Flex Magazine
May 2009
Volume 27, Issue 3

On the cover is Moe El Mooussawi. In the insets is Sonia Gonzales. Cover issue price is $6.99 US, and $8.99 Canadian.

Table of Contents

Training & Nutrition

  • Eat Like A Pro
    Feeding the physique of Silvio "El Matador" Samuel. By George De Pirro and Eric Velazquez

  • 5-3-2 Plan For Insane Strength
    If you want to get bigger, follow this program - because the stronger you get, the bigger you'll be. By Jim Stoppani, PhD

  • 15 Power Foods
    Foods to make you stronger and bigger. By Jim Stoppani, PhD

  • Back With Glass
    Dennis James returns to train back with Charles Glass. By Greg Merritt

  • Dexter's Dozen
    Mr. Olympia's 12 rules for dynamite delts. By Dave Lee

  • Sweet Sonia
    Sonia Gonzales proves that being strong and sexy can take you wherever your heart desires. By Dave Lee

  • The H.U.G.E.TM Rules, Part 12: Triceps
    The best hardgainer strategy for beefing up your triceps. By Greg Merritt

Features & Contests & Pictorial

  • Moe's Master Plan
    IFBB pro Moe El Moussawi's unconventional methods are taking his physique to the next level. By Dave Lee

  • Day In The Life: Jim Manion
    FLEX spends two days with NPC President and IFBB Pro League Chairman Jim Manion. By Allan Donnelly

  • Muscle Myths
    FLEX tests the 10 biggest axioms of bodybuilding. By Greg Merritt and Jim Stoppani, PhD

  • We Are the World
    The 2009 edition of the Ironman Pro was a textbook example of foreign relations

  • Pictorial: Prodigious Prodigy
    Gina Aliotti is all in - and that's just the beginning for this young, beautiful and talented overachiever. Profile and photography by Terry Goodlad


  • Hard Times
    Arnold Schwarzenegger reminisces with FLEX about the glory days of the iron sport; backstage with the pros at the Ironman; Brandon Curry hits the 619; and so much more. Show Big - ReFLEXions - Bobservations

  • Gym Bag
    Staying strong to the finish; tri's on trial; attacking your lower lats; dance, dance the calories away; gym doc on supersets; and how to get in the game after a workout.

  • Advanced Nutrition
    Hydrate for strength; FLEX's Fast Fix: Red Robin; stacking for sleep and strength; sometimes you feel like a nut; have a lemon wedge; know your NO; Marcus Haley shakes it up.

  • Mr. O's Page
    Dexter Jackson shares it all.

  • Jay's Way
    Cutler shoulders a heavy load.

  • Arnold's Page
    Schwarzenegger shares secrets of peaked biceps.

  • Factoids
    Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Hall of Fame 2009 inductee Kevin Levrone