Almanac of
Men's Bodybuilding
by Ron Avidan

The most complete information of bodybuilder's profiles available. All help is welcomed! The Almanac is always updated whenever possible.

  • Yamashita, Eric
    1998 NPC Nationals BW 8th;

  • Yates, Dorian
    Dorian was born on April 19, 1962 in a small village called Hurley in Staffordshire, just outside of Birmingham, England. His full name is Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates, and his height is 5'10". Dorian grew up on a farm, or 'small holdings', as they call it in England. His mother was a horse riding instructor. Dorian has a sister named Lisa (five years younger) who is a teacher, and buys and sells horses, and competes on horses (which she qualified once for the National Championships in England). At the age of 13, Dorian lost his father (from a heart attack, at 42 years old). Growing up, Dorian was not involved in any sports. He moved back to the city of Birmingham from the farm at age 14 with his mother and sister after his mother met another man (who also died before they married).

    After this second tragedy, his mom went back to the country side, but Dorian stayed in the city (at 16 years old). He was in a gang in which he was considered a skin head, with a shaven head, steel toed boots; a cultural statement, not a racist statement. Dorian's music scene during the early years was the Clash, the Sex Pistols, PIL, etc. and on the weekends, he would go to the clubs to hang out. Dorian has lots of interesting job to pay the bills, including working in a slaughterhouse. Dorian was arrested at age 19, after a riot in which he was swept up by the police. They had taken some women's clothing and were dressed up in them as a joke. Because of the arrest, and because England recognizes youth as being up to the age of 21, Dorian received 6 months detention in a facility. It was in here that Dorian started powerlifting and was noticed by a guard that he was very strong, and where Dorian got his new direction in life.

    He started training at a gym, a small dark gym In the cellar, and at age 21, competed in his first contest. In 1987, Dorian tore a muscle in his hip, had an operation and took a year off. In 1987, one year after he has won the British Championships Heavyweight Division, Dorian purchased Temple Gym, located in England.

    He currently lives in Wamey. Sutton Coldfield, England with his wife Debbie and his son Lewis. Debbie and Dorian were married on November 2, 1991. Dorian has two boxer dogs named Conan and Sampson.

    Dorian has a few nicknames, including the famous 'Shadow'. He is also called the 'British Bulldog', and the 'Beast of Britian'. His nickname 'Shadow' comes because Dorian would come to the shows, win the shows, then disappear back into his own world, them come back, compete, win, and disappear again. The Shadow comes and goes. This nickname came from Peter McGough, currently the editor of Flex Magazine, but was working for a British publication in 1988.

    Dorian is considered the #1 bodybuilder of the 1990's winning six Mr. Olympias before retiring from bodybuilding in 1998.

    Dorian likes wildlife and has been on several safaris. Dorian would like to work with kids, and combine that with work with wildlife once he is retired, perhaps a shelter with animals with a facility with kids. At home, the family has two boxer dogs names Conan and Samson. In 1998, Dorian joined a company called Chemical Warefare (now Chemical Nutrition), and in 1999, launched his own line of supplements called 'Dorian Yates Approved'.

    Contests include 1984 Mr. Birmingham novice 1st; 1985 Novice West Coast (England) 1st; 1985 World Games 7th (London); 1986 EFBB British HW 1st (in London); 1988 British Championships 1st; 1990 Night of Champions 2nd; 1991 Night of Championships 1st; 1991 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1991 English Grand Prix 1st; 1992 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1992 Grand Prix England; 1993 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 1st; 1994 Grand Prix Spain 1st; 1994 Grand Prix England 1st; 1994 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1995 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1996 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1996 Grand Prix Spain 1st; 1996 Grand Prix Germany 1st; 1996 Grand Prix England 1st; 1997 Mr. Olympia 1st;

  • Yazdani, Moshen
    From Iran. Contests include the 2002 Night of Champions 17th;

  • Yeung, David
    Heigh 5'8". David's father is Bolo Teung, who was in 'Enter the Dragon'. David has a black belt in karate. Contests include 2001 NPC Orange County Classic LH 2nd; 2001 NPC USA LH 6th;

  • Yorton, Chet
    1966 IFBB Mr. America Tall 1st& Overall;

  • Young, Jason
    1997 NPC USA MW 11th;

  • Youngblood, Don
    Contests include the 2001 Masters Olympia 2nd; 2002 Masters Olympia 1st; 2002 Mr. Olympia 25th;

  • Zale, Eddy
    1955 Mr. Heart of America 1st;

  • Zane, Frank
    Born June 28, 1942 in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Married Christine Harris in December 1967. Frank holds two bachelor's degrees and a master's in experimental psychology. Frank taught middle school math for 13 years before he and Christine established Zane Haven. In 1981, purchase Cary Grant's former estate in Palm Springs, and opened Zane Haven, which was a place where clients stayed, worked out, etc. In 1988, the format changed to the Zane Experience, where people came into town, and underwent an intensive three day program designed for their unique goals, and moved to La Mesa, California. Frank has written many books, including "Fabulously Fit Forever" , "Zane Way to a Beautiful Body" , "Super Bodies in 12 Weeks" , "Mind, Body, Spirit" , and "Frank Zane's Personal Diary" (1997). Has a musical group called Zane, which released their first CD in 1997, containing 25 bodybuilding oriented song, all written by Frank. In 1998, created a new TV show with Cie Allman titled 'The Infinite Power Workout'. Over the year, Frank has close to 60 magazine covers. In January 1999, Frank was inducted into the Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

    Contests include the 1961 Mr. Pennsylvania 17th; 1962 Mr. Keystone 1st; 1963 Mr. Keystone 2nd; 1965 Mr. Sunshine State 1st; 1965 IFBB Mr. Universe Medium 1st; 1966 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st; 1967 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st; 1967 IFBB Mr. Universe Tall 3rd;1968 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st & Overall; 1968 Mr. Universe Short 1st & Overall; 1970 Nabba Amatuer Mr. Universe Medium 1st & Overall; 1971 Nabba Pro Mr. Universe Short 1st; 1972 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe Short 1st & Overall; 1972 Mr. Olympia 4th; 1974 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1985 Mr. Olympia 4th; 1976 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1977 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1978 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1979 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1980 Mr. Olympia 3rd; 1982 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1983 Mr. Olympia 4th;

  • Zapfe, Roger
    From Sweden, height 6'6". Won the 1995 European Championships 1st HW;

  • Zarate, Roger
    1997 NPC USA MW 9th;

  • Zarco, Francis
    1965 Mr. illinois 1st;

  • Zechmeister, Thomas
    From Vienna, Austria. Tom started competing when he was 17 years old. He has been training at a gym in Vienna called 'Top Gym'. Besides bodybuilding Tom was also involved in gymnastics and boxing. Tom has worked for a cookie company, a bank, and has done some music videos. Contests include the 1995 World Championships 3rd; 1997 Night of Champions disq; 1997 Grand Prix Hungary 11th; 1997 Grand Prix Germany 13th; 1997 Grand Prix Czech 9th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 1998 Toronto Pro 18th; 2001 European Pro 18th;

  • Zeller, Artie
    Born December 17, 1930 in Manhattan, New York. Married in 1959 to Josie. Worked as a freelance photographer for the Weider Publications for 30 years, and he took many of the classic bodybuilding photo's. Died April 19, 1999. Contests include 1952 Mr. America 13th; 1955 Mr. Venice 3rd;

  • Zhur, Oleg
    From the Ukraine. Wife is Tatiana, a gymnastics coach, Contests include the 1998 San Francisco Pro 14th; 1998 Toronto Pro 12th; 1999 Ironman 14th; 1999 Pro World 9th; 1999 Grand Prix England 13th; 2000 Mr. Olympia 13th; 2001 Arnold Classic 11th; 2001 Grand Prix Australia 6th;

  • Zimmerman, Phil
    1953 Mr. Philadelphia 1st;

  • Zinkin, Harold
    Inventor of the Universal Gym Equipment line. Also competed in bodybuilding contests, include the 1945 Mr. America 2nd;

  • Zuccolotto, Troy
    Known as 'Zuke the Nuke', because he was a brash, blond bomber with a penchant for excitability. Currently runs his Youth Tech Wellness Center in San Clemente. Contests include the 1989 NPC Nationals 1st & Overall;

  • Zuri, Remi
    Canada. Contests include the 1992 Quebec Champiionships LW 1st & overall; 1993 Eastern Township Jr. LW 1st & overall; 1994 Junor Nationals 1st open div; 1994 Provincial Champsionshipds LH 3rd; 1995 Canada Cup LH 2nd; 1996 Canada Cup HW 1st;