    It amazes me that so many gyms outlaw chalk. They outlaw wearing our suits in the gym. They prohibit heavy lifting because then you become a liability. Why are powerlifters treated badly in the gyms. By Brent Mikesell, the all time largest squatter, at 1075 in competition.

  • Bob's Underground
    Do it less but do it better. The two week challenge. By Bob Shaefer.

  • Ask the Trainer
    Questions include about the stretch shortening cycle; can heavy weight training stunt your growth; how much water weight can I safely lose before a competition; and more.

  • Hardcore Pulling
    I am Brent Howard, also known as Sgt Rock. I train at the infamous Ironside Gym in Maine. Stop making excuses and don't create barriers!

  • Strongman Corner
    Most powerlifters have heard of Brad Gillingham, 4 times USAPL National Champion, and 2 time IPF World Champion, but the entire Gillngham family are all world class athletes.

Power Regulars

  • Publisher's Letter
    Another issue is out. Thank god our team loves their work. And by the time you get our next issue, I will be a married man, married to Michelle Sheedy. By Wesley Kampen.

  • Caught in the Web
    Various letters from the Internet.

  • Classifieds

  • Product Reviews
    Including the book titled Strength Training Anatomy; the book titled Power Lifting; and Power Pins.

  • Upcoming Events
    Make your event grab the lifter's attention. Post your event in Monster Muscle today.

  • Top 10 Featured Events
    To get your official Monster Muscle Top 10 certificate with your name on it, send it in. Only official meet results submitted by the promoter will be used to compile this list.

  • Azalea Festival
    The 3rd annual invitational Azalea Festival Strongman Challenge was held at Town Point Park, Norfolk, Virginia, on April 26, 2002.

  • All Time Historical
    Women's Bench Press World Rankings

  • IPA World Wars Bench
    On April 6, 2002, in Queensbury, New York, Dan Kovacs missed his first attempt, but broke an IPA World Record in his second attempt.

  • Meet Results
    Including WABDL's World Record Breakers, Pesco, Washington, May 4-5, Also, the 22nd annual Central Ohio Bench Press Championships March 31, 2002. Also, the 2002 USAPL Collegiate Nationals; 2002 IPF Masters Bench Press Worlds; and more.