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November 2001

This magazine is for issues and solutions in fitness services, and to help to run a health / fitness business. On the cover is Mark Bell.

November 2001 - Table of Contents


  • Information Technology
    The push for compatibility: New standards are in the works to help solve the problem of incompatibility among software programs for the health & fitness industry.

  • Tax Deduction for Website Expenses
    In lieu of specific IRS rules, take advantage of a number of precedents that allow for tax deductions on all website development costs.

  • Creating The Ultimate Wellness Experience
    Six essential steps to creating an experience that will attract non exercises and help them to achieve lifestyle success stories.

  • 50 Nifty Ways to Enhance Your One on One Communications Skills
    A blueprint for improving your relationships with staff and clients.
FM Columns

  • Management Matters
    How to communicate with the best of them.

  • Management Memo
    Strategies for Active Listening

  • Lab Notes
    The obesity epidemic: Why are so many people gaining weight?

  • Clip 'n' Copy
    How to eat defensively and avoid weight gain?

  • Law Note
    Connecticut Health Club Release Upheld

    Web site to check out

  • Fit 2001
    ASP's and wireless: Technologies that can change the way you do business.
FM Pulse

  • Fit News
    Including names in the news; facilities updates; supplier updates; and industry briefs.
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