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Bodybuilding Web Sites

    1. ABB - Getbig
      The best bodybuilding site on the Internet! Gets five stars! This site has complete contest results, complete upcoming contests, and information on different federations. Also, lots of pictures of bodybuilders and articles on how to get big!

    2. American Natural Bodybuilding Conf
      A new bodybuilding natural organization

    3. Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic
      Info on the famous show in Columbus, Ohio in March, on how to get tickets, sponsors, info on Arnold, etc.

    4. Art of Bodybuilding & Fitness
      A bodybuilding site from Sweden with interesting information.

    5. Australian Muscles
      Australia's #1 Bodybuilding Site

    6. Big Bodies is dedicated to the most impressive male bodybuilders on the internet.

    7. Big Sport Web Site
      Art of Muscle Building, including articles, supplements, lifestyle, and training.

    8. Big Time Muscle
      Big Time Muscle Productions is the only choice in Personal Training and Bodybuilding Contest Preperation. With a combined experience of over two decades, you are sure to reach your health and fitness goals!

    9. Body Build
      Your Ultimate Bodybuilding Resource

      Updated bodybuilding and fitness news, and lots of information.

    11. Bodybuilding Live
      Canadian Bodybuilding and athletes.

    12. Brink Zone
      Home of Bodybuilding Expert, Author and Musclemag columnist Will Brink.

    13. Building Your Body
      Bodybuilding site from the Netherlands

    14. Critical Bench
      Increase your bench press fifty pounds in ten weeks. View bench records, and calculate your one rep max

    15. Culturism Romanian
      Romanian Bodybuilding Web Site

    16. CyberIron Hardcore Bodybuilding
      Info about the Pacific Northwest bodybuilders, newsletters on the proposed ephedrine ban. Also, interesting places to find articles on bodybuilding, fitness & nutrition, drug & hormone related info.

    17. Cyberpump!
      Home if the HIT (High Intensity Training) Squad. Info on various aspects of the weight game.

    18. Damn Good Body!
      The best in fitness and nutrition- no matter their experience or goal.

    19. Doctor Muscle
      An Italian site about bodybuilding and fitness.

    20. East Coast Muscle
      East Coast Muscle is an Internet magazine focusing on competitive bodybuilding, its competitions, its bodybuilders, and bodybuilding gyms.

    21. El Rincon del Cyberculturisa
      Spanish language bodybuilding site...

    22. Elite Fitness
      Including books, info and much more from bodybuilding to chemical.

      The best bodybuilding site on the Internet! Gets five stars! This site has complete contest results, complete upcoming contests, and information on different federations. Also, lots of pictures of bodybuilders and articles on how to get big!

    24. Gym Rat's Bodybuilding Page
      Lots of links & stuff

    25. Hardbody Romania
      From Romania, info on bodybuilding and other items. In Romanian.

    26. Hardcore Bodybuilding
      Premiere website for Hardcore Bodybuilders.

    27. Heavy Duty
      Mike Mentzer's philosophy on bodybuilding and training.

    28. IncrediBody
      The most potent bodybuilding course ever written.

    29. Iron Age
      Website that commemorates bodybuilding's past (The 60's, 70's & 80's.)

    30. Iron Magazine
      Info on bodybuilding and fitness, including articles.

    31. Iron Mountain Creative Systems
      Bodybuilding and Physique Photo Gallery by Mike Cleven, Photographer

    32. Junior Muscle International
      This Site is for Teenagers and Juniors in Bodybuilding,

    33. Madd Maxx 66
      Bodybuilding info, including Body Maxx

    34. Male Bodybuilder Page
      Contains excellent bodybuilding pictures of competitors on the internet, including almost all of the major competitors. Also contains TV listing for ESPN, profiles on male bodybuilders, and fan mail addresses.

    35. Matt's Bodybuilding & Fitness Resources
      A bodybuilding & fitness directory, including a directory of articles from various pages.

    36. Maverick Muscle
      Renegade Bodybuilding and the true home of High Intensity Training (HIT).

    37. Mesomorphosis
      Bodybuilding & Fitness information

    38. Muscle 101
      No advertisements, no distractions, just pure information! Everything you need to know to achieve all your goals.

    39. MuscleBomb
      Bodybuilding Portal

    40. Muscle Report
      Reports on various bodybuilding NPC and IFBB shows.

    41. Muscle World
      Resource for bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition information. Updated online training tips and monthly newsletter!

    42. Muscle Zone
      Web site dealing with Nutrition, and other topics.

    43. Musclehedz
      Those wonderful bodybuilding cartoons in the back of Flex Magazine has its own site.

    44. Musclenet: Virtual Gym
      A place for bodybuilders to congregate, plus lots a links to many sites.

    45. Muscleweb
      Photos and videos of the internet's best bodybuilding and fitness models.

    46. North American Bodybuilding Federation
      Natural Bodybuilding Federation

    47. No Needle Bodybuilding
      A site promoting natural bodybuilding.

    48. Oklahoma and Texas Bodybuilding
      This site focuses on bodybuilding in Oklahoma and Texas, including photographs of bodybuilding competitors, featuring results and pictures from regional bodybuilding competitions.

    49. Posedown Magazine
      Germany's bodybuilding web site. There is news and special-reports about competitions and the bodybuilding scene in German, with pictures, reports, and more...

    50. Power and Intensity
      Our Mission at Power and Intensity is to deliver the most advanced training programs on the market. We will strive to build a bridge between research in the lab and the lifter in the gym.

    51. Power Den Gym
      Info on the Ohio USAPL Powerlifting, bodybuilding and strength training.

    52. Power Factory
      An objective, informative and extensive training resource for intelligent athletes.

    53. Pumping Station
      Training info, including people with back problems.

    54. Physique-Show
      Search Engine for Bodybuilding, Fitness and Wrestling

    55. Renegade Bodybuilding
      We hope to help educate on the realities involved in bodybuilding.

    56. Sandow: Historic Photographs of Early Bodybuilders
      This web site is dedicated to turn-of-the-century muscle champions and the legacy they have left us in their photographs, all taken from 1880 through 1930

    57. Skip La Cour's Mass Machine
      Inspiration and information for drug free weight training.

    58. South Florida Muscle
      South Florida Muscle is a web site that covers the fitness and bodybuilding scene in the South Florida area.

    59. Super Dave's Teen Bodybuilding
      This site is dedicated to all young teen bodybuilders, male or female.

    60. Teen Sport Achievements
      Features the Omsk Federation of Body Building. Most part of young competitors are from this Federation. You can see the best sportsmen from Omsk Federation of Body Building at this site.

    61. Total Fitness Bodybuilding
      Information on fitness and bodybuilding...

    62. True Muscle
      Hardcore Bodybuilding & Fitness

    63. Truly Huge Page
      Devoted to drug free trainees, and is intended to help them reach their ultimate size and strength potential.

    64. UK Muscle
      British Bodybuilding Information

    65. Ultimate Physical Challenge
      The Ultimate Physical Challenge isaimed at bodybuilders -- male and female, from young teens through early 20s -- who are just starting out, or who have been training for a few years, and who want to share what they've learned or pick up new tips.

    66. Wannabebig Bodybuilding
      Training, nutrition and supplement articles, routines, Q & A columns, round table discussion and a bodybuilding newsletter all updated on a monthly basis.

    67. Wistows World
      Bodybuilding Information. Bodybuilding is a sport that can improve all round health and fitness levels and can help you if your goals are to get physically fit.

    68. Yohnnex Sports, Inc.
      This site was designed to provide you with the fitness information you will need to make a difference. The president and founder, Yohnnie Shambourger is the top natural (drug-free) professional bodybuilder in the world.

    69. Zonamuscular:
      A site in Spanish, which has galleries, articles, nutrition, training, links, etc.