Ironman Magazine: February 2006
Volume 65, Number 2

Misc. Notes from this issue

  • In the publisher's letter, John Balik's writes that the 1970's were the golden age of bodybuilding, when the perfect storm of personality and publicity came together to raise bodybuilding's profile to a new, positive level. The personalities were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arthur Jones, George Butler, Charles Gaines and Joe Weider. Arnold was featured in a breakthrough article in Sports Illustrated that introduced him to millions of people who had never been exposed to bodybuilding. It portrayed him as a hugely engaging three dimensional personality, not the usual media created caricature. Add to that Arnold's starring role in 'Stay Hungry' - which could easily be his two world philosophy, and you have a series of events that not only changed bodybuilding forever but in a much broader sense laid the groundwork for brining weight training o the masses. Arnold showed that it was good to have muscle. For the first time you could mention in the outside world that you were a bodybuilder and be respected for it.

  • Gustavo Badell is featured in an article titled "How I beat Mr. Olympia", which details how he beat Ronnie Coleman in the Mr. Olympia Challenge Round. Oops, it is a 6-page ad for Muscletech.

  • Ori Hofmekler is featured in an article called the Inner Warrior. Ori had written the book, the Warrior Diet, and worked as the editor of Mind & Muscle Power Magazine before. Ori believes that that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ironman has an interview with Ori on some of his views.

  • Heavy Duty column is still going strong. This one features questions on bodybuilders seeking to boost their muscular gains via Mike Mentzer's 'Consolitdated routine', which is an advanced training modality.

  • The IFBB Fitness Olympia is featured with pictures, as well as the IFBB Figure Olympia. Surprisingly, even the IFBB Ms. Olympia is featured here with a number of pictures.

  • Lonnie Teper's News & Views featuring his opinions on the 2005 Awards, including bodybuilder of the year, new kid on the block, rookie of the year, comeback of the year and much more.

  • Sexy Valerie Waugaman, who made all of the photographers crazy during the Olympia weekend, is featured here in a stunning pictorial. She is from Cleveland, Ohio, and she is engaged. She has a B.A. in graphic design from Ohio University, played Division I volleyball, and was a 1996 Ohio State high jump champion. She also owns a restaurant with her partner, Sam Eells, called Octane Café.

  • No Pain, No Gain is a movie from Sam Turcotte, in which the entire plot and characters are all about bodybuilding and the fitness industry. Sam says 'This film is a realization of a longtime dream. I have been involved in bodybuilding since I was 15, and for years I have wanted to see a film about this fascinating and misunderstood sport. Bodybuilding has long been grossly misrepresented by the media, and my film gives a more balanced and truthful portrayal.

  • The ads for the 2006 Ironman Pro XVI, February 17-19 in Pasasdena, California for here, including lots of lectures and seminars.

  • New Muscletech ad featuring Jonnie O. Jackson, and Branch Warren for their new product, called Leukic. In the Vyotech ad for 17HD, Melvin Anthony is featured. In the Nutrex ad for the new product NIOX, Mark Dugdale is featured. In another Vyotech ad for Nitrobolic Extreme, Bill Wilmore is featured. Nutrex's ad for Lipo-6 features Markus Ruhl. In AST's VP2 ad, Jeff Willet is featured.