National Physique Committee (NPC)
District & Zone Chairpersons

The local chairpersons have all the up-to-date listings of NPC bodybuilding and fitness contests in the area. They also have all the forms, and information needed to compete or attend the contest. Please call the National Office if you have any questions in which the local chairpersons could not help you with.

National Office
P.O. Box 3711
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
Tel: (412) 276-5027
Fax: (412) 281-0470

District Chairpersons
Alabama(334) 756-3447Don Bennett
Alaska(907) 694-8905Tony Weaver
Arizona(602) 230-7547Pat Haney
California (Northern)(510) 689-6170Steve O'Brien
California (Southern)(310) 859-2809Jon Lindsay
Colorado(303) 282-9999Jeff Taylor
Connecticut(203) 281-7213Gerald Mastrangelo
Delaware(412) 481-9129Gary Udit
Florida (North)(407) 757-9779Pete Fancher
Florida (South)(954) 763-2718Peter Potter
Florida (West)(904) 769-5641Patrick Sporer
Georgia(770) 452-1133Ty Felder
Hawaii(808) 949-5395Bill Nelson
Idaho(208) 743-2764Greg Wright
Illinois(708) 425-7321Chuck Sanow
Indiana(812) 294-4979Ed Sanders
Iowa(309) 793-0020Ernest Bea
Kansas(417) 889-9056Chad Nicholls
Kentucky(502) 935-8547Kent Brown
Maine(207) 324-8049Jayson Allain
Maryland(410) 590-5932Todd Swinney
Massachusetts(617) 929-4888David Berman
Michigan(248) 476-2888Will Dabish
Minnesota(651) 482-1863A.J. Del Bosque
Mississippi(601) 957-0540Don Hollis
Missouri(417) 889-9056Chad Nicholls
Montana(307) 778-8004Doug Brendie
Nebraska(303) 282-9999Jeff Taylor
Nevada(702) 367-2937Steve Karr
New Hampshire(617) 929-4888David Berman
New Jersey(973) 762-0828John Kemper
New Mexico(505) 264-0259Clark Sanchez
New York (Metropolitan)(516) 933-1111Steve Weinberger
New York(716) 458-7220Jim Rockell
North Carolina(910) 763-7224Bob Pentz
North Dakota(701) 729-6097Mark Grothe
Ohio (North)(330) 626-4741Dean Caputo
Ohio (South)(614) 859-6053Rick Bayardi
Oklahoma(405) 360-2373Randy Sandberg
Oregon(503) 392-3661Ron Smith
Pennsylvania(412) 481-9129Gary Udit
Rhode Island(401) 944-5558Louis Pisaturo
South Carolina(803) 776-2154Ken Taylor
South Dakota(701) 729-6097Mark Grothe
Tennessee(423) 245-1874Roger McConnell
Texas(281) 537-2947Michael A. Johnston
Utah(801) 569-3040Mike Manczuk
Vermont(802) 860-8487Kathy McDonald
Virginia(800) 447-4795Eric Hillman
Washington(425) 481-6582Brad Craig
West Virginia(614) 859-6053Rick Bayardi
Wisconsin(608) 271-4147Dennis Hegge
Wyoming(307) 778-8004Doug Brendie

Zone Chairpersons
WestCalifornia, Nevada, HawaiiJim Manion
P.O. Box 3711
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
(412) 276-5027
NorthwestOregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, AlaskaBrad Craig
P.O. Box 803
Kirkland, WA 98083
(425) 481-6582
MidwestUtah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, South Dakota, North DakotaClark Sanchez
P.O. Box 22097
Albuquerque, NM 87154
(505) 264-0259
SouthFlorida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carlina, Tennesseee, MississippiPeter W. Potter
1126 S. Federal Hwy #169
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 763-2718
MideastIowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, KentuckyWalt Oster
4817 Cova Drive
Louisville, KY 40216
(502) 449-7220
NortheastNew Jersey, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, MassachusettsJim Rockell
1630 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14615
(716) 458-7220
Mid-AtlanticPennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington D.C.Gary Udit
P.O. Box 23294
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 481-9129
SouthwestTexas, OklahomaMichael A. Johnston
185 Old Bridge Lake
Houston, Texas 77069
(281) 537-2947
SouthwestLouisiana, Arkansas?
SouthwestMissouri, NebraskaJim Manion
P.O. Box 3711
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
(412) 276-5027

National Registrars
Peter Potter(954) 763-2718Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Sandy Ranalli909-688-3886Riverside, California

Notes: In December 2004, Ted Williamson stepped down as district chairman for the Los Angeles district in the state of California. Jon Lindsay was appointed the chairman for the entire Southern California.