Exercise For Men Only Magazine
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February 2002

This magazine includes exercise instructions, in pursuit of total fitness, for the active man who is interested in bodybuilding, health and fitness. Also, information on supplements, nutrition, and other inteterests.

February 2002


  • Want a Chiseled Chest?
    Cut to the chase for quick results.

  • Extreme Abs.
    A prescription for a muscular midsection.

  • Conquering the Complex.
    Learn how to work your shoulders to the max.

  • Progressive Biceps Training.
    Get a peak Mr. Everest would be envious of.

  • Tremendous Tri's.
    An all cable workout

  • Super Sized Forearms
    Build a set that would make Popeye smile.

  • Brontosaurus Back Training
    A perfect plan for getting that amazing V-taper.

  • The Secret to Great Legs
    Get a set of great underpins - fast.


  • Target your Muscles
    A movement primer for getting the most out of your workouts.

  • Setting up a home gym
    Everything you need to know to get rolling.

  • Mr. Exercise - James Dick
    We all should hope to look this good in our late 30s.

  • Fitness Inc.
    Canadian Ted Kewin hoists the cold steel up in the Great White North.


  • Editors Page
    Bodybuilding 101

  • Q&A
    Answers to readers queries

  • Letters
    Comments and questions

  • Fit Notes
    New products

  • Spa Review
    Senses spa and massage clinc, Toronto.

  • Training Tips
    Hints to aid in muscular development

  • Nutrition
    The power of vitmain E

  • Medical News

  • Health Connection
    Info for life

  • Paul Burke's Over 40 Fitness
    Catabolism and anabolism

  • Consulting Physician
    Brain drain

  • Psychology
    The mental keys to consistent workouts.

  • Supplements
    BPH: Natural prostate relief

  • Health Science
    Can exercise make you smarter.

  • Health Care
    Breast cancer in men

  • Tech Needs
    The Vectra 4850

  • Exercise Analysis
    Hammer Curls

  • Sexual Health
    Female anatomy 101

  • Healthy Food
    Humdinger of a dinner

  • Great Styles
    A classic combination

  • Image Makers
    Shopping for less

  • Good Looks
    Info you need to look terrific

  • Human Form
    The physique we aspire to