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Gear U.Z.R. is a quarterly publication produced and distributed by Nuclear Nutrition. It's slogan is 'The Most Cutting Edge, And Informative Bodybuilding Publication on the Market Today'. It does not contain 200 pages of B.S. over hyped advertisements. It does not contain gratuitos, graphic, ridiculous and embarrassing sex advice columbs, nor swimsuit models in each issue, not paid advertisements disguised as articles.

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Information on Gear U.Z.R.
Updated September 2002

The Editor-in-Chief is Trevor L. Smith. Contributing Editors include Nancy Smith, and Jen Cook. Contributing Photographers include Terry Goodlad, Dave Hill, Nancy Smith, Trevor L. Smith, and Giles Thomas. Editorial Design and Production are Impact Production (310) 247-9947. Nuclear Nutrition is located at 4225 Fidus Drive #106, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103.