Tanning Accessories

  1. California Tan
    Heliotherapy... The Positive Effects of the Sun has inspired California Tan to develop lotions that are scientifically formulated to maximize tanning results while providing exceptional care for your skin.

  2. Jan Tana Sun Spot
    Get an immediate, deep, dark tan with Jan Tana's patented Bronzers. See the incredible results of Jan Tana Tanning Essentials.

  3. Pro Tan
    A great long lasting tan, without the sun.

Hair Removal

  1. Smooth Move
    Smooth Move allows you the freedom to remove your back hair when you want to. You no longer have to depend on someone else waxing you, shaving you or spreading cream on you. Shave the hair from your own back quickly, easily and privately.

  2. UHA Sport Athletic Hair Removal
    UHA Sport is perfect for bodybuilders and other athletes who want to eliminate unwanted body or facial hair. It works equally well for both men and women!

Nutrition Related Web Sites

  1. Aim for Health
    One year from today, every one of us will have a new body! The question arises: What kind of body will it be? Will this new body be weaker or stronger than the body we possess today?

  2. Bodywise
    Independant Consultants. What ever your situation may be..... Body Wise has a program that is right for You.

  3. Don Lemmon's Nutritional Know How
    Don Lemmon's Nutritional Know How Program was designed to accommodate the needs of everyone and is based on the results of over 2000 successful case studies!

  4. Health Expo
    Related Nutrition Web Sites

  5. Vitamin Buzz
    A resource for informed online vitamin consumers.

Personal Training / Trainers

  1. Absolute Fitness
    Specializing In Fast Fat Loss and Body Transformations

  2. Body by Design
    Personal fitness training in Manhatten Beach, California

  3. Cusmano, Linda
    Personal Training by a certified trainer in Vancounver, Canada.

  4. Santa Monica Personal Training
    By Certified Personal Trainer Jason Kozma in Santa Monica, California

  5. Virtual Fitness Trainer
    Personal fitness training brought to you live through Internet video conferencing.

Powerlifting / Weightlifting

  1. Canadian Powerlifting Union
    Unofficial home page of the International Powerlifting Federation. Contains info on Canadian Power Records, contest championships, info on IPF, including its constitution, world records, approved equipment list, classifications, technical rules, etc.

  2. Powerlifting Page
    Info on Results, Records, Bio's, Routines, Images, and more...

  3. Queensland Weightlifting Association
    Organisation that governs the Olympic sport of Weightlifting in the state of Queensland on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

  4. University of Queensland Powerlifting & Weightlifting
    Lots of good info on powerlifting and many other facts

  5. World Powerlifting Association
    Also: American Powerlifting and Canadian Powerlifting