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June 2001

Great Life. Your Source of Healthy Living. A magazine about healthy habits, natural supplementation, exercise, nutrition and other notes. On the cover is Christopher Pierce.

June 2001


  • Woman's Guide to Men's Health
    When a woman tries to get her man to change unhealthy habits, the reaction is not always positive - unless she knows how to give good advice.

  • Hypothyroidism: The hidden illness
    Commonly misdiagnosed and often overlooked, hypothyroidism can be bright under control with vitamins, tyrosine, selenium and iodine.

  • Activate immunity with Noni
    Preliminary research is offering clues to this tropical plant's healing powers, including its potential to enhance immunity and treat cancer and tuberculosis.

  • Summer Salads and Thirst Quenchers
    Turn off the oven and chill out with gourmet salads and healthy, refreshing drinks.

In The Front

  • Healthy Habits
    Learn the history of tabacco use and how black tea is good for the heart.

  • Herbal Treasures: Herbs for Kids
    Chamomile, elder, calendula and astragalus safely benefit kids of all ages.

  • Natural Women: Ease the Pain of Breast Cysts
    Vitamins, iodine and essential fatty acids reduce pain ans swelling.

  • Natural Man: Shave without Skin Irritation
    Jojoba, calendula and Vitamin E can help you stay stubble free.

  • All in the Family: Heal Cuts and Bruises
    Vitamin C, horse chestnut, aloe and gotu kola speed recovery.

  • Looking Good: Stop the Burning with Aloe
    Aloe relieves sunburn, insect stings, rashes and other summer mishaps.

In The Back

  • Exercise Wise: Defend your body
    Reduce muscle soreness and damage with beta carotene and vitamins A, C & E.

  • Alternative Medicine Clinic
    Natural ways to defend against a toxic environment.

  • Growing Young: Conquer Memory Loss
    Phosphatidylserine (PS) helps conquer age related memory loss.

  • Ask the Nutritionist
    Expert answers to your diet and nutrition questions.

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