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Magazine Web Sites

  1. Anabolic Insider
    A hard-core, underground periodical publication created using tons of research findings from hundreds of bodybuilders, physicians, industry experts, and pro-athletes

  2. B&K Sports Magazine
    Swedish Online bodybuilding magazine.

  3. Bodywise
    Bi Monthly issue of the Performance Enhancing Report. Provides news, facts, and data to bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

  4. Dolfzine Online Fitness
    Online fitness magazine.

  5. Energy Magazine
    Canada's health and fitness magazine.

  6. Flex Magazine
    Online bodybuilding magazine, based on the newsstand version.

  7. Gen Mag Net
    Interesting online magazine.

  8. Great Lakes Fitness Guide
    The Great Lakes Fitness Guide is dedicated to bringing our readers with the most current information by the top pros of the Health & Fitness industry

  9. Ironman Magazine
    Real bodybuilding magazine, based on the newstand version.

  10. IronSport Magazine
    Brazil's #1 Bodybuilding Magazine

  11. Master Trainer
    Info on how to subscribe to the bi-monthly newsletter

  12. Men's Fitness
    Online magazine devoted to fitness by Weider

  13. Men's Health
    Online magazine based on the newsstand version.

  14. Muscle & Fitness
    The most popular bodybuilding and fitness magazine available has an excellent online web site.

  15. Muscle Media
    The Art & Science Of Bodybuilding, based on the newstand version of the popular bodybuilding magazine.

  16. MuscleMag International
    Sports & Fitness Magazine.

  17. MuscleZine
    Info on how to subscribe to the bi-monthly magazine

  18. Muscular Development
    Sports & Fitness Magazine.

  19. National Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine
    Online magazine devoted to issue in bodybuilding, strength, physique, health & fitness.

  20. Natural Muscle Magazine
    Natural Muscle is a monthly magazine dedicated to drug free bodybuilding and fitness, covering natural bodybuilding, weightlifting, weight training, supplements, fitness, and health related issues.

  21. NPC News magazine
    Your source for all of the NPC News, including upcoming contests, NPC interviews, and other pertinent NPC information.

  22. Peak Performance Newsletter
    Peak Performance is a 'no nonsense' newsletter devoted to improving stamina, strength and fitness.

  23. Physical Magazine
    Designed to appeal to a wide variety of health concious men and women.

  24. Physique Competitor Magazine
    North American drug-free bodybuilding, fitness & figure competition information.

  25. Planet Muscle Magazine
    Jeff Everson's magazine comes to the Internet.

  26. PowerMag Magazine
    We Cover the World's Strongest Sports!

  27. Southern Muscle Plus
    Powerlifting, bodybuilding, fitness news around Florida.

  28. Testosterone Magazine
    Muscle magazine with attitude.