Dexter Jackson
January 15, 2003

Dexter Jackson is one of the top premier bodybuilders in the IFBB, placing 4th at the 2002 Mr. Olympia. Dexter has a very unique way of dieting and training, and had just got married, while starting to diet for the 2003 Arnold Classic. Here are a few questions with Dexter.

Dexter Jackson, interviewed by Ron Avidan.

  • So I hear that you got married? Congratulations!

      Yes, last week, on January 4th, to my longtime girl, Carol Bartletto. I have been with her for ten years, and I proposed to her a couple of years ago. It was a very special exclusive private wedding, just the two of us, at Sandals Resort in Jamaica. We actually got married on a pretty secluded area there, and we took some nice beach shots. We spent a week here in Jamaica, enjoyed ourselves, honeymoon and everything.

  • So which IFBB pro contests are you doing currently?

      I am going to do the Arnold Classic, the San Francisco Pro, and then go to Italy for the Maximum Pro.

  • So, how is your conditioning now?

      Well, I just started dieting this week, on January 12th. Seven weeks out is all I need for a show.

  • What do you mean only seven weeks?

      That's all I need to get ready for a show. You will see, I will be ready. I normally only diet 10 weeks out. When I do this, I find out that when I am three weeks out from a show, I am ready for it. I know my body. When I competed at the Ironman Pro and placed 3rd, I dieted only for six weeks. But I usually diet for 10 weeks just to make sure that everything will look good and be ready on time. I am not like other bodybuilders who shoot off their mouths and come into the contest looking like shit. You are never going to see me off. I am always going to be on.

  • How do you get ready that fast?

      It's just me. It is my metabolism. It is my genetics. You see, I do not get out of shape. I am different from any other bodybuilder you know. I don't do no cardio, no abs, nothing like that. I train three days a week, an hour and fifteen minutes per day.

  • Only three days a week. Tell me about your training?

      Yes, only three days a week, I have been doing that since I turned pro 4 years ago. I train Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday, I do chest and back. Thursday I do legs. Friday I got shoulders and arms. I don't need to do cardio. I always train with heavy weights, all the way through, all the way up to the show.

      Let me show you how backwards I am. When I get lean, I get stronger, I don't lose. You know how when most guys lose weight, their strength goes down. My strength goes up. Like now, I can probably bench 4 or 5 hundred like probably twice. When I am two weeks out from the show, I can do it 12 to 15 times. And that is when I am dieting and way done. It is weird.

  • Wow! What kind of diet are you on right now?

      I eat a lot of steak. Actually, nothing but steak. I can't eat chicken because I drop weight too quick. I like whatever steak I can get my hands on. Mainly filet. I don't eat fish either. I eat steak the whole time, all the way up. Regarding carbs, I eat rice, sweet potatoes mainly. I keep the carbs relatively moderate, never going over 200 grams a day period when I am on a diet. As I get closer to the show, I start fluctuating them as I see fit.

  • What did you eat at Sandals?

      I pigged out at Sandals. I ate everything. When I am off season, I eat everything. Cake, cookies, you name it, everything, but I never go over 10 pounds my bodyweight.

  • How do you think you will do at the 2003 Arnold Classic?

      I intend to be in the top three. It all depends on Kevin Levrone and Chris Cormier. If they do not show up for some reason, I will most likely be 2nd. I hear that they still have not signed a contract yet for the show. Sometimes, Kevin and Chris wait until the last minute to see if they are going to be in shape, and then jump into the show. Remember, Kevin was fined last year for going past the deadline.

  • How to you feel about the judging?

      I have no problems with the judging. I feel I paid my dues. I did not get here by kissing ass. I got here by constantly coming into the show at tip top shape. I respect the judges, and hopefully, they respect me. When I was placing way down, you never heard me bitching and griping about nothing. Never.

  • Tell us about you, you middle name, where you live, where you were born?

      My name is Dexter Tyrone Jackson, and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I was born in Jacksonville on November 25, 1969.

  • How is your sponsor, Muscletech?

      Muscletech takes care of me, but I have placed quite high at the last Olympia, and hopefully, Muscletech will see that. They treat me good, and I always work with them when they need me for appearances. Respect is the key word here.

  • Thanks to Dexter Jackson himself for the use of these photos, taken in Jamaica.