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February 2002

Fitness Rx takes a refreshingly new scientific approach enabling every woman to become the very best she can be. Each issue will feature authoritative, well researched articles on everything from diet, nutrition and exercise to general fitness, health, cosmetic enhancement and sexual fulfillment. Contributors are the most renowned experts in their field, who cut through the fluff and confusion, and offer real solutions with dynamic, intelligent, cutting edge articles geared to inspire, motivate, inform and empower a broad female audience. On the cover is Shonna McCarver.

February 2002 Table of Contents


  • Training Rx Info Bits
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Bodt Part-iculars
    Molding the Inner Thigh

  • Body Sculpting
    The Ultimate Butt & Thigh Knockout Workout

  • Fat to Firm
    60 Minute Meltdown featuring Monica Brant

  • Personal Trainer Q&A
    Mia Power!

  • Club Scene

  • Cardio Burn
    Treadmill: Best Indoor Exercise Machine

Diet & Fat Loss

  • Nutrition Rx Info-Bits
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Fat Loss Rx Info-Bits
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Supplement Rx Info-Bits
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Fat Attack
    The Ephedra Controversy: Dangerous supplement or scapegouat?

  • Fat Blasting Recipes
    Eat To Win, including Mediterranean Broiled Sole, and Country Vegetable Soup.

  • Ultimate Nutrition
    The true maic of protein

  • Supplement Edge
    Fat loss supplement review

Health & Beauty

  • Health Rx Info-Bits
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Beauty Rx Info-Bits
    Including being overweight wrecks womens lives; saunas offer heath benefits; running increases bones density; and more.

  • Sex Rx Info-Bits
    Including High tech bras, testosterone perk ups, network tv goes raw, sex is good for your health, and more.

  • Women's Health
    Women and Iron: Pumping It, that is!

  • Beauty: The Goddess Factor
    Cover girl: Shonna McCarver

  • Ladies Room
    Sexual Fitness Q&A. Sex. We all talk about it, think about it, and yes, want it.

Inside The Curve

  • Co-Publisher's Letter
    A Tall Order and we Aim to Fill It by Elyse and Steve Blechman

  • Mail Room
    Keep those card and letters coming

  • Rave Reviews
    Hot new products

  • Delightful Diversion
    Our guy of the month

  • End Quote
    Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.


  • Dying to be Thin
    What's normal? Thin by starvation or scalpel?

  • Rating Cardio Fat Burning Equipment

  • Scientists Rate the Best Ab Exercises

  • Burn Fat Fast
    Lose 7 pounds in 7 days guaranteed.

More Info

    Fitness Rx slogan is 'Your Ultimate Prescription for the Perfect Body'.

    From Elyse & Steve Blechman: Welcome to the premier issue of Fitness Rx. It is not often that a husband and wife are afforded the wonderful opportunity not only to work together, but also to create a forum that reflects the lifestyle we've adhered to for the past 24 years of our marriage. Good health and fitness have always been of prime importance to us both. So what's different about Fitness Rx? We've read all the other fitness magazines out there and decided there was a void that needed filling. We feel that women were hard pressed to find good, solid, accurate, scientific information concerning all the really important areas of a woman's life in regard to health and fitness. The ultimate prescription for the perfect body. Wow! That's a tall order! But it is one that Fitness Rx plans to fill!

    To subscribe, call (888) 841-8007. One year is about $17.95, for six issues, bi-monthly.

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