Other People in
Bodybuilding & Fitness

By Ron Avidan

Included in this list are people who are considered influential in the bodybuilding or fitness world, like the ones who write the articles, take the pictures, or played a role in its history. The Almanac is always updated whenver possible.

  • Bach, Leon
    Ironman Magazine: Art Director

  • Baker, Rich
    Musclemag Magazine: Group Creative Director (2009)

  • Balik, John
    Used to work for Joe Weider as a photographer in the 1980's. Currently Ironman Magazine's Publisher & Editorial Director (2009)

  • Bernal, Pal
    Bodybuilding and fitness photographer whose featured pictures are in many magazines. Pal was raised in Sweden. Pal worked as a phtographer at Sweden's BK Sports Magazine for seven years. Pal is maried to Anneli Scherdin. Pal's photography experience is largely self taught, although Ove Rytter (BK Sports Magazine owner) helped him evolve. Pal's trademark palette is his black and white perspectives on the human body that recalls the muscular athletic forms of Greek Sculpture.

  • Berry, Mark H.
    Edited the 'Strongman' Magazine from 1931-1933. Also an Olympic weightlifting coach, and worked in the Milo Barbell Company. He also introduced 'The Barbell and Physical Training Notes' in 1936-1937.

  • Bier, Stephanie
    Ironman Magazine: Article Editor

  • Blackburn, Greta
    Ms. Fitness Magazine: Editor

  • Blechman, Steve
    Publisher & Editor of All Natural Muscular Development Magazine, and one of the owners of Twinlabs.

  • Bogen, Mike
    Women's Physique World Magazine: Senior Editor

  • Boyko, Meshelle
    Ms. Fitness Magazine: Associate Publisher

  • Boyko, Wally
    Creator of fitness competitions (1984); founder and CEO of the International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB); publisher, Ms. Fitness magazine (1993); publisher, National Fitness Trade Journal (1982); promoter, National Fitness Trade Show (1982); and executive producer, Ms. Fitness USA (1991) and Ms. Fitness World (1994) television specials

  • Brainum, Jerry
    Muscle & Fitness Magazine: Science Writer

  • Branidis, Jason
    Musclemag Magazine: Art Director (2009)

  • Bratcher, T.S.
    Ironman Magazine: Art Director (2009)

  • Brierly, Dean
    Managing Editor of Men's Fitness Magazine.

  • Brink, Will
    Contributing Consultant of MuscleMag International Magazine.

  • Brown, Kerrie-Lee
    Assistant Editor of MuscleMag International Magazine.

  • Bruel, John S.
    Natural Bodybuilding Magazine: Managing Editor

  • Butler, George
    The creative force behind both Pumping Iron movies. Pumping Iron (1977), and Pumping Iron II (1985). Coauthor of the book Pumping Iron, which has sold over 700,000 copies.

  • Calvert, Alan
    Considered the 'Father' of Weighlifting. In 1902, he formed the world's oldest barbell company under the name Milo. He also launched 'Strength' magazine, where his creative training hook was the "Double Progression" training technique. In 1911, he took his 'How To' philosophy by publishing a book called "The Truth About Weightlifing". His enterprises came to a halt during World War I. He eventually sold his business to D.G. Redmond.

  • Catarevas, Michael
    Editor of Men's Workout, and Exercise & Health Magazines.

  • Chada, Jim
    Muscle & Fitness Magazine: Creative Art Director

  • Collins, Rick
    Rick Collins practices primarily in the area of nutritional supplement law and sports drug defense. He has extensive experience in criminal defense and has successfully tried many serious cases to verdict, including acquittals on a variety of felony charges. A former competitive bodybuilder and certified personal trainer, he often advises legal clients in the strength, health and fitness community. He is the legal advisor to the International Federation of BodyBuilders.

  • Cottrell, Pamela
    Editor of Oxygen Magazine, published exclusively for women's fitness.

  • Cribbs, John
    Executive editor of Pump Magazine, and also is an owner of So Cal Sports Supplements.

  • Dalto, Frank
    Promoter of the NPC Wheelchair Nationals.

  • Daniel, Susan
    Muscle Media 2000 Magazine: Senior Editor

  • Dee, Toni
    IFBB Official, who helps backstage in many IFBB contests. Toni has a daughter named Alexandria.

  • DeMilia, Wayne
    IFBB Pro Division Chairman: United States until was replaced in 2005 by Jim Manion.

  • DePirro, George
    Managing Editor for Flex Magazine.

  • Deters, Tom
    Associate Publisher & Editor in Chief of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Also, Associate Publisher of Flex Magazine, and Men's Fitness Magazine.

  • Dittrich, Alan Jr.
    Muscular Development's Creative Director (2004)

  • Dobbins, Bill
    Bill is a photography of various muscle physiques, mainly female bodybuilding.

  • Downs, Steve
    Natural Bodybuilding Magazine: Editorial Director

  • Drake, Debbie
    A fitness legend on television in the early 1960's, which brought to light women working out and gaining muscle. In 1961, published a book called "Easy Way To a Perfect Figure and Glowing Health". From WISH-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana, she help cheer on many women to get into shape.

  • Duchaine, Dan
    Born in 1952. In 1997-8, Dan was on the Muscle Media 2000 Magazine staff, as a contributing writer, in a column called 'Ask the Guru'. In 1999, he was on the staff of Ironman Magazine, writing the 'Ask the Guru' column. A controversial figure on bodybuilding, hailed as the steroid and supplement guru, been to federal prison on steroid convictions twice. He published the original Underground Steroid Handbook in 1981. Dan passed away on January 13, 2000.

  • Falcon, Mike
    Editor-in-Chief of Max Muscle Magazine (From Issue 11)

  • Fitness, Johnny
    Musclemag International Magazine: Editor in Chief

  • Frank, Jacob
    Executive Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NutriMag Magazine.

  • Frizalone, Angela T.
    Muscular Development Managing Editor (2004)

  • Gallagher, Marty
    Marty is the Editor At Large of Parrillo Press Magazine (2000).

  • Geiger, Bill
    Muscle & Fitness Magazine: Editorial Editor (2004). Musclemag Magazine: Group Editorial Director (2009).

  • Ginsberg, Adam D.
    Muscular Development's Associate Publisher (2004)

  • Gironda, Vince
    On October 18th, Vince, aged 79, passed away in Los Angeles, three weeks shy of his 80th birthday. Vince was considered the Iron Guru, the man who had special training methods for most of the bodybuilding world in the '60s and '70s. In 1946, he opened Vince's Gym in Studio City, California (10 miles north of Los Angeles), which stayed open until 1995. From this gym, Vince trained many champion bodybuilders and Hollywood stars. He also wrote for many different bodybuilding publications,; one of his books was titled 'Unleashing the Wild Physique'. Vince himself was in many bodybuilding competitions, from 1941 to 1962.

  • Gleneicki, John
    Creater of the 'Musclehedz' cartoon series, which ran regularly in Flex Magazine from 1994-1998. John also has a wide variety of calenders, T-Shirts, and many items which these famous cartoon 'muscle people'.

  • Gold, Joe
    Joe Gold had designed his first gym in 1940 when he was a teenager attending Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles. In 1964, Joe founded the first Gold's Gym, a specialized workout arena for bodybuilders. It was located at 1906 Pacific Avenue in Venice. In the 1970's, Joe sold the gym and went to South America, where he became a boatsman, in charge of the deck. He spent about five years at sea. When Joe came back, he wanted to get back into the gym business but he has sold his name and his gym.

    Thus, he came up with a new name and gym, World Gym, where he built the first one at 2210 Main Street in Santa Monica in 1975. Today, there are over 250 World Gyms around the globe. In 1992, Joe, at the age of 70, was confined to a wheelchair due to a severe spinal cord back injury suffered in 1944 during the Battle of Leyte, when they pain became too much. In 1999, Joe received the Ironman Magazine's first Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Goldberg, Carol
    Muscular Development's Associate Editor (2004)

  • Goldberg, Johnny
    Known as Johnny G, he is the inventor of the popular Spinning Stationary Bike. Originally from South Africa.

  • Golnick, Alan
    Muscular Development's Assistant Editor (2004)

  • Good, Harry
    Born 1904. Passed away in 1999. Harry Good worked for Bob Hoffman for 3 1/2 years, then started his own company, called the Good Barbell Company, which he ran for 37 years, retiring in 1974. He has once known as the world's strongest man, and was a professional strongman.

  • Greene, Sean
    Associate Publisher and Editor of Max Muscle Magazine. Sean is also the president of Max Muscle Stores. His wife is named Peggy, and they have two children, one called Mason Joseph, born June 20, 2000.

  • Grewall, Jay
    Art Director for Max Muscle Magazine.

  • Grimek, John
    In 1964, became the first editor of Muscular Development Magazine.

  • Gwartney, Dan
    Wrote for Ironman Magazine from 1997-2001, under various articles, including 'Ask Dr. Dan'.

  • Hackenschmidt, George
    Died 2/19/68. George was nicknamed "The Russian Lion". The Hack Squat was named after this man. He was a judge at the 1948 Mr. Universe contest which John Grimek won.

  • Harris, Stanley
    Publisher of Men's Workout and Exercise & Health Magazines.

  • Hartlet, Jacqui
    Musclemag Magazine: Copy Editor (2009)

  • Hasse, Bob
    Died 8/21/68. A longtime writer for Strength & Health Magazine, from December 1949 to January 1964.

  • Holman, Stephen
    Ironman Magazine: Editor in Chief (2009)

  • Hoffman, Bob
    Purchased in 1932, "Strength" Magazine, and the Milo Barbell Company. He renamed 'Strength" Magazine, "Strength & Health", and eventually renamed the Milo Barbell Company, the York Barbell Company. Started Muscular Development Magazine in January 1964. Also was in charge of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), a bodybuilding and stronman federation.

  • Hyde, Michael Joseph
    Natural Bodybuilding Magazine: Associate Editor

  • James, Cynthia
    aka CJ, the Seamstress to the Stars. CJ takes care of hundreds of IFBB and NPC competitors custom made posing suits, fitness wear, etc. She is the president of Unique Physique Bodywear, Inc.

  • Jentz, Bill
    Women's Physique World Magazine: Owner & Publisher

  • Jones, Dick
    Musclemag International Magazine: Associate Editor (2009)

  • Jowett, George
    Former IFBB Chairman, in 1948.

  • Kennedy, Robert
    Started MuscleMag International Magazine in 1974. Currently, Robert is Publisher, Executive Editor, & Creative Art Director of Musclemag International Magazine, and Oxygen Fitness Magazine. (2009)

  • Kindela, Jerry
    Editor-in-Chief of Men's Fitness Magazine (2004). Musclemag Magazine Corporate Publishing Consultant (2009)

  • Klugman, Lisa
    Lisa is the Editor-in-Chief of Fit Magazine (2000).

  • Kolbasuk, Stephen
    Muscular Development's Associate Art Director (2004).

  • Kosherick, Sandy
    Sandy is the Managing Editor of Fit Magazine (2000).

  • Krumm, Jo Ellen
    Muscle & Fitness Magazine: Managing Editor

  • Kochakian, Charles
    Born 1909. Died 1999. Was sometimes referred to as the 'father of anabolic steroids'. The retired University of alabama professor was attending the University of Rochester School of Medicine when he discovered how to manipulate hormone, specifically the male hormone testosterone, to build muscle mass.

  • Liederman, Earle
    Edited 'Muscle Power' magazine in 1945, which was publishdd by Joe Weider.

  • Lindsay, Jon
    Promotor of NPC shows including the 1996 NPC USA, and many other Southern California NPC shows.

  • Lorimer, James J.
    James is best known for being the main promoter of the Arnold Classic Weekend show, and making it into the great success it is. He also owns six World Gyms in Columbus, Ohio. He has been a partner in bodybuilding championship promotions with Arnold Schwarzenneger since 1976.

  • Low, Cheh N.
    Natural Bodybuilding Magazine: Editor in Chief & Publisher

  • Lucia, Jeff
    Executive Editor of Men's Fitness Magazine.

  • Luoma, TC
    Muscle Media 2000 Magazine: Contributing Writer

  • Lurie, Dan
    A circus strongman who won several national bodybuilding titles. Founded the Dan Lurie Barbell and Equipment Manufacturing Company in Brooklyn. In 1965, Dan published a bodybuilding magazine called Muscle Training Illustrated, which eventually had 177 issues before folding in 1993. Was president of the World Bodybuilding Guild (WBBG).

  • MacIntyre, Christine
    Former editor of Shape Magazine, which she helped launch in 1981. Died in 1987 in an auto accident.

  • Maltby, Jeff
    Musclemag Magazine: Photo Editor (2009)

  • Manion, James B. (Jim)
    President of the National Physique Committee of the USA
    NPC News Magazine: Executive Director & Editor

  • Manion, J.M.
    Copy Editor and Senior Writer of NPC News Magazine, also owner of JMP Management, which manages fitness athletes.

  • Manninen, Anssi
    Muscular Development's Senior Sciene Editor (2004)

  • Mathas, Jason
    Currently, Editor-in-Chief of Pump Magazine. Used to be Editor-in-Chief of Max Muscle Magazine in 1996-1997 (Issues 1-10).

  • McGough, Peter
    Editor in Chief of Flex Magazine. Also has written a book titled 'A Portrait of Dorian Yates'.

  • Mentzer, Mike
    Used to be the editor of Muscle Builder / Power magazine in the 1980's. (The magazine eventually became Muscle & Fitness Magazine). As editor, Mike helped to popularize Arthur Jone's concepts, and expanded on them, bringin them into an effective hardcore bodybuilding method, Heavy Duty (which his based on bried, high intensity workouts). After his disappointing 4th palce finish at the 1980 Mr. Olympia, he left the bodybuilding scene for a while. He came back and started his 'Heavy Duty Journal' in 1994 in Ironman Magazine, then went to work for Muscular Development in 1997, then came back to Ironman Magazine in 1999.

  • Morgan, Mandy
    Copy editor of Musclemag International Magazine

  • Mozee, Gene
    2001 Winner of the Art Zeller Award for Artistic Achievement, given by Ironman Magazine. Owned Pasadena Gym from 1957-1964. Gene was editor of the Physical Power Magazine in 1959. Gene was editor in chief of Joe Weider's Muscle Builder magazine from 1973 to 1976. In 2001, Gene also received the Spirit of Muscle Beach Award.

  • Mucica, Mary Ann
    Muscle & Fitness Magazine: Executive Editor

  • Nafploitis, John
    Women's Physique World Magazine: Editor in Chief

  • Nelson, Brett
    Was copy editor for MuscleMag International Magazine (1998), and Oxygen Fitness Magazine.

  • Neveux, Michael
    Ironman Magazine: Design Director (2002-2009); also fitness photographer.

  • Nicholls, Chad:
    A personal trainer; also Kim Chizevsky's (Ms. Olympia) husband. Works with some of the top amatuer and pro bodybuilders, including Sylvestor Solomon, Tom Prince, and many more.

  • Parker, Margaret Hundley
    Margaret is the Associate Editor of Fit Magazine (2000).

  • Parrillo, John
    A recognized exercise and nutrition expert who works with and trains many top pro and national level bodybuilders. John is the publisher of Parrillo Press Magazine, a monthly magazine.

  • Passarelli, Ed
    Creative Director of 'Muscular Development' Magazine..

  • Paul, Alan
    Editor of 'Muscular Development' Magazine.

  • Perry, Laurie
    Ironman Magazine: Article Editor

  • Phillips, Bill
    Muscle Media Magazine: Executive Editor; also owner of EAS Supplements. Wrote a book published in 1999 titled 'Body for Life'.

  • Pullum, W.A.
    Born April 8, 1888. Was one of the most famous names n Britian's physical culture history, having written more than 600 articles on weightlifting and bodybuilding. Wrote the book 'Weightlifting Made Easy and Interesting. Died on Aug 29, 1960.

  • Rader, Peary & Mabel
    Founders of Ironman Magazine; produced Ironman magazine from 1936 to 1986.

  • Romano, John
    Muscular Development Senior Editor (2004)

  • Reckley, Jim
    Jim is the Art Director of Performance Press Magazine (2000).

  • Redmond, D.G.
    Purchased from Alan Calvert after the first World War his barbell company called Milo, and his magazine called 'Strength'. Not being the enthusiast that Alan Calvert was in muscle magazines, the company evetually went into bankruptcy in 1932. The magazine and the barbell company were then purchased by Bob Hoffman.

  • Reynolds, Bill
    Former Editor-in-Chief of Flex Magazine, from 1987-1992.

  • Rigby, Tim
    Musclemag Magazine: Editorial Deputy Editor (2009)

  • Roark, Joe
    IFBB Men's Historian, and writer of 'Factoid's for Flex Magazine.

  • Robertson, Sommer
    Musclemag Magazine: Senior Editor

  • Ross, Don
    Was the associate editor of Muscular Development magazine from 1992-1995.

  • Sandler, Lori
    Creative Director for Flex Magazine.

  • Sandow, Eugene
    Historians contend that he had the 'perfect' body at the turn of the 20th century, which is why he was chosen as the model for the Mr. Olympia statue. Real name was Frederick Mueller.

  • Scalisi, Vincent
    Editorial Editor of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

  • Schlesinger, Dawn Blaschick
    Dawn is the Art Director of Fit Magazine (2000).

  • Sheldon, William
    Dr. William Sheldon in the 1930's documented in scientific studies the existence of three general body types, the ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic, and an incalculable number of mixed body types along the morphological continuum.

  • Siebert, Theodore
    The person who organized in the late 1800's exercises into series: curls, squats, presses, etc, to form a complete workout.

  • Silverman, Ruth
    Ironman Magazine: Senior Editor (2009)

  • Sprague, Ken
    Author of 'More Muscle', and founder of the first Gold's Gym.

  • State, Oscar
    In July 1979, he was appointed to implement a Grand Prix circuit of Bodybuilding Contests, which required promoters to guarantee a purse of $15,000 for each event. It was originally planned to allow both amateurs and professionals to compete together, with the final event of the year to be called the IFBB Grand Prix World Final.

  • Street, Chris
    Science Editor of Flex Magazine ...

  • Teper, Lonnie
    Born February 16, 1963. Ironman Magazine: Editor at Large. Also, is the emcee for many bodybuilding shows. Promoted the NPC Junior California (2009)

  • Trieger, Rita
    Rita is the Managing Editor of Fit Magazine (2000).

  • Ulin, Roy
    Business Director of All Natural Muscular Development Magazine

  • Wanderer. Warren
    Ironman Magazine: Associate Publisher (2009)

  • Warner, Russ
    Russ Warner was honored with the first Art Zeller Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the World of Bodybuilding (an award created by John Balik). Russ competed in a few bodybuilding contests in the 1940's, and in the 1950's, became one of the most famous muscle photographers around. Russ invented in 1954 'rim lighting', a new indoor lighting technique.

  • Wells, Joe
    Publisher and Executive Editor of Max Muscle Magazine. President and CEO of Max Muscle.

  • Weider, Ben
    Born in 1923 in Montreal, Canada. Was the IFBB President, and International Director of Flex Magazine. Ben was in the Canadian Army, in during World War II, landed on the beach of Normany on June 6, 1944. In 1984, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. On July 18th, 1987, received an honorary doctorate in sport sciences from the United States Sports Academy for 'outstanding contributions to sports fitness' and establishing the IFBB. In 2004, Ben Weider sat next to the President of France during the 60th anniversary of D-Day in France. In 2006, Ben stepped down as president of the IFBB, and Rafael Santonja is now in charge. Ben passed away on October 18, 2008.

  • Weider, Betty
    Feature Editor of Muscle & Fitness Magazine; also the wife of Joe Weider.

  • Weider, Joe
    Considered the 'Father" of bodybuilding. Nicknamed the Master Blaster. In 1940, Joe published a muscle magazine titled 'Your Physique". In 1945, Joe began under publication titled "Muscle Power". In the 1960's, Joe owned the Weider Barbell Company, with its offices in Jersey City, New Jersey, and then in California. Currently, Joe is the publisher and editor of Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Flex Magazine, Prime Magazine, Men's Fitness Magazine.

  • Wells, Sarah
    Musclemag Magazine: Managing and Online Editor (2009)

  • Wennerstrom, Steve
    IFBB Women's Historian, named to that honor in December, 1982. Steve was the Editor-in-Chief of the first national newsstand publication devoted exclusively to women's bodybuilding called Body & Power in April, 1982. Since Fall 1984, Steve has been the Editor-in-Chief of Women's Physique World magazine. Steve has also contributed profiles, contest reports and featurettes to FLEX magazine on the women's side of the sport since it began in 1983. Steve produced a section called Flex 'n' Femme on a monthly basis for FLEX, as well as maintaining Women's Physique World as a quarterly magazine.

  • Withrow, Martin
    Creative Director for Men's Fitness Magazine & Special Projects Director for Flex Magazine. Also, former Creative Director of Flex Magazine (1997).

  • Wolff, Bob
    Former Editor at Large of Muscle & Fitness Magazine (1997).

  • Wulff, Harry
    NPC News Magazine: Executive Editor

  • Yu, Helen
    Ironman Magazine: Managing Editor

  • Zulak, Greg
    Contributing Consultant for MuscleMag International Magazine. Has a column called Uncensored, which talks about steroids, and other questions.