George Farah
August 2, 2006

Just a few questions after the New York Pro and before the Europa Super Show where King Kamali and George Farah got into it on stage with a push and a shove. King Kamali won that show in terms of placings againt George, but with the Europa show coming up, a rematch between these two is coming. Who will beat the other?

George Farah, a few questions by Ron Avidan.

  • What did you think of the NY Pro show?

      It was a really nice show, and many people know that I wasn't really preparing for that show. My plan was to peak and do some damage at the Toronto Pro show. But I hurt my back at the end of winter. I slipped, that took me 4 weeks out of the gym, because I promised Shawn Ray that I was going to do his show, but I ended up that I couldn't do it. To top it off, I was training very heavy doing legs and stuff, because the judges always tell me that I gotta bring my hamstrings up. So I am going like crazy, doing some crazy weights, and I popped something in my hamstrings, and it turned out to be black and blue in a couple of hours, so I had to go and get an MRI, because that got me worried. It was only a tear in the fiber, so it wasn't a tendon or something like that. But that kind of put me out of the gym, but I figured it was ok, because it was 5 weeks away from the Toronto Pro Show. Next thing I know, they cancelled the Toronto Pro show.

      So now, I have a hamstring injury, I couldn't really do any legs, I have a tear in my hamstrings, and all that stuff came together, and I was like, oh my god, I only have a few weeks to get ready for the NY Pro. I figured I had been dieting, and I didn't want to waste all the time of dieting and not do a show. So I said, you know what, Let me jump on the wagon. I know I can do it. I am always in shape. Like you saw me off season. I don't get fat like some other people.

      So I decided to do the NY Pro, up my cardio, did what I gotta do, and between me and you, I thought that I had very good conditioning, and I was surprised I wasn't in the top 5. For the first time, I felt, like I got a little bit overlooked, but I could have been higher. This is coming from a few judges, who said to me that we did have you in 5th place, but we can't really explain to you what happened.

      After prejudging, I asked Jim Manion, as I value his opinion, and he said to me, George, you were there, you were in shape, but you were not your usual self. You weren't sharp like you were at the North Carolina show. You know what, no big deal. But then I was talking to 2 or 3 other judges who said I was in 5th place after the prejudging, so I felt better, I was on the run, I am on the money. Then the night show comes, and King Kamali and Bill Wilmore placed ahead of me. I don't mind Wilmore placing ahead of me because the guy is such a gentleman. I can't help it but love the guy and be happy for him.

      But somebody like King Kamali to place ahead of me, and on top of it, claiming that I said some disrespectful things. And that I shoved him first. What, is he fricken crazy, this guy. I mean, I don't know what happened between me and King, until today, I have no idea why the guy doesn't like me. I hear nothing except negative stuff from him. Every time somebody comes and tells me, and I am talking for the past 4 or 5 years, ever since I turned pro. In the beginning, I was like that I am the tough guy, and he was always talking nice about me. All of a sudden I am no good, and he is making fun of me all of the time.

  • But King Kamali beat you at the New York Pro! Shouldn't he have?

      What do you think? This is what hurt me. King should have not have beaten me at the NY Show. I am sorry. King should have been 9th at the best, and he is talking about that he was shredded. Shredded where? Pictures do not lie? Look at some of the pictures that were taken. I was beating him in every pose. Just like he was saying he beat Horvath in every pose? He was fighting for a top ten, and I was fighting for a top five, and somehow, miraculously, he ended up ahead of me at the night show. I don't get it. Like I said, I have been nothing but a great ambassador to the sport, and nobody has heard me say anything bad to anyone. I love my fans. I am an educated man.

      I am a nutritional consultant. I work 24 hours, bettering myself, and I want people to know that every seminar I do, every guest posing I do, I always bring bodybuilding and the IFBB and put them in the highest regard possible. I want people to know that we are good people, that we are not ignorant like the stereotypes say. Some of us do have families, and we work like everyone else.

  • So is King Kamali uneducated?

      I don't know what King is. I just think that King has a problem. And I don't have a problem with the guy. Like I said, I never wanted to go down to anyone's level. I don't think I am an average bodybuilider. I didn't study all of my life so I can around and act like "I'm the shit" when I am not. I never in my life said that I am going into the show, and show you this and that. I am not like this. I respect everybody, and I would do anything to better our sport. And then you got King pushing and showing and doing stuff. As a matter of fact, I asked him "Dude, you hurt me out there". That is the only time I really talked to him backstage, and there were numerous bodybuilders back there that will tell you. "What was that all about?" Oh, you know, it's no big deal. It's just when I am pumped and stuff. And I said "Pumped what?" And then I walked away. I don't even know why I bothered with that?

  • Where you surprised when King did that?

      Yes, I was very surprised. I am like "What the fuck is wrong with this guy. Why is he acting like this?" Because he is basically losing, and didn't live up to his expectations and promising people that he is coming back with a vengeance. Well guess what. Coming back with a vengeance and discovering reality - he got beat.

  • Are you competing in the Europa Super Show? Are you going to beat Kamali?

      Yes, I am competing there to show people that I do belong on the Olympia stage. As for beating Kamali, I am not the one who talks. I just walk the walk. When that day comes, I don't think Kamali is going to be called up next to me because I am going to be way ahead of him. If he thinks that he is going to come conditioned, wait until he sees me, because I am going bring new meaning to the word conditioned when the show comes. Now I have the time, I am not going to get injured, and I am going to train smarter. I have plenty of time. I am in shape, and I am planning on coming around the 210 mark, a few pounds heavier than in New York, and 20% sharper than at the New York Pro?

  • I hear Dorian Yates said some interesting remarks about King to you?

      How did you hear about that? Dorian Yates was really mad, and he complimented me for being a gentleman on stage, and everybody saw what happened, so I don't want to repeat myself. King actually took an extra effort and step to push me. I wasn't near him. I don't know what was the deal on that.