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November 2002

Since 1936, Ironman Magazine has been the magazine for bodybuilders. Each issue provides insights into bodybuilding, from nutrition, to lots of training info, to profiles on the men and women who make up the bodybuilding and fitness world. It also contains excellent pictures and information on almost anything you need. On the cover is various bodybuilders, and Brandy Flores and Jay Cutler.

November 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 61, Number 11


  • Train, Eat, Grow 37
    Zero in on your peak condition with drop sets, stage sets and size building T/NT.

  • Only the Strong Shall Survive
    Bill Starr outlines the midback power pack.

  • IM Research Team
    Jonathan Lawson's postworkout mass blast to take your anabolic window from peephole to wide panorama.

  • Jay Cutler
    Lonnie Teper gets the 2001 Mr. O runner up to talk about winning the biggest shows in bodybuilding, drugs and his promising future.

  • Creatine Creation
    A wild, new creatine innovation.

  • Legendary Strength
    Charles Poliquin's unique technique to bust out of a strength staff.

  • Mass Machine 3
    Skip La Cours continuing series on getting great gains.

    L.T. and Ruth Silverman review the big shew in Sin City, complete with Mitsuru Okabe's dramatic photos.

  • Matt Duvall
    Gunplay with one amazing, heavily armed athlete.

  • Heavy Duty
    John Little unearths a Mike Mentzer interview from the 1980's that pours the foundation of Heavy Duty training.

  • Feminine Muscle
    Exquisite female forms from the vault of Bill Dobbins. Hot stuff here, guys!

  • Hardgainer
    Stephan Wedan explains why going out all the time may not be the best path for more muscle and strength.

  • Michael Mooney
    Steroid expert, HIV crusader and man with a mission gives the Sandwich an earful.

  • Diamond Peaked Calves
    Gene Mozee on Vince Gironda's lower leg training.

  • Legends of Bodybuilding
    Ah, the good old days! Rod Labbe explores the charmed life of Reg Lewis, 1963 Mr. America.


  • Train to Gain
    Why there's no such thing as failure and why you should be unreasonable if you want maximum mass.

  • Eat To Grow
    How milk can get you leaner, a look at competitive bodybuilder's diets and low carb muscle wasting.

  • Critical Mass
    Steve Holman gives you the size up, strength rut workout solution.

  • Naturally Huge
    John Hansen's lose fat muscle up diet.

  • Bodybuilding Pharmacology
    Jerry Brainum looks at steroid repercussions and whether Tribulus Terrestris can get you hard - yes, there.

  • News & Views
    L.T.'s got plenty og sizzling stuff from the USA in Vegas, while Ruth Silverman's Pump & Circumstance is a fit female full house. Deal us in! Plus, Jerry Frederick's Hot Shots has loads of juicy clicks and smoking pics - not to mention gorgeous chicks.

  • Anabolic Drive
    Greg Zulak gives you everything you need to know about chest mass construction. Pound those pecs!

  • Mind / Body Connection
    Sexpert Laura Moore discusses get ting a head. There's also a new info on man-o-pause. Does the male midlife crisis comes from a testosterone deficiency? Hmmmm...

  • Readers Write
    A real shocker involving Kristen Locker, how you can train with a pro anda quick way to pack on 10 pounds of muscle.