Almanac of
Women's Bodybuilding
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information on women's bodybuilding available.

  • Talus-Halonen, Paulina
    From Helsinki, Finland. Contests include the 2000 Jan Tana Pro HW 6th; 2001 Ms. International HW 12th;

  • Tech, Janet
    1984 NPC USA LW 1st; 1988 Ms. Olympia 8th; 1989 Ms. International 5th; 1989 Pro World 6th; 1989 Ms. Olympia 10th; 1990 Ms. Olympia 14th; 1991 Ms. International 9th; 1992 Ms. International 10th; 1992 Jan Tana Pro 14th

  • Telply, Ursula
    1994 Jan Tana Pro 17th;

  • Temple, Carla
    From British Columbia, Canada. Contests include the IFBB Canadian MW 1st; 1984 Pro World 5th; 1984 Ms. Olympia 5th; 1986 Pro World 15th;

  • Tennier, Michelle
    From Quebec, Canada. Contests include the 1982 IFBB Canadian LW 1st;

  • Thomas, Joanna
    From Salford, England. Height 5'2". Contests include the 1997 EFBB British LW 3rd; 1998 British LW 1st & Overall; 2001 Jan Tana Pro LW 1st; 2001 Ms. Olympia LW 10th;

  • Thomas, Michele
    1986 Pro World 11th; 1986 Ms. International 8th;

  • Thomas, Nichola (Niki)
    Contests include the 1997 British LW 1st & Overall;

  • Tigert, Suzanne
    1985 NPC USA LH 1st;

  • Tipton, Kimberly
    1998 NPC Nationals HW 10th;

  • Till, Jacque
    From Oregon, USA. Contests include the 1994 NPC Emerald Cup Overall;

  • Tomasino, Ruth
    From British Columbia, Canada. Height 5'3". Contests include the 1994 Iron Ore Classic LW 1st & Overall; 1994 British Columbia Provincial LW 1st; 1994 Western Canadian LW 1st; 1996 IFBB Canadian MW 3rd;

  • Tomkins, Wendy
    2000 NPC Emerald Cup HW 3rd;

  • Treska, Terry
    1998 NPC Nationals LW 11th;

  • Tristany, Heather
    Contests include the 1992 NPC California Overall;

  • Trulsson, Lena
    1982 Ms. Olympia 19th;

  • Tuggle, Michelle
    Height 5'5". Went to High School in Georgia. Graduated from Wayland Baptist Universitiy of a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Competed in the sport of High Jumping, where she registered a jump of 6' and 1/4". Lives on Oahu in Hawaii (2000).

    Contests include the 1997 All Armed Force MW 1st; 1999 NPC Paradise Cup HW 1st & Overall;

  • Turda, Zdenka
    From the Czech Republic. 1995 IFBB World Amateur HW 4th; 1997 Ms. Olympia 18th; 1998 Ms. Olympia 13th;