Almanac of
Men's Bodybuilding
by Ron Avidan

The most complete information of bodybuilder's profiles available. All help is welcomed! The Almanac is always updated whenever possible.

  • Feliciano, Shannon
    1997 NPC USA MW 15th;

  • Faildo, Chris
    Nicknamed the 'Hawaiian Hurricane'. Is in the 11th National Guard Band, playing the clarinet. Contests include the 1994 IFBB World amateur 3rd; 1995 Pan American Games 1st, 1995 IFBB World Amateur 2nd;

  • Farah, George Victor
    Born August 10th, 1971, in Beirut, Lebanon. Height 5'6". Religion is Christian, has four brothers, and two sisters. George is the sixth child in a family of seven. Currently lives in upstate New York, in Rochester. On August 13, 1998, George was on his way to work, there was an attempted robbery, and some kids, about fifteen years old, shot George three times with a .45 caliber gun. He was forced to go into a coma, because of several cardiac arrests. He was pronounced dead a couple of times. They forced him into a sedative coma because his heart rate would not drop; this way his heart would stop beating so fast. He was in the hospital for about 8 months. They removed his colostomy bag on January 5, 1999, and in May, he won the New York State championships. No one believed in George. Then later on, he won the NPC Nationals. No one thought he could do it. When he told people that in his first pro show, he would qualify for the Mr. Olympia, they laughed at him. And that is just what he did, palcing 3rd at the Southwest Pro.

    Contests include the 1999 NPC New York State 1st; 1999 NPC Junior Nationals 2nd; 2000 NPC Nationals MW 1st; 2002 Southwest Pro 3rd; 2002 Toronto Pro 9th; 2002 Mr. Olympia 19th; 2003 Night of Champions 8th; 2003 Show of Strength 11th;

  • Farnsworth, Derik
    Married to Gina. Contests include the 1998 Team Universe LW 3rd; 1998 NPC Nationals LW 3rd; 1999 Team Universe LW 1st; 1999 IFBB World Amatuer Championships LW 2nd; 2000 Team Universe LW 1st; 2001 Team Universe LW 1st;

  • Fautz, Chuck
    Contests include the 1965 Mr. South New Jersey 1st; 1965 Mr. Jerseyite 1st; 1972 IFBB Mr. International Medium 2nd; 1972 IFBB Mr. America 1st tall class;

  • Feliu, Jose 'Pepi'
    Born in Havana on October 23, 1964, but raised in Boca Raton, Florida. 5"9". Has lived in Atlanta for the last ten years. Went to the University of Tennessee. Was an outstanding baseball player, but an injury to his arm put an end to a try at the major leagues. Brother's name is Bobby. First bodybuilding contest was the Gold's Classic in Chattanooga, Tennesse in 1991. Contests include the 1992 Eastern Seaboard in Atlanta - overall, 1993 NPC Junior Nationals 4th light HW, 1994 NPC Junior Nationals overall and LH 1st; 1998 NPC Nationals HW 9th;

  • Fequiere, Eddy
    1997 NPC USA LW 3rd;

  • Ferguson, Jerome
    Contests include the 2000 NPC Gold'S Classic HW 1st & Overall; 2001 NPC USA SHW 12th;

  • Ferrante, Michael
    Raised in Massachusetts. Height 5'8". Works at Gold Gym Massachusetts as a manager. Going to college, majoring in Computer Science. Contests include the 1997 Teenage Nationals LH 1st & overall;

  • Ferraro, Mike
    1961 Mr. North America 1st;

  • Ferreri, Jonathan
    1998 NPC Nationals LW 13th;

  • Ferrigno, Lou
    Born Louis Jude on November 9, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York. Height 6'5". John R&Js Health Club in Brooklyn, NY when he was 17 years old. Married to Carla with three children, Shanna, Louis, and Brent. Lou is 80% deaf since he was three years old. He portrayed the Incredible Hulk on television, and portrayed Sinbad in 1987 in the movies. Slated to appear in the 1999 movie 'The Gladiator'.

    Lou became a certified Los Angeles County deputy sheriff in 2006. Lives in Santa Monica, California (2009).

    Contests include: 1972 NABBA Mr. Universe amateur 2nd tall class; 1973 IFBB Mr. America 1st; 1974 IFBB Mr. Universe Tall 1st & overall; 1993 Mr. Olympia 10th; 1994 Masters Olympia 2nd;

  • Filippone, Carlo
    From Fairview, New Jersey. Height 5'3". Carlo is a self-employed restaurant owner/chef  Carlo's nicknameis "MuscleChef." Contests include 1993 NPC New Jersey BW 1st; 1993 New Jersey Physique BW 1st; 1993 NPC Junior Nationals BW 7th; 1994 NPC East Coast BW 1st; 1994 NPC Nationals BW 15th; 1996 NPC East Coast LW 1st; 1996 New Jersey Gold's Gym LW 1st; 2000 NPC New Jersey LW 1st; 2000 NPC New Jersey Subarban LW 1st; 2000 NPC Junior USA LW 3rd; 2001 NPC New Jersey Physique MW 1st;                                     

  • Fine, Dan
    Born January 23, 1970. Contests include the 1997 NPC San Diego 1st & overall;

  • Fisher, Arland
    1953 Pro Mr. Florida 1st;

  • Fisher, Dave
    Canadian. Born February 1, 1964. Married Sue Price in 1992, later was divorced. Owns a sports nutrition store in San Bernardino, California. Contests include: 1996 Florida Cup Pro 6th , 1996 Canada Pro Classic 8th, 1996 Night of Champions 14th , 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 17th , 1995 South Beach Pro 5th; 1995 San Jose Pro 8th , 1995 Arnold Classic 11th , 1995 Ironman Pro 6th; 1999 Toronto Pro 9th; 1999 Night of Champions 18th; 2000 Ironman Pro 16th;

  • Fletcher, Edgar
    Born Decembr 12, 1964. Has had more than 11 tries at becoming an IFBB pro. Contests include the 1993 NPC Nationals 3rd HW; 1995 NPC Nationals 3rd HW; 1996 North American 3rd HW; 1997 NPC USA HW 15th;

  • Focherini, Frederico
    From Italy. Contests include 1998 Grand Prix Germany 12th; 1998 Grand Prix Finland 12th; 2000 Ironman Pro 20th;

  • Fotulu, Nicholas
    From New Caldonia. 1996 San Jose Pro 19th; 1997 Masters Olympia 10th (40+);

  • Fong, Peter
    Contests include the 1997 NPC USA LW 2nd; 1998 NPC Nationals BW 10th;

  • Fontenot, Prince
    Originally from Louisiana, currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. Height 5'6". Contests include the 1997 NPC Team Universe 1st MW;

  • Fortney, Allen
    Contests include the 1998 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic State LH 2nd; 1999 NPC National HW 10th; 2000 NPC HW 10th; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 9th;

  • Fox, Bertil
    Originally from St. Kitts. Raised in London, England. Height 5'10". Married Kim in England, and moved to California, where he had a contract with 'Weider' to compete in bodybuilding contests. Bertil was known as a woman batterer, hitting his wife on many occasions. They eventually divorced. Bertil eventaully moved back to St. Kitts. Met a woman named Leoca, got engaged, and after some more physical altercations, she broke off the engagement. He found out she was seeing another person, lost his cool, and shot dead Leoca and her mother. Bertil is now in jail for a very long time.

    Contests include the 1976 Mr. World best physique; 1976 Mr. Britain; 1976 NABBA Mr. Universe 2nd; 1977 Mr. Universe 1st; 1983 Mr. Olympia 5th; 1983 Grand Prix Switzerland 2nd; 1983 Grand Prix Sweden 4th; 1989 Arnold Classic 6th; 1994 Ironman Pro 13th .

  • Francois, Mike
    Born March 4, 1965. Height 5'8". Born in Cascade, Ioqa. Raised in Denison, Iowa. Went to Loras College in Dubuque. Married to Shannon, who works as a financial planner. In March 1998, underwent surgery to remove his colon, thus ending his bodybuilding career.

    Contests include the 1993 NPC Nationals 1st HW & overall; 1994 Night of Champions 1st; 1995 Arnold Classic 1st; 1995 San Jose Pro 1st; 1995 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1996 Mr. Olympia 10th; 1997 Arnold Classic 3rd; 1997 San Jose Pro 3rd; 1997 Mr. Olympia 11th;

  • Francis, Dennis
    From England. Contests include the 2001 Ironman Pro 14th; 2001 Grand Prix England 17th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2002 Night of Champions 17th; 2002 Toronto Pro 16th;

  • Freeman, Dan
    Born November 21, 1967. Contests include the 1997 NPC USA 14th HW;

  • Freeman, Jeramy
    Contests include the 1996 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States HW 4th; 1996 NPC Collegiate Nationals HW & Overall; 1996 NPC Junior Nationals HW 4th; 1996 IFBB North American HW 10th; 1997 NPC Nationals HW 13th; 1998 NPC Nationals SHW 9th; 1999 NPC USA SHW 5th; 1999 NPC Nationals SHW 5th; 2000 NPC Nationals SHW 6th; 2001 NPC USA SHW 2nd; 2001 IFBB North American SHW 1st & Overall; 2003 Night of Champions 25th;

  • Freeman, Toney
    Contests include the 1990 AUU Junior Mr. America Tall 4th; 1993 NPC Junior Nationals HW 1st; 1993 NPC Nationals HW 6th; 1994 NPC Nationals HW 4th; 1995 NPC Nationals HW 4th; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 8th; 2002 NPC Nationals SH 1st & Overall; 2003 Night of Champions 11th; 2003 Show of Strength 9th;

  • Freitas, Luiz
    Born December 14, 1955. Contests include the 1988 Mr. Olympia 19th

  • French, Peter
    1963 Mr. Massachusetts 1st;

  • Fromm, Erik
    Eric is nicknamed 'The Viking' because of his love of Norse mytholgo, collinting Viking artificats and artwork whenever he can. He has a tattoo of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, on his ankle, complete with the might hammer. Eric is 5'11". Eric began lifting weights in high school at age 16. He played football and practiced martial arts.

    Contests include the 1991 Mr. Wyoming HW 1st & Overall; 1996 NPC Mr. Colorado 1st; 1997 NPC Ironman HW 1st & Overall; 1998 NPC USA SHW 7th; 1999 NPC USA SHW 2nd; 2000 NPC USA SHW 6th; 2000 NPC Nationals SHW 5th; 2001 NPC USA SHW 5th; 2001 IFBB North American SHW 6th;

  • Frydrych, Stan
    Contests include the 1999 Masters Olympia 15th; 2000 Masters Olympia 14th; 2001 Masters Olympia 6th;

  • Fukazawa, Kukuzo
    1977 IFBB Mr. Western Hemisphere LW 1st;

  • Fulco, Joseph
    Won the 1979 Mr.Teenage USA (AAU)

  • Fuller, Johhny
    From England. Contests include the 1981 Mr. Olympia 8th; 1983 Pro World 6th; 1983 Grand Prix Portland 3rd; 1983 Night of Champions 4th; 1983 Mr. Olympia 8th; 1983 Grand Prix World 6th;

  • Fux, Jean Pierre
    Born November 5, 1968 in Switzerland. Height 5'11". Raised in Naters-Brig. Has a sister Natalie. Girlfriend is Karin Scheuber. Many call him 'JP'.

    Contests include the 1994 Mr. Universe 1st; 1994 IFBB World 1st HW; 1996 Arnold Classic 9th; 1996 San Jose Pro 5th; 1996 Mr. Olympia 8th; 1997 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1997 Grand Prix Hungary 5th; 1997 Grand Prix Spain 5th; 1997 Grand Prix Germany 8th; 1997 Grand Prix England 8th; 1998 Arnold Classic 4th; 1998 Mr. Olympia 10th; 1999 Toronto Pro withdrew; 1999 Mr. Olympia 16th; 1999 Pro World 12th; 1999 Grand Prix England 16th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2003 Night of Champions 25th;