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July 2007

Since 1936, Ironman Magazine has been the magazine for bodybuilders. Each issue provides insights into bodybuilding, from nutrition, to lots of training info, to profiles on the men and women who make up the bodybuilding and fitness world. It also contains excellent pictures and information on almost anything you need. On the cover is Dave Goodin, while the inset photo is Dave Fisher.

July 2007 - Table of Contents
Volume 66, Number 7


  • Train, Eat Grow 93
    The TEG men explan the pain of their new Shock workouts, frim Eric Broser's P/RR/S strategy.

  • Hit Redux
    Chris Mason interviews Ellington Darden about Nautilus, Arhtur Jones and Eli's cool new book.

  • A Bodybuilder is Born 24
    Ron Harris defuses workout excuses. Need motivation? How about Greg Rando, a blind bodybuilding champion.

  • Prime Time Pro
    David Young interviews Dave Fisher on his comeback to the pro ranks at 43, plus his workout and diet.

  • Blueberry Power
    Jerry Brainum explores the muscle building, anti aging power of this very potent berry.

  • Arm and Shoulders Shredded Style
    Cory Crow talks with drug free pro Dave Goodin on building the show bodyparts.

  • Heavy Duty
    A guest appearance by the wisdom of Mike Mentzer, from the source.

  • Summer Abs
    From the archives, Layne Norton give you all the ab-etching secrets you need to let them rip.

  • Research Team
    Blood plasma expanders are the latest tactic for pro bodybuilders. Now a new supplement can mimic their effects and create hardcore pumps in the gym.

  • Weights vs. Cardio
    Jerry Brainum looks at the fat burning research and how to optimize the bodybuilding effects of both.

  • Hardbody
    You will definitely want to take a peek at Monica Mark's peaked physique. Wow!

  • IFBB Fitness, Figure and Ms. International
    The women had it going on. Hot contest shots here. Plus, John Balik's backstage Femme Physique Verite.

  • Only the Strong Shall Survive
    Bill Starr's dynamic back building advice.


  • Train to Gain
    Staying injury free and other bodybuilding secrets.

  • Smart Training
    Coach Charles Poliquin gets into biceps tears and pullup scares, and he delves into diet too.

  • Eat To Grow
    The truth about bodybuilder's protein needs. Plus, how to shake up your mass gains.

  • Critical Mass
    Steve Holman ponders one set wonders and how to extend your squat sets for bigger quads.

  • Naturally Huge
    John Hansen lays it all out about getting big.

  • Bodybuilding Pharmacology
    Steroids: A real heartbreaker? Jerry Brainum checks out the research on their cardiovascular effects.

  • Muscle "In" Sites
    Eric Brose ran across Boyer Coe's new site and was very impressed. He was also impresses - in a different way - with a sizzling hot babe site. His impressive New Results Q&A is here too.

  • News & Views
    Lonnie Teper is our go to guy for phyquie scene up dates, not to mention Swami comedy. Jerry Fredrick's Hot Shots are in the house as well, and there's a remembrance on Ray Stern on page 236.

  • Pump & Circumstance
    Ruth Silverman covers the women's sport like smog covers L.A. That's not lightning, it's her camera flash popping. Lots of stimulating images here, folks.

  • Mind / Body Connection
    Randall Strossen explains the angels and edges of training, the The Rack flexes its home training muscle.

  • Reader's Write
    Dazzling Dina Al-Sabah, eye opening info and unreal wheels.