Almanac of
Women's Bodybuilding
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information on women's bodybuilding available.

  • Dahlen, Veronica
    1988 Ms. Olympia 17th;

  • Dalumpines, Leilani
    1993 NPC USA 2nd MW

  • Dan, Asu Lee
    1982 Pro World 24th;

  • Daniels, Lisa
    1986 NPC USA LW 1st

  • Darde, Dominique
    1986 Pro World 10th; 1986 Ms. Olympia 16th; 1987 Pro World 3rd; 1987 Ms. Olympia 13th; 1988 Pro World 6th; 1989 Pro World 21st;

  • David, Patricia
    From France. 1994 IFBB World Amateur 2nd MW; 1995 IFBB World Amateur 2nd MW

  • Davidson, Maureen
    From Pensacola, Florida. Height 5'3". She is a Marketing Coordinator. Contests include the 1997 NPC Junior USA LW 1st; 1998 NPC Nationals LW 5th;

  • Davies, Laura
    From Quebec, Canada. Contests include the 1981 IFBB Canadian MW 1st; 1982 Ms. Olympia 19th;

  • Davis, Ellan
    1981 Ms. Olympia 13th;

  • Dawkins, Chris
    1983 Pro World 12th; 1984 Pro World 18th;

  • Deach, Gerri
    Contests include the 1989 Southwest Washington Overall; 2000 NPC Emerald Cup HW 4th; 2001 NPC Emerald Cup HW 1st and Overall;

  • Debatin, Angela
    From Sao Paulo, Brazil. Height 5'3". Contests include the 1997 Brazilian MW 1st; 1998 IFBB World Amatuer MW 13th; 1999 IFBB World 9th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 15th; 2000 Ms. International LW 7th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro LW 4th; 2001 Ms. International LW 3rd; 2001 Ms. Olympia LW 9th; 2002 Ms. International LW 6th; 2002 Southwest Pro MW 1st; 2002 Ms. Olympia LW 5th; 2003 Ms. International LW 8th;

  • DeFalco, Stacy
    From New Jersey. Contests include the 2000 NPC Junior USA LW 8th;

  • De Gennaro, Jacqueline
    From Dison, Belgium. Height 5'. A former WABBA world champion. Contests include the 1997 Jan Tana 8th; 1998 Ms. International 10th; 1998 Ms. Olympia 15th;

  • Del Buono, Christiana
    1992 Jan Tana Pro 18th; 1993 Jan Tan Pro 19th;

  • Del Reviero, Arminda
    1992 Jan Tana Pro 17th; 1993 Jan Tan Pro 19th;

  • Dela Rosa, M.B.
    See Miriam Bustamante. In Mexico, Myriam's complete name is Myriam Bustamante de la Rosa.

  • Deman, Ricky
    1982 Pro World 19th;

  • Dennis, Diana
    From California, USA. Contests include the 1985 NPC National overall; 1985 Ms. Olympia 3rd; 1986 Pro World 2nd; 1986 Ms. Olympia 4th; 1987 Pro World 4th; 1987 Ms. Olympia 8th; 1989 Pro World 1st; 1989 Ms. Olympia 7th; 1990 Ms. Olympia 7th; 1991 Ms. Olympia 6th; 1992 Ms. Olympia 5th; 1993 Ms. Olympia 15th; 1994 Ms. Olympia 10th

  • Diana, Deborah
    1981 NPC USA Overall & MW 1st; 1981 Pro World 5th; 1982 Pro World 5th; 1982 Ms. Olympia 5th; 1983 Pro World 12th; 1983 Ms. Olympia 8th;

  • Dillard, Dre
    Raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. Heigh 5'5". Contests include the 1999 NPC Texas State Overall;

  • Dodane, Tara
    1989 Ms. International 13th;

  • Dosne. Paula
    From Quebec, Canada. Contests include the 1982 IFBB Canadian MW 1st;

  • Doss, Mary Ellen
    1993 NPC USA LW 3rd;

  • Dover, Catherine
    1997 NPC USA LW 5th;

  • Dowies, Cindy
    Contests include the 2001 NPC Emerald Cup MW 1st;

  • Douziech, Raejha
    From Alberta, Canada. Contests include the 2000 Canadian Pro MW 1st & Overall;

  • Drabing, Beate
    From Austria. Height 5'8". Beate competed for nine years in Track and Field as a Heptathlete. She also placed fourth on different occasions at the World Olympic Lifting Championships in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Contests include the 1993 World Powerlifting Championsihps 8th; 1994 IFBB Europeans HW 1st; 1994 IFBB World Amateur HW 3rd; 1995 IFBB World Amateur HW 1st; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 15th; 1998 Ms. Olympia 16th;

  • Dubios, Michelle
    From Haverhill, Massachusetts. Height 5'7". Husband is named Bob. Has two children Saige, and Harrison. Employed as a hairdresser. Contests include 1994 East Coast Natural 2nd; 1994 New England World Gym Classic 1st; 1995 New England Ironmaiden 1st; 1995 Team Universe MW 4th; 1996 Team Universe MW 3rd; 1997 Team Universe HW 2nd;

  • Duquette, Sophie
    From Quebec, Canada. Height 5'3". Sophie is an avid parachutust. Contests include the 1989 Sherbrooke 2nd; 1999 Canadian MW 1st & Overall; 2001 Jan Tana Pro MW 2nd; 2002 Southwest Pro MW 5th;

  • Duffy, Marianne
    1988 Ms. International 10th; 1989 Ms. International 16th;

  • Dunlap, Carla
    Born October 22, 1954. From New Jersey, USA. Carla has been a leading spokeswoman for bodybuilding over the years, and is the only women bodybuilder to have competed in the decades of the 70's. 80's and 90's. Carla helped embody the spirit of what women could accomplish in a sport previously thought of as an exclusively male domain. In January 1999, Carla was inducted into the Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

    Contests include the 1979 IFBB Best in the World 5th; 1980 Eastern Cups 1stl 1980 Ms. Atlnatic Shore 2nd; 1980 Bodybuilding Expo I 1st; 1980 American Championships 9th; 1981 Pro World 4th; 1981 World Games I 4th; 1981 United States Championships 2nd; 1981 American Championships 1st; 1982 Superbowl of Bodybuilding I 1st; 1982 Night of Champions 1st; 1982 United States Championships 2nd; 1982 AFWB American Championships HW 1st & Overall; 1982 Ms. Olympia 2nd; 1982 Swedish Grand Prix 1st; 1983 Pro World 1st; 1983 Ms. Olympia 1st; 1983 World Cup Caesars 1st; 1984 Pro World 2nd; 1984 Ms. Olympia 4th; 1985 Ms. Olympia 4th; 1986 Ms. Olympia 9th; 1987 Ms. Olympia 12th; 1988 Pro World 10th; 1988 Ms. Olympia 10th; 1993 Ms. International 13th;

  • Dytuco, Rita
    From British Columbia, Canada. 1996 IFBB Canadian MW 2nd; 1996 North American MW 1st;