MH-18 Magazine
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Oct / Nov 2000

This is the premier issue of this magazine, from Men's Health, with the slogan 'Tons of useful stuff for teenage guys'. This magazine is for teenagers who want to get in shape, but also about sports, lifestyles, fashion and other things teens care about!

Oct / Nov 2000 - Table of Contents


  • The Lineup
    Teenage men at their best

  • When I was 16
    By Dan O'Brien

  • Playbook
    Fitness, health, guy knowledge, plus: Win a $1,000 home gym.

  • Sports
    Tips from the MH-18 All Stars.

  • Fitness
    Fast muscle: 8 week workout poster.

  • Ask the Trainer
    Build a strong grip.

  • Life
    Better grades, more free time.

  • Technique
    Tony Hawk's Flight School

  • Interview
    WWF Secrets from the Rock

  • Girls
    Get Her to Go Out with You

  • Ask Her
    Communicate with the Opposite Sex

  • Guy Knowledge
    25 things they don't teach in high school.

  • Dream Job
    Indy car driver

  • Health
    The truth about supplements, plus, drink this, get stronger.

  • Ask the Doc
    Zit warfare.

  • Workout
    Boxing for Fitness

  • Fall Fashion
    Break the dress code

  • Gear
    Hot athletic shoes, tough backpacks

  • Where to Buy
    Special things

  • Games
    Great Gridiron video games

  • End Run
    A Dog's Life