Flex Magazine
July 2009
Volume 27, Issue 5

On the cover is Dennis James. In the insets are Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, and Monique Minton. Cover issue price is $6.99 US, and $8.99 Canadian.

Table of Contents

Training & Nutrition

  • Ultimate Arms
    Two plans of attack for biceps and triceps.

  • Plan 1: Build Your Own Arms
    Everything you need to build your biggest arms. By David Sandler

  • Plan 2: Add 1" To Your Arms... In A Day
    Instant gratification awaits with this powerful, FLEX-tested program. By Jim Stoppani, PhD, and Eric Velazquez

  • Wheelmen
    Brandon Curry, Derik Farnsworth and Pete Ciccone fire up their legs in and out of the gym. By Greg Merritt

  • Straight Up Menace
    IFBB Pro League bodybuilder Dennis James shares the secrets of kicking major mass. By Dennis James

  • Real World Meals
    Venturing out of your own kitchen to eat can be scary, but having this guide should help you eat right when dining out. By Jordana Brown

  • Battle Royal
    Bodybuilding's greatest rivals - Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman - battle once again. By Greg Merritt

  • Supps On A Budget
    Stock up on supplements with these effective, cost-saving stacks. By Jim Stoppani, PhD, and Eric Velazquez

  • Mindi To The Max
    IFBB Pro League fitness athlete Mindi O'Brien proves that a hard woman is good to find. By Shawn Perine

  • The H.U.G.E. Gym Class: Quads
    The top five quad-training mistakes and how to correct them. By Greg Merritt


  • Top 10 O-Ments
    As we count down the days till the 2009 rendition, we rank the top 10 moments in Olympia history. By Shawn Perine

  • Cormier's Corner
    Chris Cormier on Victor Martinez. By Chris Cormier

  • Pictorial - Hot & Steamy
    Part two of the 2009 FLEX swimsuit special. Photography by Terry Goodlad


  • Hard Times
    Record prize money for the Olympia; Offstage with Steve Weinberger; and so much more. Show Big - ReFLEXions - Bobservations

  • Gym Bag
    Warm up for a better workout; wide-grip versus close-grip barbell curls; targeting your pecs; can cardio increase your pump?; FreeMotion's line of strength machines.

  • Advanced Nutrition
    Reduce stress and boost energy with Rhodiola; FLEX's Fast Fix: Dairy Queen; a stimulating stack: whey and caffeine; protein gains out of a pea pod; boost your blood flow with quercetin.

  • Mr. O's Page
    These are a few of Dex's favorite things.

  • Jay's Way
    Cutler goes the distance to get away from it all.

  • Arnold's Page
    Making the most of moments of rest.

  • Factoids
    Return to 1992.