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Spring 2003

Welcome to the world of Body Muscle. Sponsered by Beverly International, which started in 1967. We will feature successful bodybuilders, nutrition, supplementation, and training plans. Body Muscle was created to bring you the message of product quality and the most effective, honet and realistic regimens to build muscle fast.

Spring 2003
Volume 4


  • Editorial
    Want to make super gains in 2003? Do this program to the T. Including the Training, Your Meals, Critical Supplements, and more.

  • Body Muscle Forum
    There's no crying in baseball, and no off season in bodybuilding; Off the juice, and we aren't talking OJ; Carbohydrate Conundrum?; Biceps Freaks and Peaks; Old School Maybe but with a Doctorate!; Real Pros (Drug Free) use Beverly; Back Density and Thickness; Gain Muscle and Lose Fat!; and more.

  • Mark Ritter
    The Evolution of a Bodybuilder. Super hard training by itself wont make it. Most people do not live nutrition and you must!

  • Non Steroid Basic Training
    Back to Real Technique for Maximum Muscle. The most basic fact about training is that everything works, at least until you plateau. That's when you must introduce a new technique, a new variable, advanced plateau buster program.

  • Maximum Muscle Mass
    Eat big to get big. Eating right is an art form. Intelligent eating allowed Mark Perry to pack on sixty solid pounds of shredded mass - twenty pounds in just the past two years. He was rewarded with an impressive sixth place finish in the NPC Nationals.

  • Steroid vs. Supplements
    A supplement combination that may mimic steroid's anabolic and nitrogen retention capability.

  • Superwoman
    Rachel Johnson, a new fitness superwoman! Rachel's exceptional physique is a result of learning how to balance the rigors of everyday life while striving for health and fitness perfection.

  • The Magnificent 7
    Mastodon muscle and Samson strength with undulating cycles.