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January / February 2001

Bodysport Magazine will tell the Canadian story right along side those of both professional and amatuer athletes from across North America. We don't think the Canadian athletes are better, we think that they belong and deserve to be noticed. That is the importance of this magazine.

January / February 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Issue 1


  • Sophie Duquette
    Catching up with the 1999 Canadian National Overall Campion.

  • 2000 Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships
    The best rode west in search of a pro card.

  • New Product Profiles
    Shopping for the latest new products.

  • What Motivates You?
    How to ensure your lasting success is in the gym?

  • Richard Sandrak: Little Sandrak
    At 8 years old, Richard Sandrak is the strongest human in the world, pound for pound.

  • Hold onto your sides, its Stephanie Worsfold.
    Actress, model, pro fitness competitor, and comedian?

  • Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman
    Ronnie Coleman gives Canada a sneak preview 6 weeks before the Olympia.

  • Steel Magnolias
    Coverage of the Pittsburgh Pro Fitness Championships.

  • History
    A glimpse into bodybuilding's past.

  • Basic Training for Size
    Off season size building program from 1999 BC overall champion Kirk Oberg.

  • Shelly Ehman: The Gift of Life
    A story of inspiration and dedication.

  • Carla's Kitchen
    Carla and Bridget walk us through healthy epicurean delights.

  • Restaurant Survival Guide
    Eat on the run without destroying all you have worked for.