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Kaged Muscle Magazine
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Kaged Muscle Magazine, started by Kris Gethin, is a brand new start up publication featuring various articles. The premiere issue featured Dorian Yates on the cover.


November 2006 Issue #1

Updated: November 2006

November 2006: From Kris: Kaged Muscle didn't intend on drawing me into become it's bodybuilding editor. Neither did I aspire to photograph the world's best bodies torturing their muscles in their own natural habitat - the gym, but I did voluntarily surrender myself to the sport of bodybuilding and its compatriots. How to I make Kaged Muscle different. By keeping it real. I consider this publication as much yours as it is ours and we openly welcome your input and feedback.

K.J. Gethin, PO Box 11022, Marina Del Rey, California, 90066. Issue #1 7-18908-14447-3, $5.99 US