Melvin Anthony
January 17, 2003

Melvin Anthony is a man with a mission. To prove to all that this year, 2003, will be his best year ever in the sport of bodybuilding, as well as making himself better spiritually, and a family person. Here are some quick questions with Mevlin, who is training, dieting and getting ready for the shows, four weeks before the Ironman Pro. Also included are a few pictures of Melvin 4 weeks out.

Melvin Anthony, interviewed by Ron Avidan.

  • Which IFBB pro shows are you competing in?

      I am going to compete in the Ironman, the Arnold, and San Francisco, and possibly the Italian Maximus Show.

  • When did you start getting ready for the shows?

      I actually started 14 weeks out this time, November 16th, right after my birthday, which was November 13th. When I started my diet, I weighed 266 pounds.

  • How will you do at the Ironman?

      I think I will do very well at the Ironman. My mindset is to win. I am going to look the best. Everyone knows I have the physique to do it, including wider lat spread, and the combination of many things. Sometimes that works against me, but I am trying to perfect it. You can take things away from the physique, from the symmetry. Any bodybuilder can be beat on any given day. And that day is coming!

  • What is your training schedule like?

      I train six days a week, twice day. I train my whole body twice a week, and take Sunday's off. I work out at Gold's Gym North Hollywood in the mornings, and Powerhouse Gym of Chatsworth in the evenings. On Monday & Thursday, I work on Chest (morning), and Biceps and Triceps (evenings). On Tuesdays & Fridays, I work on Quads (morning), Hamstrings and Calves (evenings). On Wednesday and Saturdays, I work on my Back (mornings), and Shoulders (evenints).

      I am implanting more the abs and doing step ups and lunges. I am working different, smaller parts of my body and muscles. I am doing more sit ups than ever before. I never did them too much in the past. This time, I am working on the muscles that I have been genetically gifted with, and making them better. I am working with Hany Rambod.

      Symmetry will matter to me this time. I will have great symmetry, shoulder to waist ratio, Hopefully, it will be better than most bodybuilders on the contest stage will have. My waist currently is 26 inches around. I have 31 inch quads. I am not afraid to attempt 700 pounds squats. I like to train heavy.. This game is changing into a conditioning game, moving back towards having a physique. I feel the judges are pulling these guys out first. You can only make money if you are competitive in this sport. . I am looking forward to battling it out on stage!

  • What is your diet like?

      My regimen is different this time. I am taking more proteins, eating eight times a day instead of six times. I don't want to go into details, but it is defiantly working for me.

      This is the first time that I did not go into the diet concentrating on low carbs. I am eating more carbs than before, and for me, it is working right now. I keep my protein intake high. I eat chicken, steak and fish (sol, halibet, flounder).

  • I hear you moved to West Hills, California.

      Yes, Ivette and I just got a 4 bedroom house with a pool. It is much quieter there. Sometimes, it is better to be away from it than to be in it. We moved there in December 2002. It gives me the peace I need. The hardest thing for me is to train your spirit. God is god. The bible is a good book to read and learn, and it is working for me. Some people just want to work out the weights, but not their personality. The bible has built my character a little differently now. Many bodybuilders are reading the bible, it gives them peace in their life. Nobody's perfect in our life.

  • How do you feel Christianity has changed your life?

      Once you find out what Christianity is really about, you feel good. God manifested himself through Jesus Christ. God still walked in a straight path. You can still be a good person, healing in people's lives while people were sinning. It worked on helping me on my temper, my relationships, learning to forgive the people that had done things to me. They know who they are, but I forgive them all. If you hate, then you can't come through the kingdom of god. I don't walk in hate now, I walk in love. You don't have to hurt, and be sad. There is peace and healing everywhere. Having that way out. Everyone has free will to accept it.

  • So the past comes to haunt you?

      Sometimes, but I peacefully try to cut it off. The past will always be there, but at the same time, you have to live with it. There are a lot of things that I went through, but only a certain few people who were sympathetic to situations. Tom Prince and Quincy Taylor were two people who were just being a friend, trying to help. They helped me get back to what I am doing now.

  • You had a temper in the past?

      That is something I am not proud of. In my neighborhood where I grew up, respect was a big thing. You could not let something be said about you, and let it pass. But that was the wrong attitude to have. I grew up that way, and I had to learn not to be that way. It was totally wrong. If somebody says something to me now, I turn the check and walk away. It goes in one ear and out the other. But if somebody wants to get physical with me, I will defend myself.

  • What else to you wish to accomplish this year?

      I want to finish my real estate license. Been taking acting classes, I want to go in and win some of these major shows. I am so focused right now that I am at peace while I am dieting. I never had a chance to train for a pro show without some mayhem going on in my life. The money's taking care of itself. Everything works for a purpose.

  • I see you have some tattoos. What are they?

      I have four tattoos. A tiger, a scorpion, my name, and my initials on my ankle. I wish I never got them, but that was in the past.

  • Tell me about Ivette, your wife?

      My wife is the best thing that happened to me. She is the master cook in the house. Without her, the meals would not be ready. With myself dieting so hard, sometimes the brain is elsewhere. Ivette is the type of person who accepts me for who I am. She is very humble, she is not a taker, she is a giver. That is the way I am now. We are like kindred spirits now. Sometimes opposites attract. Every marriage can have problems, but it is up to the person in it to fix the problems, to talk about it. Let the innocent forgive first. Don't let little things become big things. I don't have bad days, I have bad moments.

      I am happy now that I have people now supporting me. Ivette, Hany, Charles Glass, my family, my friends, Jesse & Judith, and Revered A.J & Jennifer, Strong and Chubbo, and my fans.

  • What do you think of the judges and judging?

      To me, you never know what judges want. I take everything with a grain of salt, and try to improve my total physique at every contest. You will hear different complaints from every judges, so I take them all, and try to please everybody.

  • You have quite a number of fans. Anything you wish to say to them?

      Don't be afraid to come up to me and say hello. I won't turn anybody away, so don't be scared. I am amazed that kids love to come up and say hello. They say I have a good spirit. I don't have a problem with talking to anyone.

      However, when I am working out, it is a different story because that is work for me. That is my training time. It is out of order to come up to me during a heavy training session as I concentrate, I am in the mode. If you are working, it is not fair for someone to not let you work. But after the training session, I have no problems for someone to come up to me and say hello.