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Welcome to Built Magazine, for those who give a damn about their bodies and their health. We're betting that these are two of the most valuable things to you - that none of your material possessions measure up or should measure up when you compare them to the importance of enhancing the way you look and feel.

Our singular mission is to broaden the bodybuilding movement and make it more accessible and meaningful to those outside of the culture; if you will, to inspire them to learn what really drives those who've embraced it. We believe many people simply don't understand why they should or how they can build their bodies or body-build. We truly want our readers to see the virtues of this art form, and to increase the number of people that share a common interest in building a better body while achieving maximum health, regardless of age, gender, occupation, environment or situation.


Premiere Issue - Fall 2007

Updated: Fall 2007

Fifty-Ninth Street Bridge
Publishing Group
Mel Rich
Steve Stern
Editor-in-ChiefVince Andrich
Creative & Editorial DirectorAndrew Oye
Creative ConsultantBrian Moss
Art DirectorMartin Venezky
VP Business Operation
Advertising Director
Ryan Hornbuckle
Advertising CoordinatorFrank Fontanilla
Contributing WritersVince Andrich
Gene Bruno
Pete Ciccone
Menza DeGuzman
Jeff Feliciano
Sherry Goggin
Jennifer Hofheins
Ryan Hornbuckle
Nick Lacaria
Kevin Lawrence
Andrew Oye
Hugo Rivera
Amanda Savell
Pavel Tsatsouline
Andrew Vontz
Tim Ziegenfuss
Contributing PhotographersFrank Fontanilla
Brian Moss
George Kontaxis
Gene Mozee
Scientific Advisory BoardGene Bruno
Jennifer Hofheins
Chris Lockwood
Tim Ziegenfuss

(2007) Built Magazine is published quarterly by Fifth-Ninth Street Bridge Publishing Corp. Built Magazine's address is 26500 West Agoura Road #102-538, Calabasas, CA 91302-1952, 818-880-5957.

Built Magazine is affiliated with Phoenix Labs, which owns several name brands, including Cytodyne, Xenadrine, Kemistry, Cyence, Great Earth and Pinnacle. Phoenix Labs also manufactures many of the products marketed by the top sports nutrition brands in the world.