Almanac of
Men's Bodybuilding
by Ron Avidan

The most complete information of bodybuilder's profiles available. All help is welcomed! The Almanac is always updated whenever possible.

  • Jabes, Valentin
    From France. Contests include the 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 San Francisco Pro 14th; 2002 Southwest Pro 16th; 2002 Night of Champions 17th; 2002 Tornoto Pro 16th; 2003 Night of Champions 25th;

  • Jablonicky, Pavol
    Czech. Height 5'8". Contests include the 1987 European Championships LHW 1st; 1987 World Amateur LHW 1st; 1988 World Amateur HW 1st; 1989 Olympia 16th; 1989 Grand Prix Holland 12th; 1990 Ironman Pro 9th; 1990 Grand Prix Holland 3rd; 1990 Grand Prix Germany 5th; 1991 Mr. Olympia 16th; 1992 Night of Champion 9th; 1993 Night of Champions 9th; 1993 German Pro 5th; 1994 Arnold Classic 12th; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 11th; 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 2nd; 1995 Grand Prix Ukraine 9th; 1995 Mr. Olympia 16th; 1996 Night of Champions 8th; 1997 Night of Champions 5th; 1998 Night of Champions 14th; 1999 Toronto Pro 1st; 1999 Night of Champions 2nd; 1999 Mr. Olympia 14th; 2000 Night of Champions 6th; 2001 Night of Champions 4th; 2001 Mr. Olympia 19th; 2003 Night of Champions 2nd; 2003 Grand Prix Hungary 1st;

  • Jackson, Dexter Tyrone
    Born on November 25, 1969 in Jacksonville, Florida. Height is 5'6". Dexter went to Ed White High School in Jacksonville, and made the high school All American Football Team as a running back. Reason Dexter did not go to college is because he had a son, and could not afford too. Dexter is very spiritual, reading the Bible a lot. Dexter is currently engaged to Carol Barletto (2001). Dexter has four kids (two of his, two of Carol's); Lenard, Dexter Jr., Julian and Maya.

    Contests include the 1991 Jacksonville Physique BW 1st & Overall; 1994 Southern States MW 1st & Overall; 1995 NPC USA LH 1st; 1995 NPC Nationals LH 16th; 1996 NPC Nationals LH 6th; 1998 North American LH 1st & Overall; 1999 Arnold Classic 7th; 1999 Night of Champions 3rd; 1999 Mr. Olympia 9th; 1999 Pro World 4th; 1999 Grand Prix England 4th; 2000 Ironman Pro 3rd; 2000 Arnold Classic 5th; 2000 Toronto Pro 2nd; 2000 Night of Champions 7th; 2000 Mr. Olympia 9th; 2001 Arnold Classic 5th; 2001 European Pro 3rd; 2001 Grand Prix Australia 3rd; 2001 Toronto Pro 2nd; 2001 Night of Champions 2nd; 2001 Mr. Olympia 8th; 2001 Grand Prix England 4th; 2002 Arnold Classic 3rd; 2002 San Francisco Pro 3rd; 2002 Grand Prix Australia 2nd; 2002 Grand Prix Austria 2nd; 2002 Olympia 4th; 2002 Grand Prix England 1st; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 3rd; 2002 Show of Strength 6th; 2003 Arnold Classic 4th; 2003 San Francisco Pro 3rd; 2003 Maximus Italy 3rd; 2003 Olympia 3rd; 2003 Show of Strengh 1st;

  • Jackson, Johnnie
    Born January 30, 1971 in Hammonton, New Jersey. Height 5'8". Currently lives in North Ridgeland Hills, Texas. Contets include the 1998 Central Texas MW 2nd; 1998 Heart of Texas MW 1st & Overall; 1998 Texas State MW 2nd; 1999 NPC Junior Nationals LHW 1st; 2000 NPC USA LHW 2nd; 2001 NPC USA LHW 1st; 2001 NPC Nationals LHW 1st & Overall; 2002 Show of Strength 10th; 2003 Ironman Pro 9th; 2003 San Francisco Pro 9th; 2003 Night of Champions 5th; 2003 Olympia 11th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 5th; 2003 Grand Prix England 5th; 2003 Show of Strength 10th;

  • Jackson Jr., Randy
    1997 NPC USA LW 1st; 1998 NPC Nationals LW 6th;

  • Jackson Sr., Randy
    1997 NPC USA LW 6th;

  • Jabalee, Doug
    Contests include the 1999 NPC Junior USA LW 1st & Overall; 1999 NPC Nationals HW 3rd; 2000 NPC Nationals HW 3rd; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 4th;

  • Jalali, Rehan
    1997 NPC USA LW 11th;

  • James, Dennis
    Nicknames include the Menace or DJ. Currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand and Marina Del Rey, California. Born on May 31, 1969 in Heidelberg, Germany. Height 5'8". Has one older brother named Leroy (Spike), and one younger sister named Victoria (Vicky). Mother was from Germany (named Gudrun), Father was American (named Walter). Currenty is engaged to be married to Ratikan. Trained with Charles Glass who help him win his Pro Card at the 1998 NPC USA.

    Contests include the 1997 Border States Classic 1st & Overall; 1997 NPC Nationals HW 4th; 1998 NPC USA SHW 1st & Overall (in which he won his pro card); 1999 Night of Champions 14th; 2000 Ironman Pro 7th; 2000 Arnold Classic 4th; 2000 Mr. Olympia 11th; 2001 Arnold Classic 3rd; 2001 European Pro 1st; 2001 Grand Prix Australian 2nd; 2001 Mr. Olympia 7th; 2001 Grand Prix England 3rd; 2002 Arnold Classic 7th; 2002 Olympia 10th; 2002 Grand Prix England 2nd; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 4th; 2002 Show of Strength 5th; 2003 Olympia 4th; 2003 Show of Strength 4th;

  • James, Warren
    1998 NPC Nationals MW 3rd; ;

  • Janvier, Renel
    American. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Height 5'7". Contests include the 1987 Mr. Los Angeles 1st; 1988 NPC USA LH 1st; 1988 IFBB World LH 1st; 1991 Ironman Pro 2nd; 1991 Arnold Classic 2nd; 1991 Pittsburgh Pro 2nd; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 9th; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 9th; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 6th; 1991 English Grand Prix 8th; 1991 Swiss Grand Prix 10th; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 10th; 1998 Ironman Pro 5th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 1998 Toronto Pro disq; 1998 Night of Champions 18th; 1999 Ironman 15th; 1999 Arnold Classic 13th;

  • Jasinowski, Wilhelm
    From Germany. 1993 French Pro 8th; 1993 German Pro 10th;

  • Jean-Guilliaume, Paul
    American. Born September 17, 1960. Contests include the 1986 IFBB World Championships MW 1st; 1992 Ironman Pro 12th; 1995 Ironman Pro 8th

  • Jenkins, Sean
    Born March 2, 1961. Currently attends Life West Chiropractic College in San Lorenzo, California. Contests include the 1996 Canada Pro 16th; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 14th.

  • Jennings, Les
    1997 NPC Team Universe HW 4th;

  • Jensen, Brandon
    Contests include the 1998 NPC Nationals SHW 7th; 1999 NPC USA SHW 10th, 2000 NPC Emerald Cup SHW 1st & Overall; 2001 NPC USA HW 14th;

  • Jimenez, Tomas
    1997 NPC USA LH 15th;

  • Joba, Elek
    From Hungary. Contests include the 1997 Grand Prix Hungary 12th;

  • Johns, B.J.
    New Zealand. 1997 Ironman Pro 16th (disqualified)

  • Johns, Dave
    Contests include the 1976 Mr. Mideast States 1st; 1976 Jr. Mr. America 1st; 1976 Mr. America 2nd;

  • Johns, David
    Contests include the 1983 Grand Prix Portland 5th; 1983 Grand Prix Colorado 5th;

  • Johnson, Dave
    Born January 2, 1977 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia. Height 5'11". Contests include the 1999 Mr. Pittsburgh 5th; 2000 NPC Collegiate HW 1st;

  • Johnson, Harry
    1959 Mr. America 1st.

  • Johnson, Nat
    Contest include the 1953 Jr. Mr. Metropolitan 1st;

  • Jones, Daryl
    Contest include the 1999 NPC Nationals HW 13th; 2001 NPC USA HW 12th; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 15th;

  • Jones, Franklin
    1960 Mr. Los Angeles 2nd; 1960 Mr. California 3rd; 1960 Mr. Apollo 1st;

  • Jones, George
    1953 Mr. Pennsylvania 1st; 1953 Sr. Middle Atlantic 1st;

  • Jones, Kenneth M.
    Born February 25, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. Currently lives in Ozone Park, Queens, NY. He is captain of the Artic Ice Bears, an organization that thinks it is cool to plunge into subzero temperatures.

    Contests include the 1980 Mr. East Coast 3rd; 1981 European Amateur LW 15th; 1986 NPC Junior Nationals MW 1st; 1987 NPC USA BW 2nd; 1988 NPC Nationals BW 3rd; 1989 NPC USA LW 6th; 1991 North American LW 4th; 1994 NPC USA LW 5th; 1994 NPC Nationals BW 2nd; 1995 NPC USA BW 1st; 1995 NPC Nationals BW 2nd; 1996 NPC Nationals BW 1st; 1996 Team Universe BW 3rd; 1998 Ironman Pro 16th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 1998 Night of Champions 18th; 1998 Grand Prix Germany 13th; 1998 Grand Prix Finland 11th; 1999 Ironman 20th; 1999 Toronto Pro 18th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 1999 Pro World 16th; 1999 Grand Prix England 18th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 Ironman Pro 17th; 2001 San Francisco Pro 20th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2002 Southwest Pro 16th; 2002 Night of Champions 17th; 2003 Night of Champions 25th;

  • Jones, Harry
    1955 Mr. Florida 1st;

  • Jones, Rich
    Born 4/14/1974. Contests include the 1997 NPC Orange County 1st LH & overall.

  • Juliano, Dom
    1953 Mr. Muscle Beach 1st;

  • Juge, Jim
    Went to high school in Louisiana, and set state records in the 200 and 800 meter relay marks. Went to Cal State Los Angeles. Contests include the 1998 Contra Costa HW 1st & Overall; 1998 New Orleans HW 1st & Overall; 1998 California HW 2nd;

  • Junze. Bernhard
    2001 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Justin, Joseph
    1998 NPC Nationals LW 15th;