Almanac of
Men's Bodybuilding
by Ron Avidan

The most complete information of bodybuilder's profiles available. All help is welcomed! The Almanac is always updated whenever possible.

  • Ukpong, Innocent
    From Nigeria. 1998 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Vail, Ed
    1953 Jr. Mr. Northern California 1st; 1999 Night of Champions 19th;

  • Valentine, John
    1953 Mr. St. Nick 1st;

  • Van Amsterdam, Eduard
    From Holland. Contest include the 1991 NBBF Grand Prix Holland Junior 1st; 1996 NBBF Holland Nationals HW 2nd; 1997 Holland Nationals HW 1st; 1997 European Amateur HW 4th; 1998 NABBA World Tall 2nd; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 2000 Ironman Pro 20th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 European Pro 14th; 2001 Toronto Pro 18th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 7th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 10th; 2003 Grand Prix England 10th;

  • Van Beeck, Nick
    From South Africa. Contests include the 1996 San Jose Pro 11th; 1996 Canada Pro 20th; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 19th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th;

  • Vandensteen, Pierre
    1974 IFBB Mr. Universe Short 1st;

  • Varga, Tom
    American. 1994 Ironman Pro 9th; 1995 Ironman Pro 11th; 1995 South Beach Pro 10th

  • Vasilieff, Val
    1961 Mr. New Jersey 1st;

  • Vejic, Zoran
    From Yoguslavia. Contests include the 2001 European Pro 18th;

  • Vigliatura, Thomas
    Contests include the 1999 NPC Junior USA HW 2nd; 2001 IFBB North American SHW 7th; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 11th;

  • Vinette, Larry
    Born March 2, 1971 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Height 5'7". Currently lives in Brossard, Quebec. Contests include the 1994 Vallee du Richelie 1st; 1996 Montreal Championships LHW 2nd; 1997 Quebec Provincial LHW 2nd; 1998 World Championships LHW 1st;

  • Vishnevsky, Alexander
    Contess include the 2003 Night of Champions 22nd; 2003 Grand Prix Hungary 11th;

  • Visocky, Aivars
    Born in Riga, Latvia on September 1957, in a blue-collar family. Actively involved in sports since primary school; played in the schools team. Educated as an auto mechanic at Riga Technical School Nr. 2. Finished in 1976. Took up boxing while serving in the Soviet Army in Kaliningrad from 1977 until 1978.

    In 1978 won third place in the Baltic Military District Boxing Championship, earning the nickname 'Reaktors'. After finishing obligatory military service, returned to Riga and worked as an auto mechanic while remaining actively involved in sports. In 1982 became aware of the sport of bodybuilding which at the time was little hard of and even prohibited in the Soviet Union. Together with like minded friends, Aivars began training intensively learning increasingly more about the sport from the experience of the best local bodybuilders who practiced the sport 'underground' during the 1960s. The training paid off. Already two years later earned third place in the Riga Bodybuilding Championship, and four years later became the All Latvia champion. Aivars continued to train relentlessly, resulting in the following achievements:

    11 times earned the title Latvian Bodybuilding Champion, 1997 Mister Universe finalist, 1998 Europe Bodybuilding Champion, 1999 IFBB World Championship 5th place, 2000 Master Olympia 2000 7th place, 2000 British Grand prix 2000 14th; 2000 Masters Olympia 7th; 2001 Masters Olympia 10th; 2001 Grand Prix England 17th;