Almanac of
Men's Bodybuilding
by Ron Avidan

The most complete information of bodybuilder's profiles available. All help is welcomed! The Almanac is always updated whenever possible.

  • Pace, Anthony
    Contests include the 1965 Mr. Great Lakest 1st; 1965 Mr. Butler 1st;

  • Padilla, Danny
    Born April 3, 1951. Contests include the 1976 American Bodybuilding Class 3 1st; 1977 IFBB Mr. Universe LW 1st; 1977 IFBB Mr. America 1st; 1981 Mr. Olympia 5th; 1994 Masters Olympia 7th; 2000 Masters Olympia 10th;

  • Page, Floyd
    1948 Pro Mr. America 1st; 1949 IFBB Mr. North America 3rd; Passed away at the age of 37.

  • Paine, George
    1951 Mr. Eastern America 1st; 1951 Jr. Mr. America 1st

  • Palazzo, Michael
    Contests include the 1995 NPC Collegiate Nationals HW 3rd; 2000 NPC Nationals SHW 16th; 2001 NPC Gold's Classic SHW 3rd;

  • Palmer, Stokely
    Contets include the 1997 NPC Junior Nationals HW 3rd; 1998 NPC Nationals SHW 3rd; 1999 NPC USA SHW 4th; 1999 NPC Nationals SHW 4th; 2000 NPC Nationals SHW 2nd; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 3rd;

  • Palumbo, David Christopher
    Born February 17, 1968. Height 5'10". Currently lives in Seaford, New York. Married Barbara Moran on September 10, 1999. Was separated from Barbara in 2002. Contests include the 1990 NPC Natural New York City MW 6th; 1994 NPC Junior USA HW 3rd; 1995 NPC Junior Nationals HW 1st; 1995 NPC USA HW 7th; 1996 NPC USA HW 7th; 1995 NPC Nationals HW 4th; 1997 NPC USA HW 6th; 1997 NPC Nationals HW 5th; 1998 NPC Nationals SHW 8th; 1998 IFBB North American HW 6th; 2000 NPC New York Metro SHW 1st & Overall; 2000 NPC USA SHW 4th; 2000 NPC Nationals SHW 8th; 2001 NPC USA SHW 7th; 2001 IFBB North American SHW 5th;

  • Park, Jim
    Contests include the 1952 Mr. World 1st;

  • Park, Reg
    Born June 7, 1928 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Height 6'0". Married Mareon Isaacs on October 22, 1952. Children include daughter Jeunesse (1953) and son Jon Jon (1957).

    Reg Park got started in bodybuilding when he was 17, when he met a guy at a swimming pool in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, who has an excellent physique and showed him how to train. Reg was into track and field, and playe soccer, and at first, found weightlifting unappealing to him. In 1946, Reg was drafted and sent to Singapore, where he became a physical therapy instructor. He came back to England in 1948. In 1947, he went back to college, and kept training with weights that his parent's bought him in their backyard. The first contests came in 1949, when he won both contests he entered. In 1955, a wrestling promoter almost convinced him to be a professional wrestler, but the money just was not there.

    In 1958, family life was not great for Reg. His wife has developed spots on her lungs, and his two kids had health problems, so they needed to changed to a warmer climate. Since his wife was from South Africa, that is where they moved to. Two weeks before the 1958 Mr. Universe, he entered it again, and won it, which helped him to move to South Africa and open a gym as the current Mr. Universe, which was a great business advantage.

    Reg Park was Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuiding inspiration. In Italy, Reg starred in 4 movies, including 'Hercules Conquers Atlantis' (1961), 'Hercules at the Center of the Earth' (1961), 'Maciste in King Solomon's Mines' (1964), 'Hercules, Prisoner of Evil' (1964). Reg also was renowned for his strength and his mighty physique. Reg also had published some magazines including Mr. Universe (began March 1952, lasting 8 issues), Muscleman (begain September 1952, lasting 16 issues), and the Reg Park Journal (from January 1954 - December 1959). Reg currently lives in South Africa. Reg was inducted into Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in January 1999.

    Contests include the 1949 Mr. North East Britian 1st; 1949 Mr. Britain 1st; 1950 NABBA Universe Tall 2nd; 1950 Mr. Europe 1st; 1951 NABBA Amateur Mr. Universe 1st; 1958 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe 1st; 1965 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe 1st;

  • Parker, Leon
    Contests include the 1997 NPC Junior USA HW 1st; 1998 NPC Junior Nationals SHW 3rd; 1998 NPC USA SHW 10th; 1999 NPC USA HW 3rd; 2000 NPC USA HW 15th; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 10th;

  • Parks, Ricky
    Contests include the 1993 NPC Jan Tana Amateur BW 1st; 1994 NPC USA BW 3rd; 1995 IFBB North American LW 2nd; 1997 NPC Nationals LW 12th; 1998 NPC Nationals BW 2nd; 1999 NPC Nationals BW 6th; 2000 NPC Nationals BW 2nd; 2000 NPC Team Universe LW 3rd; 2001 NPC Nationals BW 1st;

  • Paris, Bob
    American. Born Dec 14, 1960. Bob is a writer living in Palm Springs, California (2000). He was written 6 books, including 'Prime: For the Man Who Wasn't Born Yesterday'. Bob Paris also goes around to promote gay rights and gay and lesbian issues.

    Contests include the 1983 NPC Nationals HW 1st & Overall; 1983 IFBB World Amateur HW 1st; 1984 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1985 Mr. Olympia 9th; 1988 Mr. Olympia 10th; 1989 Arnold Classic 5th; 1989 Mr. Olympia 14th; 1991 Ironman Pro 10th; 1991 Mr. Olympia 12th; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 5th; 1992 Chicago Pro 10th;

  • Paris, Ivan
    1951 Jr. Mr. Los Angeles

  • Parsa, Omid
    From Sweden. Contests include the 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 2003 Maximus Italy Pro 9th;

  • Passmore, Gary
    1998 NPC Nationals BW 4th;

  • Pastel, Theirry
    French. Born June 6, 1959. Contests include the 1991 Ironman Pro 4th; 1991 Pittsburgh Pro 3rd; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 4th; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 4th; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 4th; 1991 English Grand Prix 6th; 1991 Swiss Grand Prix 3rd; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 3rd; 1993 Ironman Pro 12th; 1992 Chicago Pro 2nd; 1992 Pittsburgh Pro 3rd; 1993 French Pro 6th; 1993 German Pro 11th; 1994 Grand Prix France 4th; 1994 Mr. Olympia 14th; 1994 Arnold Classic 11th; 1995 Grand Prix Ukraine 6th; 1995 Grand Prix France 6th

  • Patterson, Bruce
    Canada. Born Oct 15, 1972. Contests include the 1997 Ironman Pro 9th; 1997 San Jose Pro 10th; 1997 Canada Pro 13th; 1999 Ironman 20th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2003 Ironman Pro withdrew; 2003 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Patton, Mike
    1997 NPC USA 13th HW;

  • Paulsen, Geir Borgan
    Born in Kragero, Norway on April 9, 1957. Contests include the 1990 World Amatuer 2nd; 1991 Night of Champions 3rd; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 8th; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 8th; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 7th; 1995 Houston Pro 10th; 1997 Grand Prix Finland 10th;

  • Pavio, Allan
    Contests include the 1949 IFBB Mr. North America 8th;

  • Payne, Jimmy
    Contests include the 1945 AAU Mr. Northern California Short 1st & Overall;

  • Payne, Lenneth
    1998 NPC Nationals MW 15th;

  • Pearl, Bill
    Born Oct 31, 1930 in Prineville, Oregon on the Warm Springs Reservation. Bill is a Nez Perce Indian. Has one older brother (Harold), and one older sister (Fontelle). Bill was in the Navy from 1950 to 1954, where he was an outstanding wrestler before he turned to bodybuilding. Married his first wife (Sylvia Ann Frazer) on November 5, 1954, which lasted eight years, and had three children; son Phil (2-7-57), daughter Kimberly (12-5-55), and daughter Renee (4-4-58). Bill owned several gyms, including one in Sacramento (1954), a second in Los Angeles (1962), and a third in Pasadena (1969). Currently still lives in Medford, Oregon with his second wife Judy Rogers, whom he married on April 19, 1967 in Las Vegas. Wrote a book called "Keys to the Inner Universe", which took him and his wife (along with Leroy Perry) 4 years to write. It is 640 pages, and contains over 3,000 exercises. Also coauthored 'Getting in Shape'. Bill enjoys collecting antiques, including bicycles, old coins, automobiles and exercise equipment. In January 1999, Bill Pearl was inducted into the Joe Weider Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

    Contests include the 1952 Mr. San Diego 3rd; 1953 AAU Mr. California 1st; 1953 AAU Mr. Southern California 1st; 1953 AAU Mr. America 1st; 1953 NABBA Mr. Universe 1st, 1956 Nabba Pro Mr. Universe Tall 1st; 1956 Mr. USA 1st; 1961 Mr. Universe 1st, 1967 Mr. Universe 1st; 1971 Mr. Universe 1st;

  • Pearson, Tony
    Born Jan 11, 1957. His nickname was 'Jetman' during his WBF days. Contests include the 1978 AAU Mr. America overall; 1983 Grand Prix Portland 2nd; 1983 Grand Prix Colorado 1st; 1983 Grand Prix Switzerland 6th; 1983 Grand Prix Sweden 6th; 1983 Grand Prix World 4th; 1983 Grand Prix Caesars 6th; 1986 Night of Champions 4th; 1990 Ironman Pro 8th ; 1994 Ironman Pro 14th

  • Peccerelli, Freddy
    1972 IFBB Mr. International 3rd medium;

  • Pechanek, Dan
    From Czech. Contests include the 2003 Maximus Italy Pro 14th;

  • Pedersen, Eric
    Eric Pedersen's birth name is Charles Roland Putnam, b.08/17/28 d.09/13/90. Contests include the 1948 Mr. USA Pro 4th;

  • Peeples, Gregory
    1997 NPC USA LW 4th;

  • Pek, Alois
    1977 IFBB European Championships HW 1st;

  • Pelletier, Jocelyn
    Canadian. Contests include the 1976 IFBB Mr. International Short 1st; 1976 IFBB Universe LW 10th; 1978 IFBB Mr. International LW 12th; 1981 Canada Pro 13th; 1982 Grand Prix Belgium 9th; 1987 Night of Champions 11th; 1989 Grand Prix US Pro 10th; 1989 Night of Champions 16th; 1993 Night of Champions 16th; 1993 Pittsburgh Pro 18th; 1995 Canada Pro 19th; 1995 Night of Champions 18th; 1996 Night of Champions 16th; 1997 Night of Champions 16th; 2000 Ironman Pro 20th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2003 Ironman Pro 16th; 2003 Night of Champions 25th;

  • Pemental, Ceasar
    Representing Portugal. 1994 Grand Prix Spain 10th; 1995 Masters Olympia 9th; 1995 Grand Prix Spain 11th

  • Perea, Joe
    1998 NPC Nationals BW 13th;

  • Perry, Manuel
    Worked as a stunt double for Lou Ferrigno in the TV Show 'The Incredible Hulk' ... Contests include the 1976 Mr. USA 1st;

  • Perry, Mark
    Contets include the 1996 NPC Junior Nationals LH 5th; 1997 NPC Junior Nationals LH 8th; 1997 NPC USA LH 11th; 1999 NPC Indiana HW 1st & Overall; 1999 NPC Junior Nationals HW 13th; 2001 NPC Junior Nationals LH 3rd; 2001 NPC USA LH 16th; 2001 NPC Nationals LH 12th;

  • Peters, Don
    1968 IFBB Mr. America Tall 1st;

  • Peters, Scott
    1998 NPC Nationals SHW 14th;

  • Petsas, Elias
    1972 Nabba Mr. Universe 1st amateur short & overall;

  • Placcoe, Christian
    From France. Contests include 1998 Grand Prix Germany 15th;

  • Placide-Carmenius, Christian
    1998 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Plaisant. Arnaud
    From France. Contest includes the 2002 Toronto Pro 16th; 2003 Maximus Italy Pro 16th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 21st; 2003 Grand Prix England 20th;

  • Platz, Tom
    American. Born June 26, 1955. Height 5'7". Received a bachelor's degree from Wayne State in Detroit, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Is an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) professor, conducting a 16 hour curriculum to certify personal trainers. In 1997, worked on the film "Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag".

    Contests include the 1973 Mr. Adonis (Michigan) 2nd; 1973 Mr. Iron Man 1st; 1973 Jr. Mr. Michigan 1st; 1974 Senior Mr. Michigan 3rd; 1974 Teenage Mr. America 2nd; 1975 Mr. Michgan 1st; 1976 Mr. America 7th; 1978 IFBB Mr. Universe 1st MW; 1981 Mr. Olympia 3rd; 1985 Mr. Olympia 7th;

  • Podda, Benny
    1983 NPC USA 1st LH;

  • Polesel, Constantino
    From Italy. Contests include the 2001 Grand Prix England 14th; 2002 Grand Prix England 12th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 15th;

  • Poole, Harold
    Born December 25, 1943. Contests include the 1960 Jr. Mr. Indiana 1st; 1961 Mr. Indiana 1st; 1961 Mr. Mid States 1st; 1961 Mr. Ohio Valley 1st; 1963 IFFB Mr. Universe Tall 1st & Overall;

  • Poulin, Jeff
    Contests include the 1994 North American 1st; 1995 Montreal Pro 7th; 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 9th; 1996 Canada Pro Classic 9th; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 13th; 1997 Canada Pro 11th; 1997 Night of Champions 16th;

  • Powell, Lee
    From England. Contests include the 2000 British Championships LHW 2nd; 2001 British Championships LHW 1st; 2003 Maximus Italy Pro 8th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 12th; 2003 Grand Prix England 14th;

  • Pranke, Chuck
    1961 Mr. Los Angeles 1st;

  • Prata, Thomas
    1998 NPC Nationals SHW 10th;

  • Priest, Lee
    Born July 6, 1972 in Newcastle, Australia. Height 5'4". Birth name is Lee Andrew McCutcheon, but changed his last name to Priest when his mother remarried (Lee was about eight). Raised in Walls End, New South Wales, Australia. Attended Platsburg Primary School. Has a sister named Kellie who is two years older. Lee's mom (Lynn) also was a bodybuilding competitor, and appeared with Lee on stage posing together once. Father's name is Winston, who is gay.

    Lee has a daughter, named Alexandra Lee, born February 18, 1992. Lee had dated Helen for 8 months before they broke up, but she was pregnant. Lee hasnt seen his daughter for a long, long time.

    Lee got into bodybuilding via his grandfather, Owen Kelly, who was a champion wrestler in the army. He took Lee to gymnastics practice when Lee was 12, where Lee started hanging around the weight room and found out he liked it more than gymnastics. Lee has a Superman tatoo on his arm. He always has liked Superman, and his mom made him a Superman costume when he wa a kid, and it stuck. Lee received his pro card (at 20 years old) prior to the 1993 Niagara Falls show when Jim Manion (IFBB President) talked to Paul Grahama (IFBB President Australia) after they did not give him a pro card after winning the Mr. Australia three times because he was too young.

    Married Tracie Ganje on 12/31/96, divorced in 1998. Lee had a contract with Weider from 1995-1997. Lee had a contract with Prolab Nutrition (1998-2000), and a contract with Muscletech (2001-2002). Lee has a training tape called 'Blond Myth' (1999). On July 1st, 2000, Lee Priest married Cathy LeFrancois in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Lee has a lot of tattoos. His first was the Superman tattoo, in the fall of 1997. His second tattoo was the Nascar logo. His third tattoo was flames around the Superman logo. His 4th tattoo was flames up on his forearms. His 5th tattoo has Preist with the tribal parttern surrounding it. His 6th tattoo was the Chinese symbols. His 7th tattoo was Adela. His 8th tattoo was the croos and flames (which covered up the Nascar tattoo). His 8th tattoo was the punisher slogan, and his 10th tattoo was the tribal design on his neck.

    Contests include the 1986 Sydney Bodybuilding Classic 1st; 1986 Newcastle Classic 1st; 1989 Mr. Australia 1st; 1989 Mr. Universe 2nd; 1990 Mr. Australia 1st; 1991 Mr. Australia 1st; 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 9th; 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 9th; 1994 Ironman Pro 4th; 1995 Arnold Classic 9th; 1995 Ironman Pro 3rd; 1995 South Beach Pro 4th; 1996 Ironman Pro 4th; 1996 San Jose Pro 6th; 1997 Ironman Pro 2nd; 1997 Arnold Classic 7th; 1997 San Jose Pro 4th; 1997 Mr. Olympia 6th; 1997 Grand Prix Hungary 3rd; 1997 Grand Prix Spain 3rd; 1997 Grand Prix Germany 3rd; 1997 Grand Prix England 6th; 1997 Grand Prix Czech 5th; 1997 Grand Prix Finland 9th; 1997 Grand Prix Russia 9th; 1998 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1999 Ironman 6th; 1999 Mr. Olympia 8th; 2000 Night of Champions 5th; 2000 Mr. Olympia 6th; 2001 Ironman Pro 7th; 2002 Ironman Pro 2nd; 2002 Arnold Classic 4th; 2002 San Francisco Pro 1st; 2002 Olympia 6th; 2002 Show of Strength 4th; 2003 Olympia 15th;

  • Prince, Tom
    Full name is Thomas Nelson Prince, half English and half Italian. Born 10/26/69 in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Height 5'8". Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Master's in English literature. Wrote a 121 page thesis titled 'Contemporary Music a Poetry'. Wife's name is Rebecca, and he has two kids named Nicholas and Danielle. While completing his degree and transforming his body into 245 pounds of steel, Tom taught English composition for a year at the University.

    Contests include the 1993 NPC Ironman 2nd HW; 1994 NPC Mr. Florida HW 1st, 1995 NPC Nationals 2nd HW, 1996 NPC USA 2nd HW; 1997 NPC USA 9th HW; 1997 NPC Nationals 1st HW & overall; 1999 Night of Champions 13th; 2000 Ironman Pro 9th; 2000 Arnold Classic 11th; 2001 Night of Champions 3rd; 2001 Mr. Olympia 16th; 2001 Grand Prix England 8th; 2002 Southwest Pro 9th; 2002 Night of Champions 7th;

  • Protas, Oleg
    From the Ukraine. 1997 Grand Prix Russia 11th;

  • Pulkkinen, Jari Pekka
    Finland. 1997 Ironman Pro 15th. 1997 Grand Prix Finland 15th; 1997 Grand Prix Finland 15th;