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June 2005

Since 1936, Ironman Magazine has been the magazine for bodybuilders. Each issue provides insights into bodybuilding, from nutrition, to lots of training info, to profiles on the men and women who make up the bodybuilding and fitness world. It also contains excellent pictures and information on almost anything you need. On the cover is Pauline Nordine.

June 2005 - Table of Contents
Volume 64, Number 6


  • Train, Eat, Grow 68
    The TEG men shift to phase one of their ripping cycle with a new twist: X-Rep pyramid power, X-cruciating drop sets are here too.

  • Your Triceps Will Never Grow
    Unless you follow these 10 titanic tips for torching your tri's from Ron Harris.

  • Kraig Feldman
    He won the Teenage Nationals in 2003, so you know he's got the muscle building mojo down. All you young, aspiring bodybuilders, listen up. Kraig's got plenty of tips to get you growing.

  • Research Team
    Creatine K-boom! Supplement scientist Jeff Golini analyzes creatine and explains why Kre-Alkalyn may be the latest and greatest C-Bomb ever.

  • Heavy Duty
    John Little channels Mike Metzner in an intense Q&A session. He covers everything from goal setting to innate adaptability to monitoring gains - and intensity, of course.

  • The Red Zone
    Russian Pavel Tsatsouline's unique perspectives on muscle building, strength and kettlebell training. Bonus: Mike Mahler's kettlebell power programs are included for you to try.

  • Female Muscle 2005
    It's our annual female muscle pictorial, with dramatic, sensual shots of the feminine form from ace photographer Bill Dobbins.

  • IFBB Arnold Classic
    The gov never fails to put on a fantastic physique extravaganza. Many of the best bodies in the business were onstage doing that flex for checks thing. Who won it all? Lonnie Teper's got the big story, along with loads of great photos

  • IFBB Ms. International
    Talk about female muscle! Even with the new muscularity standards in place, these gals has it going on - as is brawn and beauty. Ruth Silverman reports on how it all came together in Columbus.

  • Only The Strong Shall Survive
    Bill tells your how to get big on a budget. If you can afford supplements, great, but you can get by without them and continue to grow with the flow. Here is how.


  • Train To Gain
    Lateral raises vs. leteral throws (X Files Analysis), carpal tunnel toll and how much rest is best.

  • Naturallly Huge
    John Hansen's chronicles the diet that helped him move back into the winner's circle.

  • Eat To Grow
    Battle of the bulge diet comparisons, immune system boosters and busters and new research on how pushing hard can burn off the lard.

  • Critical Mass
    Steve Holman analyzes drop sets and why they should be alive an well in your size building program. Plus, champ training and X-Rep results.

  • News & Views
    Lonnie Teper and Ruth Silverman snapped some great photos and snapped up plenty of inside info at the IM and Arnold Fitness weekends. Plus, Jerry Fredrick's Hot Shots are here, along with booth pics from the FitExpo.

  • Bodybuilding Pharmacology
    Jerry Brainum has a special report on what many people are calling the new ephedrine. Does it work? Are there side effects? Jerry's got the latest research.

  • Mind / Body Connection
    Randall Strossen, Ph.D. explains how to blow by bad workouts, and Dave Draper drops a few bombs. There's also motivation from alcoholic turned muscular marvel Tim Wescott. Jack LaLanne, Gallery of Ironmen and hot Caitlin Jones serious training photos are here too. Whew!

  • Readers Write
    Excellent expo and IM Pro, veteran muscle (a letter from Iraq) and X-traordinary interview - aka, the X-Rep rap.