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This premier issue and collector's item magazine mission is to advance the science of human performance and nutrition technology by leading in the dissemination of reliable information, and by marketing and distributing scientifically advanced nutritional products designed to improve the quality and longevity of life for all men and women.

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BODY Magazine is a quantam leap forward in the health and fitness publications arena, and is loaded with vision driven, provocative editorial that vastly expands the scope and depth of information already being provided.

Our editorials uncover and explore intriguing, breakthrough and controversial topics, which are presented to you along with entertaining, though provoking and brilliantly displayed graphics. Body was created to fill a huge void in teh arena responsible to provide the public with accurate, unbiased information related to health and fitness, particularly in the areas of nutrition technology and human performance.

Executive EditorGeorge Snyder
Editor in ChiefSergio Oliveira
Editor at LargeLorraine Eastman
Staff EditorsKeith Angelin
James Bradshaw
Art DirectorSef Kira
Graphic DesignersDaniel Burton
Darren Dage
Umbaga Ingersoll
Virginia Magary
IllustratorBrad Hutchinson
Web DeveloperKenton Smeltzer
Staff PhotographersLorraine Eastman
Skip Faulkner
Rich Schaff
Advertising DirectorRichard Kinzler
Contributing EditorsMonica Smith-Alliegro
Anthony Almada
Patrick Arnold
Tim Bassett
Will Brink
Dr. Ken Cochrane
Dr. Kitty Consolo
Derek Cornelius
Ward Dean
Mindy DeBaise
Bob Delmonteque
Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale
Ray Dittman
Dan Duchaine
Dr. Conrad Earnest
Pat Etcheberry
Michael Farley
Barbara Hall
Eric Hoult
Kim Hill
Dr. Richard Kreider
Dr. Chris Lydon
Dr. Richard Morales
Kelly Nelson
Mauro Oliveira
William Pentz
Dr. Leroy Perry, Jr.
Charles Poliquin
Michael Scally
Bonnie Siegler
Louie Simmons
Eric Thomas
Karen Voight
Rick Wayne
Dr. Brad Weeks
Contributing PhotographerJim Amentler
Alex Ardenti
Irv Gelb
Rob Sims
President/CEOSergio Oliveira
Vice President/SalesBrian Leeber
Vice President/DistributionMitchel Downey
Vice President/WarehousingRobert Tischer
Financial OfficerKurt Spath
Sales RepresenativesRich Anderson
David Caban
Erica Clingo
Eric Dubois
Rebecca Romero
Darin Terry

Editorial Offices are at 150 National Place #100, Longwood, Florida, 32750. Phone number is (877) 687-9637. Fax # is (877) 300-9008.