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February 1998

Since 1936, Ironman Magazine has been the magazine for bodybuilders. Each issue provides insights into bodybuilding, from nutrition, to lots of training info, to profiles on the men and women who make up the bodybuilding and fitness world. It also contains excellent pictures and information on almost anything you need. Jonathan Lawson and Mo Dinwoody appear on the cover.

February 1998 - Table of Contents
Volume 57, Number 2


  • Chunk to Hunk: Here's how one man took his out of shape body and turned it into a drug free contest winning physique. It's all here: training, diet, supplements and exercise tips.
  • Critical Mass:Back to Basics Workout
  • EMG Exercise Analysis: Scientists reveal the most effecting Hamstring Exercises
  • Exercise of the Month: Lying Incline Lateral Raises
  • Exercise Science: Ab Training Study. Are you working your correctly for best results?
  • Fitness Formula: Raising your Metabolism.
  • Forearms:
  • Fundamentals: All around Training
  • Hardcore Training:Debra Haley's Biceps Burner
  • Hardgainer: Intensity Cycling
  • High Intensity: New Answers to old questions
  • Ironmind: Take the blame if you want to gain
  • Jean-Pierre Fux's Training Secrets: Jean-Pierre Fux built one of the most massive physiques in pro bodybuilding, and how he plans to keep growing.
  • Magnificent Chest:
  • Mass from the Past: Bill Pearl's Arms
  • Muscle Coach: The Forgotten Hip Flexors
  • Only the Strong Shall Survive: The Versatile Rack
  • Right Start: Go for the total package.
  • Scientific Bodybuilding, Part 2: Endocrine Pulse Training
  • Sportsmedicine: Front Squats
  • Susie Curry Trains Legs and Back
  • Training Secrets: Bodybuilding for Men over 40


  • Nandrostenedione
  • Whey Out Proteins All protein supplements are not created equal. Learn how to get the most muscle building power for your money.
  • Food: The Ultimate Drug


  • Mr. & Masters Olympias

Insight & Profiles:

  • Jonathan Lawson
  • Susie Curry
  • Jean-Pierre Fux
  • Insight: Survey


  • Editorial: by John Balik
  • Hot Shots: Candid Photos
  • Interactive Bodybuilding
  • Marketplace / Main Events
  • News & Views by Lonnie Teper
  • Nutrition Science: HMB: Is it just a marketing scam?
  • Point Counterpoint: Legalize It?
  • Pump & Circumstances: Fitness News
  • Reader's Write: Letters to the editor
  • Reviews: Hurricane Survival Manual
  • Upside Down Bodybuilding: Food, hormones and muscle