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July 2005

Max Muscle has over 95 stores around the world and this is their successful small publication, given to Max Muscle shoppers. It contains misc information on contests, news, and the happenings in the Max Muscle bodybuilding and fitness world.

July 2005 - Table of Contents
Issue #80


  • Lena Legs
    Actress Angela Chittenden's lean leg workout. Learn how this toned beauty sculpts her lower body with diet and exercise.

  • Fit Rockers LUX
    The workout, the diet, the lifestyle, the music. Rockers include Avery Watts, T.J Styles, Jamie Steele, Shay Brassman, ad Trace Brazen.

  • Make Friends with Fat
    Recognizing the good fats versus the bad, and what they can do for your fitness goals.

  • 6 Pack City
    Find out how former Navy Rescue swimmer Brian Schell survived a broken neck and back to regain the physique he has today.


  • Perspective
    Max Rocks on with LUX

  • Letters to the Editor
    Surgery isn't always the answer

  • Reader's Photos
    Including Roger Flynn, Wendy McCoy, Mariano Mendoza, and Elizabeth Hurley.

  • Liverwire
    Including Robert Hatch takes top honors at the OC, Bodybuilders hit the links for charity, Max Girl Danielle Fayak, and more.

  • Max Muscle Grand Openings and Open Houses
    Including Max Muscle Ventura, Glendale AZ, and Northridge, California.

  • Experts On
    L-Glutamine for Immune Health, Creatine Kids, Protein Power for Women, and more.

  • Maxtreme Endurance
    Catch a wave for triathlon training.

  • Personal Trainer
    A quick full-body cable workout.

  • Forever Young
    Start early to prevent aging.

  • Spiritual Fitness
    Lead by example to connect with others

  • Front Line
    Get a good night's sleep

  • Max Spotlight
    Ethan McMahan loses 60 pounds, Jeannie Maxon has success despite the odds

  • Performance Innovation
    Strength Training and Art