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October 1996 issue

Ironman's new slogan, calling itself the 'Bodybuilding Training Authority' comes packed with lots of good info. The October issue brings you info on Hypercontraction ROM Training with 15 complete routines, and also how to build dynamite delts, for beginners, intermediates, and advances routines. Other articles include the importance of glutamine, the best protein supplements, and contest results and pictures on the Ms. Galaxy competition in Venice, California. Jennifer Goodwin, Amy Weber and Jeff Poulin appear on this months cover.

Since 1936, Ironman Magazine has been the magazine for bodybuilders. Each issue provides insights into bodybuilding, from nutrition, to lots of training info, to profiles on the men and women who make up the bodybuilding and fitness world. It also contains excellent pictures and information on almost anything you need.

October 1996 Table of Contents



Nutrition / Profile

Insight / Contests