Anabolic Magazine: Scientific Muscle Journal

  • This new magazine was started in the year 2000, basically by the same company which owns VPX Sports, since 90% of the magazine is advertised by them. For more information on this magazine, you can call (800) 954-7904.

    Issues include

    Premiere Issue - February 2000
    Second Issue - August 2000
    Third Issue - February 2001
    Fourth Issue - January 2002

    Notes: Jack Owoc is the editor of this premier magazine, and the first issue is dedicated to his wife, Darlene, and to the memory of Dan Duchaine. He intently puts a large disclaimer in the magazine which says "The right to express ideas about matters, which are provocative, controversial or offensive, is protected under the free experssion guarantee of the United States Goverment..." for many issues in this magazine do deal with steroids, etc.

    Jack has brought out this magazine to compensate for the gross deficiency of scientific information out there. This magazine will creatively present a vasriety of topics concerning: pharmacology, rare botanical isolates, pharmaceutical delivery systems, and vsarious drugs and supplements that promote longevit, induce muscle growth, stimulate rapid bodyfat loss, etc.

    You can learn more about this magazine at