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August 2003

Muscle Media Magazine, with its new team, is again focusing on making a magazine that inspires people. The magazine focus on information on training and nutrition. Muscle Media is an interesting magazine to read, mostly geared for beginning people who want to get into shape. This is a special training issue. On the cover is Kerri Kaski and Ken Laney.

August 2003 - Table of Contents
Issue #112

On The Cover

  • Personal Trainer
    Build yourself a new set of "wheels" with 4 proven exercises.

  • Bench Player
    Pump up your bench press with expert tested techniques.

  • Ladder to power
    Climb new heights with a revamped look at an old classic - the pull up.

  • Foundation Supplements
    The perfect building blocks to create your best body ever.

  • Mental Muscle
    Harness your brain power to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Bust your Nutrition Ruts
    Had enough of chicken breasts and egg whites? We will show you how to break out of boring eating habits.


  • Power Mindset
    Questions and answers with Bill Phillips

  • Reflecting A Change
    Scott Randles saw a need to change himself - then found the courage to do it.

  • Freeman's Word
    By Porter Freeman


  • Naked Warrior
    Kick your legs into shape

  • Question of Strength
    Do you need a break from training?

  • Top 10 Training Basics
    10 energizing ways to put your training, nutrition and mindset on the right track.

  • Skip It
    Skipping rope may just be the cardio routine you've been looking for.


  • Performance Nutrition
    The ins and outs of glycation and its effects on your health.

  • Mexican Food Fiesta
    Go south of the border with 5 new Mexican food favorites.


  • Research Update
    Body For Life takes on the competition: the truth behind bogus 'fat blockers'.

  • Industry Watchdog
    Exposing all in one supplements and outrageous industry claims.

Extra Edge

  • Supplement Review
    Investigating 'andro' supplements; more advice for the hard gainer.

  • Featured Supplements
    Creatine - the new king of fitness supplements?


  • MM Travel: Get Outta Here
    Surfing - England? Where to work out in Los Angeles.

  • Book Excerpt
    Goals ! How to set them, how to achieve them

  • Gear
    All the latest summer sports gear to hit the links and the baseball diamond.

  • Fit on the Road
    Staying Fit while traveling can be a problem. This month we will show you how to solve it.