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Flex Ability: A Story of Strength and Survival

  • So Flex, there are so many rumors about you, so are you dead?

      Yes I am! (laughing)

  • You have a new book coming out May 1st! Tell me about it?

      The book is pretty much a story of my life. It begins around when I was 12, and it ends at the 2002 Olympia. This book contains all of the informtion regarding all of the secrets that I have held, and things that I have been through. Everybody has been wondering on your site about many different rumors and stories, so this will be the first time that all this information will be released. People want to know a lot things about what is going on, and in the seminar, I will talk about these, but the book will go into much more detail on everything that has happened from show to show, and regarding my illness and more.

      I also will reveal in a lot more detail about what happened to me in Europe, and what is true and what is not true. It pretty much is an open end book about whatever happened to me. I am completely honest about everything, including my suicide atttempt.

  • Wow, so when will the book be available?

  • How do you feel about the book?

      I feel great about it. They are talking about also releasing the book on the Oprah Show (hopefully), and also having the book turned into a movie. Also, if people pre-order the book, then it helps it making the book as a number one seller when it comes out.

  • You also have a seminar coming out on May 3rd. What are you going to be talking about?

      Everything. I am going to be complete honest. A lot of the things that are in the book, I am going to be discussing it. It is basically going to be a question and answer seminar where I am not going to format it, and talk only about certain things. I am going to immediately open the door up and let people ask me whatever they want, and I will be as honest as I can with them. The seminar will be on Saturday, May 3rd, at 4pm, at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse, in Hermosa Beach, California. It is at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Pier.

  • How are you doing?

      I am doing fine. My wife is doing fine, and so are my kids. We are all doing great under the circumstances.

  • Does the book talk about the IFBB or other competitors?

      No, I don't even go there. I am telling about my business and what I have done. I am not airing anybody else's dirty laundry, out of respect for the other athletes. I am releasing some things that has happened to me in the IFBB, but I not shining the IFBB or the Weider organization in any way. But I am mentioning some things that happened, like in 1994, with what really happened to my contract with Wieder, and what really happened to my lifestyle because of what happened with Wieder. I am not talking about them, but what happened to me.

  • Are there pictures in the book?

      There are exclusive photos of me and my family, and so on.

  • How far do you go in this book about telling all?

      What do you mean? When I say I tell all, I mean tell all. They have been approaching me to do this book for close to 3 years now, and I would not do it, because I was not prepared to tell all of my business. I was not prepared to talk about my affairs, my drug use, my suicide attempt, my lavish living, and so on from country to country. This book goes into extreme detail about it all, including about my illness, and what is going on.

  • Thanks for the info!

      Thank you.

    About the book:

    One look at him and it seems like a sculptor created this sort of perfection. Champion bodybuilder Flex Wheeler has biceps of molded steel and a back that is so cut and sculpted that it looks like a mountain range. Fellow athlete and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger has called him "one of the best bodybuilders of all time" and also insists that "Flex Wheeler is a fantastic champion. He has won the Arnold Classic many times and I've found him to be an extraordinary athlete. He is a winner."

    "It's not just about building your body," Flex says. "It's about building the love in your heart for God and your family."

    Flex Ability is a story of overcoming odds so awesome that most people would have just given up and called it a day. Flex Wheeler is a champion when it comes to bodybuilding. . . . Kenny Wheeler has proven that heís a champion when it comes to life. In this, his first book, Kenny takes you around the globe and into the winnerís circle as he describes his two-decade journey through the tough sport of bodybuilding. He also brings you backstage at competitions, where personalities of 300-pound men clash, and into the private gyms of Los Angeles, where the puddles of sweat tell the story of what it takes to push your body to the max.

    While telling the extremely personal story of his private struggles, Kenny shares how the abuse he suffered as a boy taught him how life isnít fair, but sometimes you just have to cope and rise above the ultimate challenges by finding your own inner strength. He shares never-before-told secrets about his current struggles, and how with the right mind-set, anyone can face trouble head-on and come out on the other side as a winner.

    About the Author:

    Ken "Flex" Wheeler is one of the top bodybuilding champions in the history of the sport, and a man who has spent over two decades developing his body into a work of art. Born a premature baby to a single mother in Fresno, California, he faced many early struggles, including extreme poverty and dyslexia, plus the horrors of physical and sexual abuse. While his mind coped with some of life's tragic turns, he found an outlet for expression at his local recreation center, where he was allowed to train for free as a child and teenager. Almost from the start, Flex shot to the top of the bodybuilding world and began winning local competitions, which led to a first-place trophy at the 1989 California Championships. He's in the Guinness Book of World Records for his multiple wins of the Arnold Classic, sponsored by bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has dubbed Flex "one of the greatest bodybuilders I've ever seen." Flex is also a personal trainer to some of Hollywood's elite, and he maintains his own rigorous training regimen of eight hours-plus a day in the gym for a good reason. Although Flex retired from bodybuilding in 2000, he recently shook the industry to its core by announcing his return to the sport.