Almanac of
Women's Bodybuilding
By Ron Avidan

The most complete information on women's bodybuilding available.

  • Baker, Roxanne
    1997 NPC Junior North Carolina State overall.

  • Ballard, Cassi
    1998 NPC Nationals MW 12th;

  • Barboso, Adela
    1998 NPC Nationals MW 15th;

  • Barrilleaux, Doris
    Born in 1930. Doris is known as the first lady of bodybuilding, for helping propel women's bodybuilding into the national spotlight. She started weight training in 1955. In 1978, Doris was one of the first contestant in a women's bodybuilding competition, held at the YMCA in Canton, Ohio. She was one of the founders, in 1978, of the Superior Physique Associations (SPA), for women bodybuilders. The SPA put out it's first contest, the Ms. Brandon Physique competition in Brandon, Florida, on April 29, 1979. At the first women's pro contest, the 1980 Ms. Olympia, Doris was called onstage to pose with the winner, in appreciation of how much work she had put into the sport's foundation.

    Doris also was an editor at Muscle & Fitness magazine and had a regular column titled 'Curves and Peaks'. She also was a bodybuilding photographer. In November 1980, she was elected chairwoman of the IFBB. Doris also helped organize the AFWB (American Federation of Women Bodybuilders). In 1982, she was nominated for a Healthy Fitness Leader award in Washington, D.C. She published SPA News from 1979 to 1983. Doris also was women's editor of Muscle Training Illustrated (MTI). From 1987 on, Doris has been photo editor of Florida Muscle News magazine.

    Contests include the 1979 Florida State best poser; 1979 Ms. Gold Coast over 35 1st; 1987 Ms. Senior Citizen 1st;

  • Barrios, Fanny
    Fanny was born on May 30, 1966, in Venezuela. Fannie moved to the United States in 2000. Fannie is married to Alex Ramirez, and has a daughter named Johadynis.

    Contests include the 1997 Venezuela Nationals 1st Place; 1998 Venezuela Nationals 1st; 1998 Absolute Center of the Americas in San Salvador Championships 1st; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 17th; 1999 Pro Extravaganza 11th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro MW 6th; 2001 Jan Tana Pro MW 1st; 2001 Ms. Olympia LW 3rd; 2002 Jan Tana Pro LW 1st; 2002 Ms. International LW 3rd; 2002 Ms. Olympia LW 3rd; 2003 Show of Strength LW 3rd; 2003 Ms. International LW 6th;

  • Basacker, Kathy
    1981 Ms. California 2nd;

  • Basilone, Valerie
    1988 Ms. International 17th;

  • Bass, Laura
    Born 6/26/68. 1994 Ms. International 9th; 1995 Ms. International 10th

  • Bass, Nicole
    From New York, USA. Height 6'2". Received her pro carn in the IFBB on her 12th attempt. Husband is named Bob. One of the largest female competitors ever officially weighed for a show at 204 pounds. Has joined the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) circuit, where she is billed as the 'sexiest women on earth'.

    Contests include the 1995 NPC Nationals HW 2nd; 1997 NPC National overall; 1997 Ms. Olympia 14th;

  • Bavington, Lisa
    Born July 20, 1973. Height 5’5. Currently lives in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (2002). Works as a Student Success Coordinator. Graduated from York University - Honors Kinesiology. Eyes Hazel; Hair Chestnut Brown. Interests include Athletics, music, writing. Heritage includes English, Irish, Scottish and French. Contests include the 1997 McKenzie Challenge 1st HW & Overall; 1998 Western Ontario’s 1st HW & Overall; 1998 Ontario Provincials 1st HW & Overall; 1999 North Americans 5th HW; 1999 Canadian Nationals 1st HW -(Earned Pro Card); 2001 Jan Tana Pro 7th Heavyweight

  • Bass-Fuchs, Nicole
    Nicole is 6'1" and weight around 225 pounds when in shape. Nicole is married to Bob Fuchs. Nicole is a regular on the Howard Stern Radio Show. Nicole first was signed with the World Wrestling Federation, but is now wrestling with the National Wresliting Alliance and the Championshio Wresliting Federation. She currently is in a lawsuit with the WWF. Nicole got her driver liscence at the age of 35. Contests include the 1986 Ms. International 16th;

  • Bauch, Christa
    1992 Jan Tana Pro 11th; 1993 Jan Tana Pro 7th; 1993 Ms. Olympia 18th; 1994 Ms. Olympia 12th; 1995 Jan Tana Pro 5th

  • Baumgartner, Josee
    1981 French Championships 1st; 1982 Pro World 11th; 1983 Pro World 4th; 1984 Pro World 9th; 1984 Ms. Olympia 16th;

  • Baxter, Kay
    1981 Pro World 2nd; 1982 Pro World 9th; 1982 Ms. Olympia 8th; 1983 Pro World 10th; 1983 Ms. Olympia 10th; 1984 Pro World 14th; 1984 Ms. Olympia 16th; 1985 Pro World 10th; 1985 Ms. Olympia 13th; 1986 Ms. International 15th;

  • Beattie, Shelley
    Birthday August 24th. From Oregon, USA. Was 'Siren' on the popular television show American Gladiators. Was a crew member of 'America Cubed', the first female sailing team in 143 years to compete for the America's Cup. Contests include the 1990 NPC Emerald Cup Overall; 1990 NPC USA Overall & HW 1st; 1991 Ms. International 3rd; 1991 Ms. Olympia 7th; 1992 Ms. International 7th; 1992 Ms. Olympia 3rd; 1993 Ms. International 9th; 1993 Ms. Olympia 7th

  • Beaudry, Laura
    From California, USA. Contests include the 1985 NPC USA HW 1st; 1988 NPC National HW 1st & overall; 1989 Ms. International 3rd; 1989 Pro World 4th; 1989 Ms. Olympia 13th;

  • Becotte, Tammy
    From Alberta, Canada. Contests include the 1997 IFBB Canadian overall;

  • Bello, Maria
    Contests include the 2001 Jan Tana Pro MW 6th;

  • Bendel, Vera
    1981 Ms. Olympia 15th; 1985 Pro World 3rd; 1985 Ms. Olympia 12th; 1986 Pro World 16th; 1987 Pro World 19th; 1988 Pro World 16th; 1989 Pro World 21st;

  • Bennet-Graham, Carole
    1981 Ms. Australia 1st; 1981 World Pro 15th; 1982 World Pro 20th;

  • Bentley, Stacey
    One of the few women who worked out at Gold's Gym Venice before 1980. Has an older brother named Tommy ... Married Charles McGreesh Jr on March 7, 1988 in Gladwyn, Pennsylvania ... Contests includes the 1980 Frank Zane Invitational 1st; 1980 Ms. Olympia 5th; 1980 World Mixed Pairs Pro Championships 1st (with Chris Dickerson);

  • Bergeron, Lucie
    From Canada. Contests include the 2000 Canadian Pro HW 1st;

  • Bergman, Kim
    1998 NPC Nationals HW 15th;

  • Bergmann, Juliette
    From the Netherlands (Holland). In 2000, joined an act called the Circus Wonder, a group a five women with special talets, traveling to art shows performing, and Juliette is the ringmaster and the bodybuilder. Julliette works as an accountant and financial advisor for Intermag, a Dutch publishing house (2001). Contests include the 1985 Ms. Olympia 15th; 1986 World Pro 1st; 1986 Ms. International 2nd; 1986 Ms. Olympia 6th; 1987 Pro World 7th; 1987 Ms. Olympia 9th; 1988 Pro World disq; 1988 Ms. Olympia 13th; 1989 World Pro 15th; 2001 Ms. Olympia LW 1st & Overall;

  • Berska, Sipka
    From Yugoslavia. Contests include the 1998 Ms. Olympia 17th;

  • Bienvenue, Lucy
    Married to Sean Jenkins. Contests include the 1997 NPC California 1st;

  • Binetti, Laura
    Born in Toronto, Canada on March 6, 1965. Has an Italian background. Height 5'3". Fathers name is Domenic. Sisters name is Olympia. Married to Scott Abel. Has two small dogs named Gumdrop and Popcorn. Was in a TSN documentary titled 'Love of the Game', which was nominated for a Gemini Award (Canada's version of the Emmys.) Received a degree from the University of Toronto in physical and health education in 1987.

    Contests include the 1986 Steel City LW 1st; 1986 CNE Invitational LW 1st; 1986 Ontario 5th LW; 1987 Southern Ontario LW 1st; 1987 Eastern Canadian LW 1st; 1987 Canadian LW 1st; 1988 Ontario Mixed Pairs 1st; 1988 Canadian Mixed Pairs 1st; 1988 World Amatuer 7th; 1988 Canadian LW 1st; 1989 CNE Invitational Overall & MW 1st; 1989 Canadian Overall & LW 1st; 1989 North American MW 1st; 1989 World Amateur MW 1st; 1990 Ms. International 4th; 1991 Ms. International 12th; 1993 Ms. Olympia 17th; 1994 Ms. International 8th; 1994 Canada Pro 1st; 1994 Ms. Olympia 11th; 1995 Ms. Olympia 12th; 1995 European Pro 2nd; 1996 European Pro 1st; 1996 European Women's Invitational 2nd; 1997 Ms. International 9th; 1997 Jan Tana 3rd; 1997 Ms. Olympia 13th; 1999 Ms. International 8th; 1999 Pro World 1st; 1999 Ms. Olympia 8th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro HW 4th;

  • Bircumshaw, Paula
    Was responsible for one of the most interesting incidents in bodybuilding. During the 1992 Ms. International contest, when she was placed 8th, she made a gesture towards the officials on what she felt about their judging. She was banned for one year for competing after that. Has a son, Conner , born in 1995. She currently owns a gym in Mansfield, Nottinghhamshire.

    Contests include the 1991 Jan Tana Pro 4th; 1992 Ms. International 8th; 1993 Ms. International 11th; 1993 Ms. Olympia 12th; 1994 Ms. International 14th. The 1994 Ms. International was her last contest as she was forced to withdraw after the prejudging due to a back injury.

  • Blackie, Sandra
    Earned a degree in fine arts from Champlain College in Quebec, and a BA in Recreation and Leisure Studies fro mConcordia, with a major in Nutrition. Currently owned of Fitness Concepts in San Diego. Contests include the 1986 Ms. International 13th; 1987 World Pro 20th; 1988 Ms. International 11th; 1989 World Pro 17th; 1989 Ms. International 16th; 1990 Ms. Olympia 17th; 1992 Jan Tana Pro 4th; 1992 Ms. Olympia 17th

  • Blanchette, Andrulla
    From England, Height 5'3". Named 'Women's Physique World's' European Bodybuilder of the year for 1996. Contests include the 1993 European Championships 1st; 1995 Jan Tana Pro 6th; 1996 Ms. International 11th; 1996 Ms. Olympia 8th; 1997 Ms. Olympia 7th; 1998 Ms. International 6th; 1998 Ms. Olympia 6th; 1999 Ms. International 5th; 1999 Ms. Olympia 7th; 2000 Ms. International LW 2nd; 2000 Ms. Olympia LW 1st; 2001 Ms. Olympia LW 2nd;

  • Bleck, Sheila
    Raised in Coos Bay, Oregon. Sheila is a twin (her sister's name is Sherry). Sheila won a bench press contest in a teen class. Contests include the 1993 Bill Pearl Classic Novice 1st; 1995 Oregon Coast HW 1st; 1998 Oregon State HW 1st; 1999 Oregon State HW 1st; 2000 Oregon State HW 1st & Overall; 2000 NPC Emerald Cup HW 1st & Overall;

  • Bloom, Ocean
    From Vancouver, Canada. Height 5'5". 1997 British Columbia Junior 1st. Switched to fitness competitions in 1998.

  • Boehm, Rita
    From Ontario, Canada. Contests include the 1987 IFBB Candian overall; 1990 IFBB Canadian overall;

  • Bold, Marion
    1990 Ms. International 9th;

  • Bongiovanni, Chris
    From Minnesota, USA. Height 5'4". Contests include the 1994 NPC Nationals 2nd MW; 1995 NPC Nationals HW 1st; 1996 Ms. International 10th; 1997 Ms. International 7th; 1997 Jan Tana 1st; 1997 Ms. Olympia 8th; 1998 Ms. International 7th; 1998 Ms. Olympia 9th;

  • Bonugli, Michelle
    From Burlington, Massachusetts ... Height 5'5" ... Works as an Oracle database administrator and consultant (1998) ... Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in computer science ... Plays violin in the MIT Syphony Orchestra (1998) ... Plays ice hockey on a men;s club team called the Rink Rats (1998)... Contests include the 1994 Powerhouse Gym Classic 1st; 1996 Northern States 1st; 1996 Massachusetts 1st; 1998 NPC Junior Nationals HW 9th;

  • Boscarino, Lisa
    1995 NPC USA 3rd LW

  • Bouvier, Nicole
    1998 NPC Nationals LW 3rd;

  • Bostick, Th-resa
    From Virginia. Height 5'3". Contests include the 1995 NPC Nationals HW 3rds; 1996 NPC Nationals HW 9th; 1998 NPC Nationals HW 9th; 1999 Jan Tana Amateur Grand Prix HW 1st & Overall; 1999 NPC USA HW 1st & Overall; 2000 Jan Tana Pro HW 1st; 2000 Ms. Olympia HW 7th; 2001 Ms. International 9th;

  • Bouvier, Gloria
    1990 Ms. Olympia 17th;

  • Bowen, Lori
    From Texas, USA. Contests include the 1983 NPC USA Overall & HW 1st; 1983 World Cup Caesars 2nd; 1984 Pro World 1st; 1985 Ms. Olympia 9th;

  • Bowles, Gail
    1998 NPC Nationals MW 11th;

  • Boyd, Tara
    1997 NPC USA 13th MW;

  • Boyum, Yaz
    Height 5'1". Currently lives in Washington D.C. Contests include the 1995 Jan Tana Amateur 4th; 1995 Kevin Levrone 1st; 1996 NPC Nationals LW 4th; 1997 NPC Nationals LW 6th; 1998 NPC USA LW 1st; 1999 NPC National LW 1st; 2001 Ms. International LW 6th; 2002 Show of Strength LW 5th; 2003 Ms. International LW 10th;

  • Bradley, Michelle
    1990 Ms. International 13th; 1991 Jan Tana Pro 6th

  • Brady, Carmen
    1997 NPC USA 5th HW;

  • Brandt, Annette
    1982 NPC USA MW 1st

  • Brehm, Lynea
    From British Columbia, Canada. 1996 IFBB Canadian HW 1st; 1997 Jan Tana 21st; 1998 Ms. International 9th; 1998 Jan Tana Pro 14th; 1999 Jan Tana Pro 13th; 1999 Pro World 7th;

  • Brice, Bobbie
    1982 Pro World 13th;

  • Brooks, Pam
    1981 Ms. Florida 1st, 1982 Pro World 15th;

  • Brown, Marissa
    From Oregon, USA. Contests include the 1987 NPC Emerald Cup Overall;

  • Brown, Sharon
    1995 NPC Nationals LW 5th

  • Bruneau, Sharon
    1992 Ms. International 4th; 1992 Ms. Olympia 11th; 1993 Ms. International 7th; 1993 Ms. Olympia 10th; 1994 Ms. International 6th; 1994 Ms. Olympia 16th;

  • Buckles, Velma
    1984 NPC USA HW 1st; 1988 Ms. International 14th;

  • Bureau, Linda
    From Falher, Alberta, Canada. Height 5'6". Has three daughters. Contests include the 1998 Western Canadian 1st; 1998 Canadian Natural 1st;

  • Buss, Holly
    From Manitoba, Canada. Contests include the 1983 IFBB Canadian LW 1st; 1984 Pro World 12th; 1984 Ms. Olympia 16th;

  • Bustamante, Miriam
    From Mexico. Complete names is Myriam Bustamante de la Rosa. Contests include the 1994 IFBB North America HW 12th; 1995 IFBB North America HW 8th; 2000 Jan Tana Pro HW 8th; 2001 Pro Extravaganza MW 4th; 2001 Jan Tana Pro 4th; 2002 Southwest Pro MW 3rd;

  • Bydalek, Maureen
    Last name used to be Dougherty. Contests include the 1983 NPC Emerald Cup LW 5th; 2001 NPC Vancouver Natural Overall; 2001 NPC Emerald Cup LW 1st;