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Spring 2001

Welcome to the world of Body Muscle. Sponsered by Beverly International, which started in 1967. We will feature successful bodybuilders, nutrition, supplementation, and training plans. Body Muscle was created to bring you the message of product quality and the most effective, honet and realistic regimens to build muscle fast.

Spring 2001


  • No Nonsense Editorial
    Quality or Marketing Hype? Beverly was started in 1967. Beverly's founder is Jim Heflin.

  • Body Muscle Forum Q&A
    Everything you need to know about bodybuilding. Including training for ultra upper body mass; inspiration or deception; blast through plateaus with amino acid saturation; isoflavones and protein synthesis; and more.

  • Chris 'Massive' Myers
    This mass of muscle is one true bodybuilder for life

  • Real Exercise Training
    Want bigger muscles faster? Science says cycle your training. Most bodybuilders who use cycle training do not train to failure, although that can be an option in some cases.

  • Maximum muscle mass
    Through nutrition and super supplements. The ultimate protein loading diet for maximum muscle mass.

  • Maximum Muscle
    Supplements and Steel: Desiccated liver: Could this 're-discovered' bodybuilding strength supplement be the world's best?

  • Natural Success
    Denton Rimer, NGA's newest drug free pro.

  • Natural Success
    Natalie Lahnan - 2001 Mideastern USA Figure Winner.

  • Non Steroid Basic Training
    Yes, naturals can build big muscles with a '3 day on - 1 day off' workout!