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September 2001

Since 1936, Ironman Magazine has been the magazine for bodybuilders. Each issue provides insights into bodybuilding, from nutrition, to lots of training info, to profiles on the men and women who make up the bodybuilding and fitness world. It also contains excellent pictures and information on almost anything you need.

September 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 60, Number 9


  • Heavy Duty
    Mike Mentzer reveals how to HIT the inroad for long term gains - and how that affects finite recovery.

  • Only the Strong Shall Survive
    More of Bill Starr's dead on dead lift diatribe.

  • Train, Eat, Grow 23
    The ITRC accelerates your gains with heightened fiber activation. Strap in for takeoff and don't look down.

  • Postactivation, Part 1
    European researcher Michael undill reveals new training information that wil give you awesome strength with a size side effect. (Very cool stuff here.)

  • IM Research Team
    Got mass? You can soar into the huge zone with legal anabolics. These babies have site specific delivery for Dianabol like hypertrophy.

  • Moore Sex
    Laura Moore, our resident sexpert, give L.T. an earful on what babes really want in the bedroom. Then you get an eyeful when she disrobes for Mike Neveux's camera.

  • Hardgainer
    Stuart McRobert reveals how to prime poundage progression to add grade-A beef.

  • T Up
    If you are looking for maximum anabolic trajectory, you need to drive your testosterone levels higher and farther. Here is how - no drugs necessary.

  • Bodypart Bloodbath
    Your stubborn bodyparts will be screaming bloody murder thanks to this specialization guide. Mr. Olympia's quad routine is here along with 100 others to bring you sock'em, shock'em results.

  • Full Body Blast
    Full body workouts could be your ticket to unreal size and strength gains. Here's the complete program George Turner used to pack on 90 - yes, 90 pounds.

  • IFBB Night of Champions XXIII
    Mass ruled, controversy spewed and the crowd booed - another raucous NOC rocked the Beacon.

  • World Trade Center
    Brian Batcheldor, notorius former steroid dealer, tells all in this exclusive interview with the Sandwich. Put on your bulletproof vest for this one, gang.


  • Ask Dr. Dan
    Gwartney talks steroid testing and biceps cresting.

  • Training to Gain
    George Turner goes off on gangsta' wraps. Brad Steiner gives you a good ribbing and Gunter's video shows him getting 'Rock Hard' (No, it has nothing to do with porn on the Internet.)

  • Eat to Grow
    Casein jacks up muscle growth again, the protein pig out, yeast inflection and high carbs for fat freaks.

  • Naturally Huge
    Mr. Natural Olympia John Hansen explains about upper deck construction - and how much mass you get to keep after the roid rage is over.

  • Critical Mass
    Incredible gains with static contraction, hardgainer progressions and how to get ripped and keep muscle.

  • Bodybuilding Pharmacology
    Jerry Brainum investigates sudden death syndrome in steroid users, and Williams Llewellyn explores fake testosterone and the Equipoise - Dianabol connection.

  • Unchained
    Greg Zulak outlines how to tweak your peaks for higher biceps and gives the lowdown on Andriol.

  • News & Views
    Lonnie Teper gets inside the wacky world of bodybuilding, while Ruth Silverman's Pump & Circumstance has all the fitness fun that's fit to print. Herry Frederick's Hot Shots add to the festivities.

  • Mind Body Connection
    Sex-Rx has info on the pregame pump - that is, sex before competition. Plus, vulgar displays, war by the shore and how to pick up girls.

  • Readers Write
    Yaz-mataz and her delectable delts, ironwoman transformation, swimsuit serenade and positions that put on pounds - of muscle, that is. ----