Glossary of
Sports Nutrition Companies / Manufacturers
By Ron Avidan

This list features different bodybuilding and fitness companies. The Glossary is always updated whenever possible.

  1. American Body Building
    American Body Building makes performance drinks, protein bars and supplements, including Pure Pro Bars, Carbo Force, Blue Thunder, and Ripped Force. They are owned by Optimum Nutrition.

  2. Absolute Nutrition
    Advanced nutrition, weight loss and body building supplements from around the globe that are the latest scientific breakthroughs.

  3. Advanced Nutrition Systems
    Company which sells vitamins, supplements, etc.

  4. Advanced Sports Nutrition
    Company which sells vitamins, supplements, etc.

  5. AST Research
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition, including Nytro Pro, Dymetadrine, 19-Nor 3 Andro and VP2.

  6. Beverly International
    Products for the bodybuilder or fitness competitor.

  7. Bioergogenics
    Performance enhancing products

  8. Bodyonics Pinnacle
    Supplement company started in 1996, by Stephen Stern and Mel Rich.

  9. California Protein
    Sports nutrition company, partly owned by Lou Ferrigno.

  10. Champion Nutrition
    Sports nutrition company, located in California. # 800-225-4831.

  11. Chemical Nutrition
    Used to be called Chemical Warefare, this company started in Britain. Currently co-owned by Dorian Yates, Rich Kuempel, and Kerry Kayes. They have a magazine titled 'Battle News'.

  12. Cybergenics
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition products, including Vortex, and others.

  13. Cytodyne Technologies
    Manufacturers of sports nutrition products including Xenadrine, CtyoPro, Androdyne. Located in New Jersey.

  14. Cytosport
    Manufacturers of sports nutrition products including Muscle Milk, Cytomax, and more.

  15. Eclipse 2000
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition products, including Deluxe Protein, and other supplements.

  16. Euthenics Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition company with products including 'The Bomb'.

  17. EAS (Experimental and Applied Science)
    EAS is a sport supplement nutrition company, owned by Bill Phillips. EAS makes products such as Myoplex and Phosphagain.

  18. FibreNet Dietary Supplement
    Info on a supplement derived from a shellfish, from a company called Interior Designs Nutrition (IDN)

  19. Gaspari Nutrition
    Rich Gaspari's Cutting Edge Supplements

  20. Genetic Evolutionary Nutrition (GEN)
    Sports Nutrition Manufacturer including Androdiol, FX Chrysin, and Andro-Gen.

  21. Human Development Technology
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition products, including NFA-500, CLF, and Pro Blend

  22. Interactive Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition Company.

  23. Iron-Tek
    Sports Nutrition Company, logo is "Advanced Protein Nutrition". Located in New York, owned by Steve Weinberger and Bev Francis. Products include Thermo-Tek, Thyro-Tek, and of course, Iron-Tek Powders. # 877-IRO-N611.

  24. ISS Research Products
    We can help you find the products you need to optimize your body! # 888-231-2684.

  25. Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition products, including Lean Body and Proplex.

  26. Lana's Egg Whites
    Lana’s Egg Whites Keep You Yolked!!!

  27. Max Muscle Nutrition
    Your assurance of quality delivering superior taste and performance with our complete line of sports supplements including the most complete line of fat burners ever developed.

  28. Maximum Human Performance (MHP)
    New company bringing out sports nutrition products including Secretagogue-One, and Endo-Stak.

  29. Mega Pro International
    Sports nutrition products including Ultimate Protein. Company located in St. George, Utah.

  30. Metabolic Nutrition
    Sports nutrition products including Creatine Glycerol Phosphate...

  31. Met-Rx Engineered Nutrition
    Manufacturers of original drink mixes, protein bars, and more.

  32. Military Nutrition
    Military Nutrition is committed to Honesty, Integrity and Service to the United States Military and the civilian markets. We are proud to offer only the top of the line performance products available.

  33. Muscle Asylum Project
    Muscle Asylum Project creates insane new products that will help you attain those shocking results you are looking for.

  34. Muscle Marketing USA
    Manufacturer of the product Creatine Serum ATP Advantage and more.

  35. Muscle-Linc
    Sports nutrition company, whose motto is 'The Link between Science and Muscle'. Products include Ribose, Muscle Meals, Pro Fusion, and more... # 800-667-4626.

  36. Muscletech
    Team MuscleTech™ is dedicated to helping body-builders and athletes of every level achieve their goals with products that deliver rapid and dramatic results. When you buy MuscleTech products, you know you are getting the best supplements available.

  37. Nutritional Colossus Bodybuilding
    Info on growth supplements

  38. Nutritional Technolgies, Inc. (NTI)
    Sports nutrition company located in San Diego, California.

  39. Optimum Nutrition
    Sports nutrition products incluude protein powders, supplements, etc.

  40. Parrillo Performance
    Info on John's performance & nutrition program, training manuel, supplements, etc.

  41. Pinnacle
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition products...

  42. Powerbar Energy Bar
    Powerbar has come out with it's own site. Learn all about the history and new developments on the best selling performance bar, the Powerbar.

  43. Premier Nutrition
    Manufacturer of the Premier Bar and the Eight Bar. Located in Encinitas, California.

  44. Pro2 Sport and Nutrition Systems
    Offers cutting edge on-line nutritional supplements

  45. Prolab Nutrition
    Manufactures vitamins, supplements, and sports nutrition products.

  46. Pure Performance Nutrition
    Manufacturer of sports and nutrition supplements

  47. Pyramid Nutrition
    Small Sport Nutrition Brand...

  48. Rebel Nutrition
    Vic Richard's supplement brand line

  49. Science Foods
    Manufactures performance drinks, and protein bars, with it's motto 'the Science of Bodybuilding'. Top products include White Lightning, Ion-X, and Razor Ripped.

  50. Scitec Nutrition
    Sports nutrition manufacturer of products, including MyoMax.

  51. Shining Health
    Supplier of vitamins, minerals, and other items.

  52. Six Star Muscle
    This cutting-edge, line of supplements is scientifically engineered to accelerate muscle growth, increase strength, burn fat, and enhance muscle performance beyond what was ever thought possible.

  53. SportPharma Products
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition products, including Promax, Actisyn, Nutriforce,,,

  54. Substrate Solutions
    A sports supplement company introduced in 1998. Manufacturer of prohormones, including Nor Stack, Diol Stack, and more. Located in Irvine, California, and is a division of Met-Rx. The line is brought to you by Patrick Arnold, and A. Scott Connelly.

  55. Symmetry Nutrition
    We've had the pleasure of serving you since 1995. For the best quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, herbal remedies, and weight loss products, try Symmetry Nutrition. Our goal is to help you find the right supplements, and provide you useful information about nutrition to help your family achieve optimum health.

  56. Syntrax
    Sports nutrition company. Products include Syntrabol, Pentabolin and Zenibolan. #888-321-BFIT. .

  57. TKE (The Kutting Edge)
    Sports Nutrition company, motto is 'Advanced Nutrition". Products include whey protein, creatine power, and others, in affordable pricing. # 888-588-8464.

  58. Twinlab
    Manufacturer of sports nutrition products, vitamins, etc.

  59. Ultimate Nutrition
    Manufacturer of supplements and vitamins

  60. Ultra Lab Nutrition
    Sport Nutrition company featuring 'The Beast' anabolic activator. Located in Baca Raton, Florida. #800-800-0267.

  61. UltraNutrition
    Source for DHEA and other supplements

  62. Universal Nutrition
    Sports nutrition manufacturer, which includes products like Animal Stak. The hard line in sports nutrition. # 800-872-0101 or 732-545-3130.

  63. Victory Products Online
    Victory supplement products by Weider Nutrition.

  64. Worldwide Sport Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition Manufacturer, including Pure Protein Bars.