7 Steps Toward Establishing Yourself As A Bodybuilding And Fitness Professional
By Skip LaCour, January 2002

Do you have aspirations of becoming a bodybuilding and fitness professional someday? Although my journey has not been an easy one, I'm fortunate enough to earn a living doing what I love to do.

I want to save you some of the pain and frustration that I suffered through by offering my insights. I want to share with you what I've learned, help you succeed, and achieve your dreams:

  1. Develop, create, or invent a "turnkey-type" system or structured plan (i.e. training, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, or a combination of all of these factors) for targeted audience or niche market.

  2. Create a highly recognizable, gimmick-type name or title for your system would be an extremely helpful marketing tool now and in the future (i.e. Thinking Big, Mass Machine, MAX-OT, Heavy Duty, etc).

  3. Master your craft and develop your style as an inspirational WRITER. Get together a short, 10-chapter book going that explains your unique story and system-and do so as soon as possible in your journey in the business of fitness.

  4. Master your craft and style as an emotion-inducing SPEAKER. Get in front of as many people as you can and as often as possible.

  5. You must treat your passion for bodybuilding and fitness as a moneymaking endeavor from the very beginning of your journey. That's if, of course, you ever hope it will eventually become a moneymaking business. Sure, you love to help people-and so do I. And, yes, you will have to share your expertise for free as you establish yourself as an authority. But let me make this point perfectly clear: There will be a point-in-time when the thrill you get from helping others for just a "pat on the back" will no longer be a satisfying. That's what forces many health and fitness professionals to stop what they are doing. They move on to other things in their lives-long before they've mastered their skills and touched as many lives as they wanted.

  6. Remember that, while you are in a business with the specific purpose to earn money, you must really connect to your audience and have the sincere desire to help them improve the quality of their lives.

  7. Be persistent. Stay true to yourself, your dreams, and your plans and keep searching for ways to create the extraordinary life you wish to have in the bodybuilding and fitness world. The road you are about to embark on will be challenging at times. But isn't that true of anything great that's worth having in life?

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In addition to the articles he contributes to Getbig.com, Skip La Cour is a featured writer for Ironman Magazine. He is also a featured writer NutriMag, a publication produced by the NutriSport Nutrition Stores. This magazine is given out at all 80+ store locations. In addition, he is regular contributor to Natural Muscle, a monthly bodybuilding and fitness magazine.

Over the years his work has appeared in MuscleMag International, Muscular Development, Great Lakes Fitness Guide, AST Sports Science's High-Performance Muscle, Steele Jungle and in such international publications as Bodybuilding Monthly Japan, Ironman Japan, and Natural Press in England. La Cour's successes in the business of bodybuilding and fitness include earning multi-year, paid endorsement contracts with large supplement companies such as Met-Rx, Twinlab, and AST Sports Science, all of which he has earned while still only an amateur bodybuilder. Impressed by La Cour's efforts, Champion Nutrition and Musashi have also supported his efforts in the past by supplying him with free product. In addition to negotiating those business relationships, he created other opportunities with House of Pain (the workout clothing company), Jan Tana (the tanning supply company), and Jagware (the competition suit maker). La Cour has also starred in national television commercials and currently appears on Anthony Robbins' Personal Power II infomercial.