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October 2002

The world's largest men's magazine, more of a fashion style magazine, with info on various exercises, style, fitness, health, sex and relationships, and more.

October 2002


  • Your Brilliant Career
    Watch your career stock rise with William H. Macy's secrets on how to play any role brilliantly.

  • Look Your Best
    Great grooming products for men.

  • 25 Quick Fixes for Stressed Out Guys
    Make your day to day life run like clockwork with these simple solutions to man's most common hassles.

  • Fight Fat and Win!
    You want a body that looks pretty, call your mama's trainer. You want a body that kicks butt, call in the Marines.

  • The Better Sex Diet Plan
    14 foods that will power up your bedroom performance and leave her begging for seconds.

  • 26 Things You Just Don't Need Anymore
    You can keep the Stones on vinyl. But the rest of this stuff has to go.

  • Old School Rules
    Don't let society soften you up, pal. Adopt these time hondered habits of manhood and earn some respect.

  • Condition Critical
    Overworked doctors, bankrupt hospitals, thousands of unnecessary deaths. A survival guide to the U.S. health care system.

  • Big Arms Exercise Poster
    Chapter 8 in our revolutionary new workout series. This month: Arms, Part two.


  • Up, Up, and a Wave
    Ever fly a kite while surfing at 30 mph? You will in this month's Men's Health Challenge.

  • Approach the Bench
    Read this article and you will bench press more weight - today.

  • Sweat Shop
    Lose weight with the hottest workout around.


  • The Fickle Finger of Fate
    A doctor, a glove, some lubricant and you. It's time to face your fear.

  • Shrug It off
    We asked men like you from all over the world to help our 10 biggest stresses go away fast.

  • Threepenny Option
    Take aspirin and cure yourself of 12 nasty health problems.

Sex and Relationships

  • Jimmy the Bartender
    Hey Jimmy, my fiancee has a problem with my bachelor party fans.

  • Who Will Be Forgiven First?
    This month's Game Show gets you off the hook.

  • This Dating Life
    When the lovely lady makes more money than you. A lot more.

  • The Girl Next Door
    Do straight women ever fantasize about other women?

  • Sex Drugs: Rock 'n' Roll!
    Want to be a man of steel? Get ready for the "Super Viagras", the next generation of erection enhancers.

In Every Issue

  • From the Editor
    Plus, MH's best tips, and quotes that can change your life.

  • Ask Men's Health
    How can I break my swearing habits?

  • Tell Men's Health
    What reader's think about everything.

  • On the Minds of Men
    This month: The health care debate.

  • Health Bulletin
    Breaking medical news

  • Nutrition Bulletin
    A taste of what is good for you.

  • Malegrams
    The tips you need for every part of your life.

  • Where To Buy
    The products featured in this issue.

  • The Average Guy
    And Sports.